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Author Topic: Roleplay Exchange/Doubling. Allow me to fulfill your fantasies.  (Read 536 times)

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What is doubling/roleplay exchanging?

To me, doubling is about both partners getting something they are craving. We would plan to write out two different stories. One story is something you are craving, the second story is something I am craving. I consider doubling and roleplay exchange as the same thing so I may use the terms interchangeably.

You get, literally, whatever you want. When I say that I will write out any plot you want to write out, I mean it wholeheartedly. I can do any setting, any fandom, any theme, and non-fandom, too. The only things I will not do are topics or situations that are prohibited by site rules, of course. I can also play any gender, any role - I mean it, whatever you want.

So, doubling is about having two pairings: one pairing is whatever you want and one pairing can be something I am craving. We both get something we have deeply desired. So, seriously, when I say I'll do anything you desire, I mean it.

As a disclaimer, do not feel like you have to double. If there is a story we both enjoy and there is no need for doubling, that is fine. I just wanted to put the offer out there.

What are my expectations?

I don't ask for much. In my half of the doubling, I would ask for a romance based story that is a male x female pairing where I play the male character. I'd also ask for smut in the story. My two favorite kinks are bondage and damsels-in-distress. Keep in mind that even though most of my ideas involve kidnapping in some way, I prefer romance stories. I prefer my damsels in distress to be rescued, but we can talk about it more in-depth before we begin.

My typical post length is around 2-4 paragraphs (200-600 words), but I can be flexible with it. I prefer to write past tense, third-person and I prefer using PMs, but am open to using the forums. My response time is variable, but I try to post daily. I will make a commitment to at least one reply per week. However, I am flexible. If you have trouble staying engaged if there are not multiple replies per day, tell me! I do not mind seeing if I can adjust.

Here is my O/O List:

What are my cravings?

Fear The Walking Dead

My biggest craving right now is based on the television show Fear The Walking Dead. Have you only seen The Walking Dead? That's fine! Have you never seen either show? That's fine, too! You do not need to have seen the show itself, or even The Walking Dead. I am going to explain what I am looking for, here.

I am asking you to play Alicia Clark. Here is a link to her wiki page:
Don't feel like you need to educate yourself on every single detail. Truly, the only two things I ask of a partner is to keep her name and face claim true. If you can do that for me, I will be happy. I will not nitpick your replies to see if you played her accurately or not. I am easygoing.

Her mother is named Madison Clark. Her step-father is named Travis Manawa. Her older brother is named Nick Clark. When Alicia was thirteen, her father was killed in a car accident. When that happened, her older brother, Nick, became a drug addict. It stuck him in this cycle of going to rehab, getting clean, leaving rehab, and using drugs again. Even though Alicia is a straight-A student who stays out of trouble, her mother seemingly neglects her and focuses entirely on Nick.

It leaves Alicia feeling like she is unimportant. She plans to attend the University of California at Berkley, pursuing her dreams of becoming an artist.

This roleplay begins during Season 1 of the show. Don't worry about the specific events of the show. It is something I can take care of when we get into the plot points of the show. On her wiki page, you may read that she has a boyfriend. However, I am pairing her with a male OC, who replaces him. The OC is named Brian Strickland. I am willing to use anyone you want as the face claim. I just want him to be appealing to my partner.

Brian and Alicia have been lifelong best friends. His own father died when he was young - a police officer killed on the job. His mother is a doctor who died at the start of the outbreak, treating sick patients at the hospital in Los Angeles. It leaves Brian on his own.

Brian and Alicia have been in a relationship ever since they started high school. He has a football scholarship to attend the same college, too. Madison decides that he can stay with her and her family while he makes the transition since both of his parents are gone, which is how he ends up with Alicia and her family when the world ends.

I'm looking for a happy, fluffy romance. I am not looking for some drama-filled romance with cheating. I want the drama they face to come from the world around them. There will be plenty.

