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Author Topic: Love, Pride and Humiliation [BON]  (Read 703 times)

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Love, Pride and Humiliation [BON]
« on: March 17, 2009, 03:23:52 AM »
Here is a rough outline of a story idea I worked on some time back but never finished.

Love, Pride and Humiliation
      Harmony Labelle was a beautiful young woman. She had an angelic face with pouty lips that were almost always upturned at the corners. Her fit body had full, round breasts, and a narrow waist that flared to voluptuous hips and shapely legs. She was an intelligent and curious woman. Harmony had been reared in a conservative family but had turned her mind to more politically liberal ideas. She had heard a few speeches about a misogynist patriarchy and what strong women were supposed to be. Deep in Harmony’s questioning mind, however, was a suspicion that she was not getting the whole story. She had questioned the new ideas as much as the old ones. And she had learned to question herself. Harmony’s path led her to ideas about dominance and submission in the roles of women, ideas wholly different from what the conservative and liberal thinkers in her life had taught. This led her to a path of self-discovery, to knowledge of her own submissive nature, and to a man unlike any she had known before.
      Jeremiah Grant was the man Harmony Labelle had met. He was a handsome man, with a body lean but strong. He had a clean shaven and angular but attractive face. His tall and wiry body had a dense and well defined musculature. He was a private man of intense thoughts and emotions. He had been brought into the world by well-off but young parents who were unsure of themselves. They had enrolled him in private schools, trying to give him the best education, but he had been an unsatisfied student. He had dropped out of school and run away from home. But he had been lucky. After a bar fight, he had found a man of unusual strength and philosophy who would become Jeremiah’s mentor. Jeremiah’s unconventional mind and intensity had flourished as he gained an education that he could never have found in a school. He eventually did go to a university and graduated, though clashes with professors had nearly gotten him expelled twice. He made money as a writer of short stories and as owner of a couple of bars.
      Jeremiah met Harmony at one of those bars. Very few people knew of it. Called Norman’s Lair, it was a private bar for dominant men and submissive women. Harmony had heard about it in rumors, though no one in her immediate circle of friends knew where it was. She had found the courage to investigate because she was looking for a man she could trust. She wanted to submit to a strong man, but she needed to find someone trustworthy as well, and she had found that incredibly difficult to accomplish. When she finally found the bar, Harmony had put on her best little red dress and gone demurely to the door. She was let in almost immediately. Inside the bar, she caught the attention of several men, but the gaze of the tall man in the black cowboy boots, blue jeans and black dress shirt with rolled up sleeves was the one that caught her attention. That man was Jeremiah. Harmony sat at the bar and waited to see what would happen. Soon a young man sat next to her and bought her a drink. They talked, but Harmony felt no connection, and she found herself reluctant to answer the young man’s questions. The man saw her glance toward Jeremiah, and he warned her not to consider Jeremiah. The man said Jeremiah was odd, was weird, was demanding and was one arrogant son of a bitch. Harmony thanked the man for the warning, but she could not deny the attraction she felt for Jeremiah. The young man strangely offered to introduce her to Jeremiah. Harmony was led to the table where Jeremiah sat with a couple of other men and women. The young man introduced her to the other people at the table and finally to Jeremiah. Instantly there had been a connection between Harmony and Jeremiah. His gaze seemed to see her soul, see her exactly as she was. Jeremiah admired her beauty and her attitude and her intelligence. His other friends nearly forgotten, he had spent the rest of the night talking to Harmony. The very next day he had made plans to make Harmony a part of his life even to the point of arranging to move her into his house. If ever there had been love at first sight, then this had been it.
      There was just one problem. Well, not a problem for Jeremiah and Harmony, but for some people it was a problem. Harmony's father was dark skinned Latino, and her mother was a very dark-skinned African-American. Jeremiah's parents were pale-skinned, a mother with German ancestors and a father with Scottish ancestors.
      Some people found the relationship of Jeremiah and Harmony offensive. They learned to deal with it mostly by ignoring it. But Mary Giles was not a woman to be ignored. She saw a dark-skinned woman submissive to a pale-skinned man, and she was not going to stand by for that. While Mary Giles was a woman who was outwardly beautiful with an attractively proportioned body, she was also a woman who was inwardly bitter and angry. She had been reared on speeches about the misogynist patriarchy and the evil lusts of males. And she had been taught to treat any criticism that came her way as the fearful blathering of people who feared strong women. Her beauty had made manipulating men easy. She resented the world in which she lived because it was full of men. She disliked and distrusted most men. She had nothing but contempt women who were not like her. And Harmony was nothing like Mary.
      It happened one day while Mary was out shopping. She was out at a shopping complex looking for clothes and modern decorations for her house. In several of the stores, Mary saw Jeremiah and Harmony. At first it was slightly annoying as she saw the couple. The man acted like he owned the woman, and she seemed to like it. He touched her, touched her hair, her arm, her ass. And Mary could not help but notice the loving way Harmony looked at Jeremiah. Mary dismissed it, but she seemed to see them over and over. It was almost as if they were flaunting their relationship deliberately in front of her.

That is about as far as I ever got. The general idea I had in mind was for Mary to confront Harmony, and/or possibly Jeremiah, and to get harangued by Harmony. And somehow that would lead to Mary ending up in the hands of Jeremiah and Harmony, probably through some foolish (or wise, depending on how one looks at it) choice on Mary’s part.

Obviously the character of Mary needs some fleshing out. And the specifics of the story are open to discussion, though the nature of the relationship between Jeremiah and Harmony is a key concept I’d like to keep. At this point I'm basically looking for a couple of women to play Harmony and Mary, but we can discuss changes to that plan. I’m open to ideas. If you’ve got any and/or are interested in trying the story, let me know.