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December 01, 2020, 06:39:57 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking cruel or kind ponygirl trainer for female pony - All genders welcome  (Read 171 times)

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I'm looking for a partner, of any gender and playing any gender, to portray a dominant ponygirl trainer. 

This could be a beneficent and scrupulous trainer, or a deviant and toxic trainer depending on the specific plot.  I've broken the general plot idea into two separate animals, no pun intended.  Both stories aim for a good level of realism, but the first one hopes to portray a white collar woman working to keep her professional life, personal life, and new hobby as a submissive and a pony girl appropriately separate.  The second story seed sees a similar woman go into the world of ponygirls far more recklessly, seeking abuse and finding more than she hoped.  This story requires at least some suspension of disbelief as to why this ostensibly intelligent woman would be so reckless with her image, emotional wellbeing, and even her safety.  I guess she is just a slut, but who are we to judge.

Ponygirl Lawyer: Slow and Steady
  • Intelligent woman taking care as she willingly seeks to enter a D/s relationship involving pony play
  • A portrayal of a adult hobby that is managed, in game, with consentand respect, to limit its encroachment into our protagonist's professional life.
  • Ponyplay - including training scenes and eventual public competitions
  • Balancing the needs of the dominant trainer with the submissive pony, which may include some non pony play D/s scenes.

After representing a young woman who was abused while in character as a ponygirl, Alexandra Chase finds herself increasingly drawn to the erotic subculture.   After attending several meetups as a guest, and doing her best to study the scene from a distance, Alex buys herself a pair of hoof boots and begins discretely looking for a trainer.  It may be a big state, but it's an intimate subculture, and the statuesque, blonde lawyer is rightly concerned for her privacy and anonymity, even as she seeks a certain level of public exposure.

Alexandra wants to train, perform and compete as a ponygirl, and even before she commissions her first pair of hoof boots it's become her primary hobby.  She wants to be inspected, drilled, trained and dominated.  She wants to wear high heels and hoof boots.  She wants sexy, strappy outfits that reveal her large breasts, and she wants to look pretty in plumed headdresses.  She wants to get sweaty, and dirty, and she hopes being hand washed by a trainer is even half as exciting as it looks.  She wants to become intimate with the business end of a riding crop, and although she isn't sure, she at least wants to try butt plug training.   

Possible complications:
  • Alexandra will foresee the relationship with her trainer as being a non-sexual one, though she might be slightly flexible on this point.  She may change her tune when she discovers training sessions arouse her even more than expected, and being shown off in public excites her like never before.  When eventually someone takes sexual advantage of her while she is deep in her pony persona, Alexandra will feel conflicted, knowing it was rape but find it the most exciting sex she'd ever had. 
  • After watching one of her own performances on video, Alexandra finds she has a taste for it, and her trainer begins filming their training and performances, culminating in Alexandra agreeing to shoot commercial ponygirl fetish videos.
  • While bound in her pony gear, Alexandra is sexually assaulted by the same trainer who molested her former client.  The unscrupulous villain also unmasks her and photographs her closely so he might identify her later.  Rather than turn the trainer in and face the public exposure, Alexandra agrees to be their ponygirl from then on, with things getting far more intense and remaining only dubiously consensual at best.  'See next plot for more extreme suggestions'
  • The unscrupulous trainer blackmails Alexandra into defending him in court against sexual assault charges (that she knows he is guilty of)  She must defend him while maintaining her secret, even as some of her videos are entered as evidence.   

Ponygirl Lawyer: Only Fools and Horses
  • Intelligent woman recklessly entering a D/s relationship involving pony play
  • A portrayal of a adult hobby that is foolishly allowed to encroach into our protagonist's personal and professional life
  • Ponyplay - including training scenes and eventual public competitions
  • Our heroine gives an inch and her trainer takes a mile, as she is repeatedly forced to do things his way or face the consequences.

A successful big city assistant district attorney prosecutes a cruel ponygirl trainer for alleged sex crimes against his ponies.  Lara Rosenfeld tries to get them put away for 'forcing' their girls into bestiality with horses, but the victims are all too embarrassed to confront their abuser in court, and the one woman who does is torn to pieces in court until the jury see her as a deviant slut who simply had a change of heart after the fact.  Despite the loss, the lawyer doesn't dwell on the matter, as her job has her dealing with even worse abusers on a regular basis.

Our characters later meet up as spectators at a ponyplay competition, which my character has come to frequent.  Despite the bad blood, Lara drunkenly  suggests she (tall, blonde, gorgeous) would make an excellent pony.  Of course your character laughs this off.

When word gets around that the beautiful lawyer is possibly even considering getting into a pair of hoof boots, several other trainers offer to train her.  When Lara meets up with the trainer once more, she again drops hints that she would consider being a ponygirl.  Now your character begins to suspect she must secretly crave exactly the sort of abuse she tried to put your character in jail for.  After some negotiations, the two eventually try to give training a go, but only after your character stands firm and forces her to agree to an anything goes training regimen.

