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Started by beta, March 17, 2009, 02:23:45 AM

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(My first attempt at posting a thread like this on this forum....trying to copy a preferred format to these ^^;   More to come possibly in the future, bear with me)

About me:
-I've done roleplay for quite a while, and stage improv for slightly less of a time.
-I play male and female characters.  Typically I will play any gender in a 'submissive' role, but I prefer female dominants.
-I play multiple characters, if needed.
-I like serial character interacts with another, who interacts with another, et cetera.
-I feel a little limited in my scope, so I'd definitely like an opportunity to play something I haven't played before (listed in my On/offs)
-I don't like playing canon characters from established pairings are interesting, to be sure, but I never feel like I can play someone else's character well enough (perhaps that could be remedied, too)
-I like vanilla pairings with supernatural flair ^^;  Modern settings with mythical or magical elements are my favorite, though I enjoy high fantasy and sci-fi future too

-Favorite things to put into a scene:  Hypnotism/mind control/charm, body alteration/growth play, cum consumption


Neighbor/(Neighbor/Delivery person)

Something like this, maybe:


Storyline ideas:

1.  The Venus Male Trap
My most versatile idea for setting or scene.  A sexual seductress has set herself up in a prime location to trap her favored prey among the male population, seeking to harvest their cum and sexual energies to feed her desires.  Those she finds favor with may be altered to serve her better, while those unsuitable are merely drawn deeply under her spell, helpless to resist her as they aid her in her sexy pursuits.



i may have interest in this game or possibly another game.  Give me a shout when you are online.