Started by Starchaser, October 29, 2020, 06:52:19 AM

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Its been a while since I was last on Elliquiy and so memory on how to use the site is foggy so forgive me if I'm asking a bit of a 'newbie' question.

Is there any way to view PMS as threads? I mean like with incoming messages followed by sent messages on the same page instead of separate received and sent messages? It would make it easier to track conversations having replies and replies to replies put together in chronological order.


Sort of!

if you go into your Profile, over to the left you'll se an option that says "personal Messaging", it'll be with your profile layout options and such. from there, at the very top there will be a scrolldown option and you'll want to select either display all at once or as a conversation. i'm not sure which one your looking for so you'll have to see which option you like best ^^

hope that helps!
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