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August 09, 2022, 08:55:04 am

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Author Topic: Sorority/Sci-fi/Cyberpunk Misadventures (NC)(F lf GM/world-building partner)  (Read 554 times)

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(Please do not post in this forum~)

Notable Points:
***Please embed pictures of NPC's (or settings) in every post***
~I play by forum posts *only*, with PM's for OOC~
~I will not use any IM service, for any reason~

---Excessively short PMs during the planning phase are a huge turn-off (more below)---
---While I do seek sexy misadventures, I also seek a meaningful plot---
---Do not refer to my character as "you" in or out of the RP---

Post Length
Consider two to three solid paragraphs standard. Longer is fine when we're able to build off one another, though consistent lengthy posts may slow my post rate a bit.

Post Rate
I'm looking for someone who can post one or two times a week most of the time.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!
I absolutely require a character portrait in every post! With formatting for padding to make the text easier to read. I can help you set this up, and give you some ideas on where to find portraits if you'd like.

Misadventures and NC content
I'm going to be insisting on NC content here - preferably a variety of it ranging from mild to more extreme. Sometimes our heroine will emerge from danger unscathed, and on rare occasion she may be beaten down, captured, and abused for days. The exact details of our kinks will absolutely be discussed beforehand.

I also like to pay attention to clothing destruction, management, and salvage~

For romance I typically prefer FxF but I will occasionally go for FxM - it'll ultimately depend on the world and the NPC's. I would prefer to leave romance options open-ended rather than setting one up beforehand - but some exceptions may apply.

Our Heroine
A strong character, who struggles to the bitter end and doesn't give up after a few failures.
An innocent character, who doesn't treat sex casually and likely begins the RP a virgin.
A cute and attractive character, who is probably a little young and naive.
A corruptible character, who may gradually succumb to desire the more she is exposed and forced to surrender to it.

I'm offering open-ended story ideas below (just the one for the time being) - but as long as you're willing to take on the world-building I can be very flexible on these details. If you have other ideas, let me know. If there's any particular kinks you would be interested in, be sure to mention them.

Non-minimalistic PM's
I much prefer shorter frequency and higher productivity per message, particularly as we plan things out prior to the beginning of the RP. It's a real turn-off to put a lot of work into a PM trying to build a world and get a one-liner response, or even a response that addresses half of what I put up. This applies also to a first PM that says "Are you still looking?" My answer will either be "yes" or "it depends." Might as well skip that and go right into the pitch. I really do appreciate it.

Plot Ideas

Sorority Misadventures

Her high school years were a letdown. She didn't get to go to the parties, she didn't get to hang out with the popular kids, and she didn't have the interesting stories that came along with either.

But none of that mattered anymore. She was out of high school and an incoming freshman at a prestigious university - and this time things were going to be different. One sorority in particular was famous for its high social status and outrageous parties, and membership typically promised at least a half a million followers on any social media platform she could think to name. It was her ticket to popularity, and she was determined to do whatever it took to be accepted.

Her desperation, however, would be noticed... and taken advantage of. Perhaps by the sorority president. Perhaps by a thirsty roommate. Perhaps by the partnering fraternity. Perhaps a cheer/volleyball captain on the side.

The ideal GM would balance the "smut" with "plot." Allowing the heroine to form relationships with NPC's and pursue other goals she develops along the way.

A witch RP, heavier focus on the supernatural~
A competitive cheerleading focus~
Having most of the drama occur outside of the sorority~
A Boarding High School Setting~

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-con, bullying, hazing, humiliation, degradation, blackmail, corruption, gangbangs, FxF romance, bondage, sex toys, social media popularity, lewd photos, shopping sprees, keeping good grades

Stranded on an Alien Planet

Our heroine is stranded on an alien planet, where strange new threats lurk around every corner. What can she salvage to help her? What dangers await her? Are there other survivors, or is she alone? Maybe she crashes in an alien jungle with living plants, frightening monsters, and hostile natives. Maybe she's kidnapped by alien slavers, implanted with a stimulating control device, forced to submit, and struggle to escape. Maybe she's a soldier captured by the alien invaders, or a civilian on a distant colony who suffers the alien invasion first-hand.

Character concepts/plot hooks~
Only 16-18, she was born on a distant colony, but one day it all goes wrong. They're attacked, and the colony isn't remotely prepared. Aliens invade, killing most of the colony without a second thought. But she is treated differently. She is captured alive, but for what purpose? How do they treat her? Did anyone else survive? Can she escape? If she escapes, what else must she endure?

An explorer, her ship crash-landed in an alien jungle. Armed with only a few gadgets she has no choice but to explore the jungle and search for a friendly civilization, a way to survive, and hope for rescue. There may be other survivors with her, but they themselves might become her enemy - particularly if they are infected by some of the planet's mind-altering toxins. Driving them to pursue their darkest urges, if they haven't already decided to do so once plunged into lawlessness.

A soldier who valiantly fought to permit others to evacuate. She plans to fight to the bitter end, but instead she is captured prisoner. She is to be subjected to their whims, their technology, impregnated with their alien seed. It is one nightmare after another, but she always hopes to escape. Perhaps there are other prisoners to help her do it. Perhaps her unborn child happens to take her side, and work with her.

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-consent, gangbangs, alien lifeforms, monsters, dangerous plants, impregnation, tentacles, sci-fi gadgets/toys


A very open-ended concept, loosely inspired by Cyberpunk 2077. A world of advanced technology in a neon city overrun with crime. Hoping my partner will have some plot concepts for this, otherwise I'll add a few possible starting points which I may build upon later.

-A cop who battles against gangs on a regular basis, often defeated, and humiliated.
-A young woman who gets by as a gang member's girlfriend, but she wants out.
-A gang member set into conflict from a rival gang.
-A simple waitress inherits a revolutionary technology... and everyone wants it.

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-consent, cyberpunk technology, sci-fi gadgets/toys, gang warfare, high crime
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I've tweaked the first plot concept and added stranded and cyberpunk plot ideas~
Changed the title to reflect changes~