This is my biggest craving right now. Again, you do not need to know anything about the show or the character. I am patient and willing to provide as much information as you need.

Agents of SHIELD

This roleplay is based on the television show Agents of SHIELD. I am asking you to play Daisy Johnson/Skye. Here is her wiki page:
Again, I do not care if you are not familiar with the show or the character. I am laid-back. This takes place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (superheroes). Hell, I am not even that far into the show myself, so there's even less pressure to have seen it!

In the show, Skye works with an agency called SHIELD, which maintains national and global security by working with the world's superheroes. Skye's claim to fame is her hacking ability. In this roleplay, I plan to pair her with a male OC. His name will be Oliver Moss. Oliver and Skye would have been best friends growing up, dating ever since high school. Now, they are out into the real world. Oliver is a police officer and you can choose Skye's background. In the show, she grew up an orphan and seemed to be a troublemaker who got into hacking. You can stick with that, or go with something else.

Either way, the main point of the plot is that they are in a happy relationship together. Oliver's parents were two scientists who were killed in a laboratory during a chemical explosion. Oliver was there visiting that day and he survived by some miracle. After the explosion, he found that he had gained superpowers (think Captain America-Esque powers, such as super-strength, durability, speed, etc.).

Ever since then, he tried to stay in the shadows, using his powers at his job to not raise any eyebrows. The only person who knows the truth is his girlfriend, Skye. The story starts when the agency, SHIELD, catches wind of Oliver and his abilities. They seek him out and recruit him, recruiting Skye in the progress as well.

If you are familiar with the show, I would love for a Lincoln x Daisy or a Sousa x Daisy pairing, instead!

Wonder Woman

This plot is based around the DC Extended Universe, specifically the films Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984. I am looking for someone to play Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, portrayed by Gal Gadot. You do not need to know anything about her to play this role. You do not even need to know anything about the DC Universe. I will explain the basics here and we can pick up from there. Here is her wiki page:

Princess Diana of Themyscira is an Amazon warrior princess. The Amazons are an all-female race of superhuman warriors that occupy the island of Themyscira. Created by Zeus, they were Mankind's defense against the manipulations of Ares. However, following the War of the Gods, the Amazons seceded from the world, eternally training for their battle against the God of War.

I am looking to pair her with Steve Trevor or a male OC. If we go the route of pairing her with Steve Trevor, we would kick off in the era of World War I. Steve Trevor is a member of the United States Army who accidentally washes up on the shore of Themyscira and is discovered by Diana. This would be the first man and first human Diana would have ever seen. Her fellow Amazonians plan to kill Steve because they believe anyone from the human world is evil and could corrupt them, but Diana takes an interest in him and hides him before eventually joining him in the human world after helping Steve escape the island.

The story I am looking for here works differently than the canon film did. Again, this story would be a romance. Diana has read books in the past about love and romance, wanting it for herself. Then, Steve washes up and it is almost like love at first sight for her because one of her favorite stories was a story about an Amazonian Princess who saves a human man on their shore. They leave the island and save the world together, which leads her to draw parallels between herself and Steve.

They spend two to three weeks hiding from the others who are looking to kill Steve and punish Diana for helping him. They get backed into a corner in a cave on the far end of the island. Fearing what might happen to Diana if they found him, he tells her that he will turn himself in and let the others execute him while fabricating a lie about forcing Diana to help him, which means she gets off free. She does not want him to sacrifice himself, so she initiates a kiss and admits these feelings she has for him. This convinces him to find an escape route. We start the story with this interaction.

Steve Trevor's wiki:

Now, if you are not a fan of Steve Trevor or the era it would be set, we can certainly work out a story with a male OC in a modern time, a similar story where he washes up on her shore. Also, if you are familiar with this fandom, I am open to a Clark Kent/Diana Prince pairing.

