NBC changes the Sci-Fi channel to the plural of 'syphilis' in Polish.

Started by Vekseid, March 16, 2009, 08:51:49 PM

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Quote from: tvweek
To that end, the 16-year-old network—owned by NBC Universal—plans to announce that Syfy is its new name March 16 at its upfront presentation to advertisers in New York.

What a brilliant idea. I'm so proud that they chose to use the plural of a word from my Polish heritage, syf:


Quote from: wiktionary
syf m.

   1. dirt, filth, grime
   2. (colloquial) pimple, spot
   3. (colloquial, vulgar) syphilis

Of course, syphilis is a mass noun, so associating it with the -y pluralization is cheating. That's okay though, cheating in the name of cheap humor ought to be expected.



'Nuff said.  Of course, this does free up the name 'SciFi' for someone who wants to make a network consisting of classic and cutting edge science fiction, fantasy and horror, maybe with a sprinkling of edgy anime that hasn't been dumbed down to Cartoon Network levels.
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