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Author Topic: Marvel comics universe: Doomsday: An unlikely alliance [MUL???]  (Read 5066 times)

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Doomsday: An Unlikely Alliance

"Doom shall not be denied!" - Doctor Doom, Monarch of Latveria

A few set-ups, all involving around Marvel chars and the infamous Dr. Doom.
A site with a lot of information on the character is:

- Disaster strikes Earth and all seems lost. Only Doctor Doom seems to have the intellect and know-how to save the world. However it remains uncertain wether he wasn't the direct or indirect cause of it all. And to make matters even worse, Doom is reluctant to intervene, preferring to safeguard Latveria.

- The Fantastic Four have finally succeeded in capturing Doom. Locked away in a cell, the Latverian Monarch seems powerless. But as things escalate, Susan Richards drifts away from her teammates and surprisingly finds common ground with Doctor Doom. When the going gets tough, who will succeed? Reed Richards or Victor Von Doom? And who will Susan side with? Who is right? Who is wrong? And will Victor betray the Invisible Woman and his other enemies for the sake of personal glory?

- In the aftermath of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Doctor Doom has been snatched away by Odin to be tortured for all eternity. His destiny taken away from him, Doom seems without a means of escape.
However it is then an unexpected female figure steps forth to offer a way out... .
(possibly Enchantress or another char)

- The future is here. In an unlikely turn of events Susan Richards (Invisible Woman) and Doctor Doom had a child who skippers between a destiny as Queen of Latveria and a just superhero.
Besides this conflict, Victor and Susan also stand dramatically opposite of each other as Earth is threatened but Doctor Doom refuses to act beyond his own ambitions.
Their daughter though not as brilliant as her father, still is an accomplished scientist and on top of that inherited part of her mother's powers. She however had a crisis of her own. Will she become Doom, Invisible Woman or be her own person. And what about these... improper thoughts she has about her parents? And what if she wasn't really their daughter at all? What if this timeframe is completely wrong?
- Emma Frost, the White Queen has reforged a new Hellfire Circle however she requires a King. Her experiences during the Dark Reign era have brought her more directly into contact with Doctor Doom and she has decided that he is the perfect candidate. But how can she corrupt him to her side?
And who is truly in charge? Emma, Doom or someone else?

- Morgan le Fay, Doom's scorned lover is back once again to claim what she believes is hers.
This time the two fight till a standstill and Morgan makes Victor von Doom an offer he cannot possibly refuse. Or can he?

- I'm open to any and all plots, small and epic revolving around Doom and one or more heroes/villains or both.

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Re: Marvel comics universe: Doomsday: An unlikely alliance [MUL???]
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*updated a bit*

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Re: Marvel comics universe: Doomsday: An unlikely alliance [MUL???]
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*update to text and removal of a piccie link that was gone*