While my character has ostensibly signed up for hard, sweaty, whip filled ponygirl workouts, it is an (un)spoken promise that she will be forced to degrade herself through vulgar bestiality, and she has done a poor job of hiding how much this arouses her. 

I would like to see lots of ponygirl workouts, including sexy revealing costumes, or even more discomforting bondage garb.  Lots of ass and thigh canning, sending our girl to work criss crossed with bruises under her pant suits.  Scenes of a dirty, sweaty pony being soaped up and roughly hosed off.  Lara's efforts would lead to public performances and eventually competition. Meanwhile, the bestiality would come early, fast and hard.  Lots of licking horses cocks and balls.  Being filmed sucking them off from day one, and working up to taking horse cocks in all her holes.  The trainer uses the bestial coupling to make sure Lara is serious, and to ensure his hold over her is unshakable. 

Lara has to hide her arousal when the trainer quickly begins to blackmail her, and when they take more and more control over our heroine's personal life.  Continuing her butt plug training at home and at work.  Perhaps moving onto more extreme hole stretching, with even her pisshole being available.  I'd like her trainer to take control of Lara's diet, force her to get large nipple rings, degrading tattoos, and embarrassing fake tits.

Possible complications:
  • The trainer enjoys total financial domination over his new ponygirl, forcing her to not just hand over he paycheck, but to begin slowly liquidating her assets until she has to sell her home and more in with them, right into a nice little cage which will be her new home.
  • The trainer sells videos of Lara sucking and fucking horses, with no thought for censorship, forcing her to live in fear of the videos ever coming back to bite her.
  • When not working to earn her trainer money, or actively being trained, Lara is pimped out cheaply on street corners to help break her spirit, and with each fuck risk arrest and exposure.
  • When they are ready, the trainer intentionally exposes Lara to the world as a hypocrite and a depraved slut.  She becomes a punchline of late night jokes, but only those who can bring up such disgusting topics.  She is fired, if she hasn't already been forced to quit, and she and her trainer flee to a small ranch south of the border, where pony play is a more serious and cut throat business.

Ponygirl Scholarship - Trying to lead a normal teenage life while keeping up with a cruel ponygirl trainer, and being a teenage buttplug model.

  • An underdog story where our poor girl beats the odds to become win important amateur ponygirl competition
  • An exploration of the sexualized (and sexual) ritual of this fictional ancient roman sport blossomed into a modern one.
  • Open ponyplay - including training scenes and public competitions - with no need to hide the performers identity, in fact promotion is the name of the game
  • A strict trainer who uses their knowledge of old fashioned, traditional training techniques for help our girl succeed.

Alyson is far from your typical high school senior.  Yes she is a bit of a geek and likes spending time with her friends, but she is also 6'2" and drop dead gorgeous.  Despite being constantly inundated with offers for modelling, Alyson's true love is being a ponygirl. 

In this twisted, modern America, ponygirls operate alongside old fashioned cheerleaders at most sporting events.  Like cheerleaders, ponygirls also have their own competitions.  While cheerleaders must be athletic and sexy, ponygirls require extreme athletics and endurance and are overtly sexualized.  While junior ponygirl's do little more than marching in (fully covering) brightly coloured costumes, senior ponygirls perform and practice with their breasts, pussy and ass on display.  American regulations require the breasts including the nipples to be 'at least somewhat covered' which in modern day tends to be achieved by the pony sporting rings in their nipples, or more elaborate options such as nipple extenders.  The pussy must 'have its clit completely covered', and while the ponygirl's labia may be fully exposed, and almost invariably are, the space between must be bisected by at least some sort of garment, making tight fitting crotch straps or even chains of beads popular.  While the pony's ass may be on full display, showing her asshole is usually grounds for competition disqualification, or a large fine for televised events.  As such, even in costumes that might include a tail on a belt, a butt plug is still standard equipment for all senior ponygirls.  The length, girth, shape and brand of each plug worn by famous ponygirls tends to be documented and argued over online.

In our story, Alyson receives news that she has has been accepted to her first choice Ivy League College, with a full ride ponygirl scholarship!  This is just the next step in Alyson's plan to graduate and move on to a top tier law school.  With just a couple of months before high school graduation, and not much longer till Alyson will start college, Alyson's mother, who had been training her up to this point, hires a professional ponygirl trainer to work with her daughter.  I'm imagining some sort of Eastern European (or even south east Asian) trainer who demands absolute obedience and pushes the teenager to her limits to make her the best possible ponygirl.  My preference would be for a female trainer, but I could be convinced otherwise.

Possible complications:
  • Our ponygirl is encouraged to open an OnlyFans type account to further her self promotion, and help support her family and hobby.
  • Our teen ponygirl and/or her mother are forced to work degrading side jobs just to make ends meet.  Topless waitress, nude house cleaner, stripper, etc
  • Ponygirl gear isn't cheap, nor is a personal trainer.  Once she starts winning, our heroine is introduced to alumni from her prospective college who will be more than happy to patronize her, in exchange for intimate one on one dinners in fancy hotels
  • Given its, alleged, history as an ancient roman fertility offering, Ponygirls at the college level are expected to be visibly pregnant during the peak two months of competition.
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