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October 28, 2021, 12:30:52 pm

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Author Topic: Shadows Current Cravings (Updated October 23, 2021)  (Read 753 times)

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Shadows Current Cravings (Updated October 23, 2021)
« on: October 21, 2020, 10:00:23 pm »
Hello there! Sorry for the formatting, I am on my phone and for some reason it really does not like to format things correctly. Another, please send me a PM if interested! I’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible! I also like to keep this as short and sweet as I can!

Who am I?

• I’m a PhD student from the US
• I come shipped with over 14 years of rp experience

What To Expect From Me?
• I play both male and female characters but am most comfortable with males. My preferred pairing is MxF, but I’m not opposed to MxM, I’m just less experienced there. I don’t do FxF because I’m just not that comfortable in the F role
• I can write a lot when I get excited. When into a rp, my minimum is well over 500 words.
• I love OOC talk in rps! From headcanons to playlists to moodboards to random images I find on the internet and just chatting about life and memes!
• I generally can be pretty active and post multiple times a day when I have time
• I'm a dark person, this means I have no limits. This can somewhat show in my darker roleplays. In historical settings, I'm cool with romanticizing some things, but I still want darker themes true to the context. The same with serial killers and paranormal type roleplays.
• For more sexual themes. I’m really okay with darker stuff. I will say that I'm newer at writing this stuff so may stumble some.
• My characters are their own people. I don't really have an O/O list (I am asexual myself I absolutely have 0 ons) I like to tailor the list to each character so that's why you won't find one here
• I exclusively rp in third person past tense

What I Expect From You

•Communication. This is really the biggest one. Let me know what you want to see, what things are working, and what things aren't. We're adults and this is a partnership!

Some Themes/buzzwords

•Heist (please give me. Currently, I will love you forever if you give it to me)
•Industrial Revolution

Halloween/Spooky Plots and Ideas

As Darkness Descend
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I’ve been watching way too many ghost hunting shows as of late and you know what I have noticed? Let there be 2 people on a team or let there be 10 people. There is always one who is like slightly terrified, does not want to sit alone in the cursed demon basement, and does not want to provoke the ghosts. There is also always one who is always ready to fights the ghosts, will willing do whatever ritual they need no matter how bad an idea, and low key gives off the vibes they would sleep with a ghost if the moment arises? You know there is a female ghost that molests people and they get a little too excited to volunteer to investigate in there alone.

I want to play with that vibe. Let it be
Timid Ghost Hunter x Angry Ghost Hunter.
Angry Ghost Hunter x Ghost
Timid Ghost Hunter x Ghost (with a very jealous angry angry ghost hunter who reviews the tapes later)

Etc that kinda vibe! Can be substituted for a demon or like being! 

*Serial killers

I am 100% cool with heavier themes! Bring the knives and the blood and all that other stuff!

Some Plots

*All of these are smut optional, but a # shows which ones are smut heavier

•(High key craving) Beyond our Sins (royalty)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
light Anastasia, French Revolution, and Russian Revolution inspired. Overthrown prince x revolutionary/spy

Muse A  watched from the wall of the ballroom. The smell of wine filled the air along with a thick cloud of perfume. For some reason, the crown sat extra heavy on his head. The world was dizzying as always. He hated these types of events. They always had a way of showing just how inadequate he truly was. His brother effortlessly worked the room like a future king should but thankfully his sister looked just as miserable. He knew the weight of the crown, and tonight it felt heavier than ever. However, looking back he wished he could have embraced it just a little longer. It was supposed to be a joyous occasion. His sister's engagement ball. A new alliance formed that might bring some peace to the blood shed of this eternal war. Of course it wouldn't be enough to quell the unrest but maybe it could over some semblance of peace. Plague, famine, poverty, and war touched nearly every corner of the kingdom and this was their offering for the storm to die.  When it happened, everything moved quickly. Once moment he was second in line to be king with a glass of champagne in his hand and the next he was sleeping on the streets struggling to survive with his face plastered as an enemy of the state.

Muse A was the youngest son of a throne that built itself on war. Being the black sheep of the family, it was constantly pointed out he would never sit on the throne and he would never be good enough. The night after celebrating his sister's engagement, everyone was a little drunk and that's when the discontent boiled over. In an instant, the palace went up in flame and the family and servants were slaughtered. All except one. By chance he managed to make it out alive and now lives on the streets gambling and begging for almost everything he has.

Muse B is a little more open. They can be an officer in the revolution, the child of the leader, the child of an officer, etc. The revolution was an obvious power grab hidden behind good intentions. After everything went down, things only continued to decline.   