The 100

This roleplay is based on the television show called The 100. Here is a summary of what the show is:

Set in 2149, 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse has devastated the surface of Earth, the only survivors were approximately 400 inhabitants of 12 national space stations that were in orbit at the time. Three generations have survived in space. The Ark has strict measures, including capital punishment for those over 18 and population control, as the leaders of the Ark take steps to ensure the survival of the human race. But now, resources are running out and the Ark is dying. For the first time in nearly a century, there is talk of returning to Earth. 100 criminals are sent down to Earth to see if it is still habitable. When they arrive, they find out that not only is Earth habitable, but humans did survive.

I am looking for someone to play either Clarke Griffin or Raven Reyes for me.

Clarke's wiki:

Raven's wiki:

We can talk more in-depth about the story and what happens when they land on the ground. However, no matter the character you choose, the plot I ask for will be similar. I would love to have a story where my character and Raven or Clarke have a romantic relationship while they are on the Ark. Then, they reunite and continue their relationship on Earth.


This roleplay is based on the TV show called Supergirl within Arrowverse.

I am looking for someone to play Supergirl/Kara Danvers. Here is her wiki:

Kara Danvers (born 1966 as Kara Zor-El) is the daughter of the late Zor-El and Alura. She was sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton to protect her younger cousin Kal-El (Superman). However, Kara's pod got knocked off-course by Krypton's explosion, sending her ship into the Phantom Zone where she slept for 24 years, while being suspended in time and not aging. Her pod later escaped, and Kara arrived on Earth, where she was placed with the Danvers family by a now-adult Kal-El, who was known to the humans as "Clark Kent.” Kara went to college and kept her powers a secret. Now, she works for Cat Grant at CatCo Worldwide Media as an assistant.

My story involves pairing her with a canon(ish) character. The character's name is Scott Klein and he was literally only mentioned in one sentence in season Two and never again. Kara was talking about how she stepped on her prom date's toes and broke his foot in high school. Now, one thing I love is romance, especially pre-existing romance. It gave me an idea to create Scott Klein for a roleplay. Basically, my version of Scott would be the first friend Kara made on Earth outside of the Danvers family. Scott was the same age as her and he decided to sit with her at lunch. They became friends and started dating when they were in high school.

In this version, Scott is not a minor character. Instead, Scott and Kara maintain a relationship through high school and through college. The plot begins in Season 1 Episode 1 before Kara has revealed herself to the world. Not even Scott knows who she is yet. They are living together in that apartment and I definitely want them to get married soon.

The plot begins when Kara saves Alex's plane from crashing. Scott is a police officer so he was on shift and preparing for emergency actions as the plane almost crashed. However, he saw the newscast and he obviously would know that it was Kara. Then, he goes home that night. Kara knows that he would have seen her and she ends up confessing to him, probably worried that he was going to leave her once he found out, but he reassures her that there is nothing to worry about, that he loves her no matter what. Eventually, the plan is for him to work with the DEO as well so he can be working closely with Kara during her superheroine-ing.

If you have seen the show, I'm also willing to pair her with Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, or Mon-El.

Plot/Pairing interests


DC Extended Universe (Aquaman, Batman, Joker, Superman, Wonder Woman)
The Hunger Games
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Star Wars

TV Shows
The 100
Arrowverse (Arrow, Batwoman, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl)
Chicago Fire/Med/PD
Cursed (Netflix)
Fear The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
The Mandalorian
Marvel Agents of SHIELD
The Punisher
Roswell, New Mexico
Stranger Things
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Video Games
Call of Duty (all games)
Red Dead Redemption (1&2)
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
The Last of Us

I know this is not conventionally considered a fandom. I debated where to place it, but I think here is perfect. When I have an interest in celebrity stories, I really do not get anything out of it if my partner creates an OC. I am adding the celebrity section here because you would be playing a pre-existing character in the story, a real celebrity. And, yes, I am willing to play any celebrity you desire. I just ask for the same courtesy as well.

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Offline randomname98766789Topic starter

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  • This is some personal text. There are many like it, but this one is mine!
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