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August 04, 2021, 11:11:52 pm

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Author Topic: Current Musings [Dark, short term, MxF]  (Read 141 times)

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Current Musings [Dark, short term, MxF]
« on: October 27, 2020, 01:22:25 pm »
Hello all!

Thank you for coming to my search thread. Since I don't have a O/O (yet), I'll start with a little bit about myself and how I roleplay. Over here, I'm Tamjidark. I turned twenty this summer and writing has kind of been my hobby for as long as I can remember. Roleplaying is something I'm fairly new at though. Still, I'm fairly flexible when it comes to writing. But everyone has a preference and mine is third person, past tense. But, as you'll see, nothing is set in stone.

My post lengths usually range from three to five paragraphs (400-600 words). But like any rp, it depends on how much I have to work with. And I have a tendency to mirror my partner. Then again, if on an average you write more than a thousand words, then I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up. Likewise, I can't be invested in a story if you only give me one-liners, or even single paragraphs. It has to have a balance!

The stories I'm interested in:

This is actually my secondary search thread. Generally, I prefer romantic story-driven plays with lots of build up and characterization. But currently I'm craving short term plays that lean more on smut. This, by no means, imply that the plot is to be cast aside. Just that the smut will also have a big part in these plays. The sex will be more spontaneous, more addictive, driven by carnal desires than longing for intimacy. As for settings, contemporary, fantasy and medieval are the ones that I am most experienced in, but again, I'd be thrilled to try other genres as well.

What I'm looking for in a partner:

As is obvious from the thread title, I'm looking for female partners. Someone who would be available at least twice a week, and is ready to commit to a play. I am also a sucker for finishing what I start, so please come say hi first. Let's talk OOC and see if we're connecting. Go through my post history and see if you like how I write. I don't want to half-ass a story, and I don't want to waste your time and energy as well as mine.

Sample Prompts

Sacrilicious: A Forgotten God (MxF, Fantasy, Demon x human, corruption, Smut-heavy)

A Priestess leaves her Temple in search of her calling. She has traveled over the country side, aiding and giving blessings to all those on the road. And them in return, always gave her a place to stay and bread to eat. But the priestess never lingers in any one village too long, still on her quest to find her calling. She had almost given up when she stumbles over the ruins of a forgotten structure. It was on the outskirts of a small village where she'd been staying and temple itself was out in the forest. It was obvious no one had come to the shrine in a very long time, but upon setting her soles on the ruined cement, she immediately feels a connection like she's never felt before... 

The Unburnt (MxF, historical, horror/supernatural, seduction, corruption)

Her striking beauty is almost inhuman. She alludes questions with a tilt of her head or the curve of her smile. Men drool after her, and women are intimidated to look at her eyes too long. Everyone is at the touch of her fingertips. She is the new secretary in this dwindling printing company. She is the new maid to the Jones family in the old Harrington mansion. She is the new priestess in the church. Sometimes she is the helpless maiden drowning when fishermen venture too close to the shallow caves. As you can imagine, this requires a more dominant partner (I don't mean sexually) Someone who will take charge of a scene. After all, men are just playthings to her.

Selfish Desires (MxF, cheating, modern, corruption, interracial, smut-heavy)

Her life had become one dimensional, her marriage a flicker of what it used to be. Day in, day out, it's the same thing over and over again. Even she didn't know how bored out of her mind she was. Until she meets him. Maybe at a bar, maybe at the gym, maybe a new neighbor. At first, she doesn't acknowledge those feelings. Sinful and ungodly. But with no one to turn to for solace she falls for him with little convincing. A naive housewife embarks on a steamy affair. Corruption themes are always fun. And if she's a prim and proper house-wife, then that just makes it all the more taboo. And her being devout is the icing on the cake. I'm open to her being of any ethnicity, but extra points if she's Arab. But for that you'd need to know the societal repressions a woman from those cultures faces, which would play into her sinful desires. If you're interested, we'll discuss more.

Lost in the Woods (MxF, cheating, modern, corruption, smut-heavy)

Wife gets separated from family at camp while hiking. Worried, lost and getting scared, she searches for her loved ones. She finally sees camp fire and hurries towards it. At this point she's lost hope of finding her family in the dark, but at least she might find a bed for the night. She finds a lot more.
This can go in so many ways. Obviously, the classic one is stumbling upon a group of sexy men, but why not make it more interesting? How about the wife gets herself lost a lot deeper into the forest than she had realized? And what if she stumbles upon, not another group of campers but a sex cult in this middle of the barren wasteland? More spooky? Maybe the cult is trying to summon a forgotten deity, and the helpless wife is just in time (coincidentally) to satiate the perverse god?
But if you prefer we can make it sweet too. She finds a guy camping by himself who genuinely wants to help her.

These are just some ideas I have at the moment. If you think we're a good match, but don't like any of the prompts here, feel free to message me. Maybe we can work something out. Either way, please contact me through messages instead of posting here

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