• Nuclear Skies (Apocalyptic) (Metro 2033 inspired)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Years had passed since humanity’s own ignorance and greed threw the world into flame. Like the ticking of a clock, bombs erupted leaving nothing behind but radiation and devastation. Those who survive managed to do so by sheltering underground. Those who were in bunkers lasted a little while, but those who made it to the metro stations? They thrived. Well thrived as much as you could in cramped conditions while being hunted by mutated creatures.

Anyone who went to the outside world was considered insane. If it wasn’t  the beasts that hunted them, they usually fell victim to the harsh weather or the poison in the air. These people who made trips to the surface, they were known as stalkers.

Like many, Muse A was born underground. Their entire life was spent staring at metal walls and living with no personal space. When they were a teenager, desperate for money, they joined on to a merchant group as a guard. After seeing the open sky for the first time, they never looked back. Officially becoming a stalker, they were outside multiple times a week. Soon it became more frequent to the point that Muse A only came back down to the stations to sell off supplies and stock up.

Like Muse A, Muse B was also born below ground. They grew up hearing stories of the outside world, but they never cared. The attacks to their station were frequent enough that they didn’t want to see what the world had in store. They also knew that eventually they would have to succeed their father as leader of the station and such mentality was more harmful than good. After another wave of attacks, Muse B was forced to flee, not knowing the tunnels they ended up gasping for breath on the surface as the tunnels caved in behind them. Lost and wandering for somewhere secure, they find their way to a building that seems safe enough, a building that happens to be Muse A’s temporary camp.

• Until Death Do Us Part (1920s or 1940s Crime, Modern, and Paranormal/Supernatural)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
MC was a detective during the 1940s. A little rogue and a little stubborn, he was known for doing his own thing. With a successful career and a beautiful fiance, it seemed like he had everything. One day while tracking down a serial killer that stretches back decades, he ends up getting shot. Dying on the streets, nothing went black. Instead, he woke up as the sirens came running in. Since then, he’s been caught in limbo and tied to the station he used to work in. YC is living in the modern world. Smart and quick witted, she almost immediately probed her worth and set her on the fast track to detective work. Along with her natural talent, she’s also been able to see what others can't. When a series of murders warrants her transfer, she quite literally stumbles into MC

• # (Craving) The Games We Play (Cold War Era (but can be adapted))
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Muse A is used to getting exactly what he wants when he wants it. An Ivy League grad who was elected to the House of Representatives at the age of 25, he was the mind to rival Kissinger. Nearing the age of 30, it was almost assured that he would claim one of his state’s seats in the Senate come election time. After a blow up on the floor, it was strongly suggested that he get out of town for a while and take a break. Everyone pictures an island or the beach somewhere, but he landed in Vegas. And right into the lap of Muse B.

Muse B can be a little more open. They can be a Soviet spy, a plant by a rival, or whatever your heart fancies. She works as a prostitute in the casino and is everything Muse A never knew he needed. After one night of her unbuttoning everything that makes him him, he’s addicted.

• # The Order (Cults, serial killers, crime, obsession, stalking)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Muse A is the lone heir to one of the most successful serial killers in US history. For decades, his father tore through the country ripping apart everything in his path all while assuring any trails always ended up cold. Muse A's mother died when he was young (of natural causes) and when he came of age, he was pushed to take his father's legacy. It was something he never wanted. Although that instinct ran deep through his veins, he could always hold back. That meant as soon as he was old enough to get out of town, he did. Breaking free from the chains of his bloodline, he never looked back.

Muse B is a member of the Order of the Moon: a guild and brotherhood for those with a taste for blood. Almost introduced since birth, they have lived by the Order's teachings, as well as by their protection. Almost confined to the organization's lodge, they devoted their lives to the books and records of those who walked before. And almost as long as they had been a member, they were fascinated with the nameless being known as the Crow. Unlike all the other membership records, the Crow doesn't come with a face. Just a stack of files and a trail of victims. Over the years, and with the advancement of forensics, the Order is slowly dwindling. The Crow had become something of Muse B's role model. They were the one person who managed to stay in the shadows and though they want to keep the illusion up, they devoted their life to figuring out who the rightful King of the Order is. Years later, their search leads them to a tombstone and a forgotten grave. That leads them to the the forensic pathologist that is just trying to move on with their life. After a blunt attempt at getting Muse A to join the fading order, Muse B realizes they're just going to have to push Muse A into giving into their own dark desires

• What Lies Beneath (world building, drama, war)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
No one is sure exactly what happened. For a while, the world seemed to see to reason. Out of plague and famine, the world seemed to find some form of peace. No one knew what was coming. Masters of espionage, the attacks came quick and silent. Before anyone knew what hit them, the world was once again war. After the initial strike, things were supposed to be quick and easy. A short few months and nations would be down on their knees. Instead, two factions emerged and with them brought more chaos than had ever been seen.

