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On Etiquette

Started by Dingo, March 17, 2009, 12:26:40 AM

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This is the second blog in a hopefully still long series where I voice my opinion. I know I said that I would leave the choice to my readers, but I decided to write my own opinion on a subject of my choice in between.

This my own opinion. You can like it, you can hate it, but it's something you must keep in mind.

It's my opinion on something that has been nagging at me since my return, just a few weeks ago, to this site. What has been nagging me is that there's a complete lack of etiquette here on the forum and the IRC channel where yours truly hangs out and has been hanging out for his entire period of absence.

Greenthorn has been doing a project of her own about this, but I just couldn't help but throwing in my own opinion.

The first on my list of etiquette breaches is 'Claims of ownership'.

For a while there used to be a rule or at least a very strong guideline that this was something that was not tolerated. Right now I'm seeing it happen everywhere. Having quite the dominant personality myself I have to admit that I have those urges to say or do something when someone is making moves on someone I consider mine. I consider them my friends, close friends, and very occasionally something more, but still the urges are there to lay claim on them. And here's what I do. I swallow them back, look the other way, ignore them, or laugh them off.

And not because I don't care. And not because I think the people on Elliquiy are less real than those around me in the flesh. But because laying claim to someone in any form here will result in drama.

Please people, don't lay any claim of ownership on anyone her on Elliquiy. Not because I tell you to, but because it's good sense. Just don't do it. I learned that the (very) hard way. Enjoy the writing. Enjoy meeting new people and socializing with them, but leave any relationship, but friendship, you have with someone at the door.

The second grievance I have is with 'Gossip'

Description 2a of Meriam-Webster's definition of gossip is the one that I mean.

rumor or report of an intimate nature and there's a very simple solution to preventing this from from happening. Really, you'd be amazed at how simple this is. Don't tell anything that another person has told you about themselves to anyone else. It's really that simple. Keep your mouth shut. Respect that other people's intimate information was just meant for your ears.

Just keep your mouth shut about the things that other people tell you about themselves. And I can't stress this one enough. Just keep your mouth shut about the things that other people tell you about themselves.

And the last grievance on my list is very simple. Everybody here is eighteen years or older (or at least should be). If you don't feel at least as old as eighteen then you're also not supposed to be here.

This last grievance as you can already guess is 'Maturity'. Please people act your age, or at least as an adult. I have truly had it with the kids running around on this site, whining, moaning, bitching and wanting their mommy or their daddy. If I want to hear children moan and bitch I will go to a place where there are children. I don't want to see them on an adult site. Don't be mature, act mature.

Now, just keep those things in mind and Elliquiy will be a much nicer, happier and friendly place than it is now.


P.S. Greenthorn, I hope that with this blog I have not shot down your project.

P.P.S. Remember, there's three things that you can do to make this a much happier please. Leave your claims of ownership at the door, keep your mouth shut about the things that other people tell you about themselves, and don't be, but act mature.


Out of curiosity - what if two people have an 'ownership' relationship (on- or offline) - or even just a committed relationship, but do not use it to affect interactions on the site?  As an example that isn't going to happen*, if my husband were to join the site and refer to me as 'his wife' (which is true) in places like the Shoutbox, but otherwise didn't tell me whether I could engage in a given RP or not?

*He knows about my stories, but has certain difficulties with typing, so he only gets the side-benefits.   O:)/>:)
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a good thing that you asked this, because I expect that I might get more questions like this if I don't clarify.

I never said anything about the availability of the person or even that they are married, bonded in any form, or whatever you want to call the relationship they have. I left that out for a reason. It still boils down to the claims of ownership (whatever the relationship actually is) Leave those claims of ownership out of the door.


I know what you mean, on how hard it is to not lay claim on a fellow writer. You've talked with them for hours, almost feel as if they must be yours alone, yet everyone is their own. You see them talking, playing with others and doubt yourself, causing a green monster to join the party.

But we are all adults here, and this isn't highschool. Share and share alike, because they are their own person, free to play with whom ever else wants to play. It's hard, I know, but it is the way it is.

I know maturity is something I have trouble with in chat. It is a place to go, and just relax, have fun and play around. I know some people probably don't like me, and if they told me what it was they didn't like, I would probably change (If they told me nicely).

Again, this isn't highschool thank god. I have a sister still there and I get enough of her drama to fill my life. There are many people who have this problem, starting drama and blowing it out of proportion, but never think of how their actions cause other people harm. Just wish they could see how many lives their actions touch.

Nice post Dingo, just wanted to add a little comment ^_^