Nation A lived in the shadows. Never much of a military state, they won their battles by being smarter. Most of their success came through intelligence and covert action. An intelligence totalitarian state, they firmly believed in peace through unity and collectivism. Their rise came in defense to threats of total destruction. Those who back them believe that in order to stop war, the imbalances must be removed.

Nation B was the opposite. Rather tribal, their power came through plutocracy. A nation of warriors and scholars, they found themselves on the side of militarism and heavy weapons development. Though their research was primarily for the sake of knowledge, A saw them as threats. Their backers are those highly individualistic nations who support tribes of similar individuals.

Our story begins in neutral Nation C.

The war had been raging for years. Across the planet, the landscape was tattered and scared by the struggle of humanity. Though signs of conflict were mostly everywhere, some managed to stay clear. In these areas, one had the bliss of ignorance. In these places, life managed to go on relatively unchanged.

Muse A was son of Nation A’s leader. Strong and independent, it was his duty as heir apparent to serve his nation’s cause. Brilliant and tactical, his role was best served in the shadows. Under the pretense of rumors that Nation B was requesting aid from Nation C, his job was to infiltrate Nation C and put a stop to the negotiations before they even occur. Along the way, (I was thinking of a party but can be whatever), he meets Muse B. In that moment, years of training go out the window and he’s helpless.

• # A double Edged Sword (espionage/spies)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
No matter what happens in the world, whoever grabs the the upper hand is the one who controls the world. It's a battle that has been raging as long as there has been civilization. It's a dangerous game where only the best survive, and even that isn't a guarantee.

Muse A and Muse B were the same side of a different coin. Working for two completely different agencies, they both had a reputation as being the one agent you didn't want to cross. You also certainly didn't want to get caught in the crossfire between the two. If there was a large game at play, the both of them were surely to be involved. They were each other’s enemies, but they were also each other’s game. In the middle of one of the largest jobs of both of their careers, Muse A suddenly goes quiet. Taking advantage of the situation, Muse B goes to make their move and seal the deal to solidify their name in history seemingly unopposed. Everything seems to go smoothly until Muse A shows up at their safe house door step beaten and bloody with a hit tied to their name.

Character Databank (Short Bios Longer will be provided)

Alexander Roulin
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Full Name: Alexander Roulin

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Homeland: Switzerland

Personality: Overly focused and generally a pessimistic realist, he has a habit of spacing out and getting over involved in tasks. He's generally closed off and keeps to himself, but isn't completely antisocial. He spent his time in the spotlight and just prefers the quiet over the flashing lights anymore. Behind the closed doors, he's humble and loyal to the point he could get in trouble and it has bit him in the butt a time or two. He's a bit of a paradox. Overly cautious, but at the same time a bit of a gambler who is willing to take risks and a scardey cat who can't live without a healthy dose of adrenaline flowing through his veins. He's his loudest when he never says a word and keeps his people the closest when he seems like he keeps the furthest away.


History: Unlike his siblings who always found themselves drawn to the more practical hobbies. Zander was never quite content with skiing, hockey, or kicking a ball around. One mistake of watching a race on television and deep down he knew that he was meant to do nothing else but that and it always felt like the cars knew it too. Living close to the Austrian and Italian border, he spent most of his youth training and racing there and it didn't take long to get his shot at the lower amateur and professional circuits before he was finally called up to the big show. When he made it up, he was one of those forces. He won some and lost some but was the driver who always got picked on for never taking enough risks. He relied too much on the car and too much on his own talent. A rival stepped into the scene and that mixed with pressure from the owners and sponsors got to him, he started making more and more moves he shouldn't have been making. Then the day finally came. He barely made it out of the burning car and when he did, he could barely get back behind the wheel. In the blink of an eye his career was over. So he melted into oblivion. Got as far away from that scene as he could and then cut everyone off.

(So there were multiple plot ideas I had for this, one is a SOL as a small town mechanic in the middle of nowhere US. The other involves a crime type of RP where he somehow gets roped into being a getaway driver)

Feel free to suggest anything I may have left out here! All of these ideas are mostly skeletons meaning they aren’t really set in stone and can be adapted, changed, and moved around! I love plotting and coming up with new stories. It’s my favorite part of this whole process so feel free to bring me your ideas and pitch anything that pops into your head!

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Re: Shadows Current Cravings (Updated November 18, 2020)
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2020, 11:13:59 pm »
Updated with new cravings/plots

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Re: Shadows Current Cravings (Updated July 4, 2021)
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2021, 12:13:04 am »
Added a Halloween section!