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Author Topic: Cassie's roleplay ideas  (Read 1285 times)

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Offline cassie18Topic starter

Cassie's roleplay ideas
« on: March 16, 2009, 06:43:59 pm »
Important: I want the scenes I propose done in an instant messaging program (such as IRC, YM, MSN etc) and not post by post in the forum..

Hello all:) Here's some scenes my mind could conceive and I would love to roleplay:

Hunting Contest: (NEW!!!!)

A rich bastard who is a very good hunter decides to organize a twisted contest to serve his perverted needs.. He asks to a model he is obsessed with to take part to the contest.. The rules of the contest go somewhat like this: the girl would be topless and she would be hunted by him in his private artificial jungle.. She would have a certain objective to accomplish (for example pass through a checkpoint, or something like a treasure hunt i.e. find a statue and add its missing eyes etc).. He would be allowed to use a gun which shoots darts.. If he managed to hit her once in each nipple and once in her bellybutton he would win.. If he managed to hit her three times in one of her boobs and 3 times in her belly he would also win.. If she managed to accomplish her objective before that though she'd win... The darts could also contain a drug which would slow her down and make her an easier target (that could be either part of the contest, or cheating on behalf of the hunter..)
The girl would win a grand prize of money just by participating in the contest (and that's why she'd accept ).. If she won the contest she'd also win ten times that prize..
If she lost though she would also have to suffer bondage and sex slavery for 2 days.. (you can suggest more things here if you want).
The rich bastard could be at any age from 25+ , perhaps the son of some rich Arab sheik (I don't especially like Arabs, i just have an interracial kink).. As for the girl I have a model in mind which is not well known but she sure should have been, whoever contacts me will find out.. I want to play the girl and I'm looking for the hunter.. Oh I want this done in an instant messaging program as well.. Whoever likes the idea can send me a private message or post here.. Thanks!:)

Babysitter or a Slut:

A young beautiful girl who has just finished high school is hired to work as a babysitter in a big pompous mansion. She was a girl from an average family, the only thing special about her was her sexiness, and how she could really make men drool over her. She was hired to work in the mansion by some girl which was 24-25, a young mother. The mansion really belonged to a dirty old filthy rich perverted bastard.. It was this old man's son who was married to the young woman and who had the baby with her.. Now they were ready to leave for holidays abroad and the baby would remain in the mansion with his grandfather. The wife though could never trust that old bastard with the wicked look constantly painted in his face, that's why she chose to hire a babysitter. Her mother-in-law was unfortunately deceased.

The young girl goes to the mansion for work in the first day as she had arranged it with the old man's daughter-in-law and the old man gets crazy about her and her looks. The girl understands how he is an old pervert and how he liked her and so decides to risk it a bit and dress more sexily in order to get extra tips from him, giving how wealthy he seems to be. When she goes to work the next day she finds a surprise waiting for her. The old man has brought another older babysitter to help her and he starts wanting the young girl close to him more and more. Then over the days he starts to work on a perverted strategy to make the young girl his slut. He starts tricking her into making little perverted deals-traps with him, using the power of his money.. For example he could offer her a diamond necklace or a raise in her salary and he will want in return that the girl would come to work without underwear.. So, gradually he will give even bigger presents and demand even more, trap her in his nasty schemes so he can make her his slut..

The Sheik's Whore

She is a white stunningly hot young sex bomb and she is on her way to become one of the well known supermodels of her time.. He is a perverted ugly fat old Arab Sheik who has made a huge fortune by just selling petrol and exploiting his country men, living in his palace a life of wealth and luxuries.. When he first sees the young model he gets obsessed with her, so he uses the power of his money to turn her into his palace's whore..
This could be done in a number of ways, I will list some possibilities:
a) He arranges an abduction and forcefully turns her into his slave when she is brought in the palace
b) He uses money to corrupt her soul with gifts, luxuries and wealth, turning her slowly into a whore for money
c) Blackmail, some kind of contract with extra terms she never noticed..

I will be adding more scenes really soon..!:)

Cassie's ONs & OFFs

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Offline sureshot9999

Re: Cassie's roleplay ideas
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2009, 09:22:22 pm »
Hey there Cassie

I like your style from what I have read so far.  Was wondering if you are still looking for a new RP?  I am new on here but have done some RPs in the past.  I generally prefer PMs to IMs, but I was so wrapped up in your plots, that I could be persuaded to an instant message format.  The reason I prefer PM's or thread is that I like to write, and don't mind doing a 2-3 paragraph post with details.  But if you are interested, I could try your way. ^^

I would definitely do your "Babysitter or a Slut" storyline.  I also have an original of my own that I am currently craving, which involves a future/22rd century type setting where slavery/servitude has been re-instituted for criminal/debt types cases. In my opinion, it could be an awesome storyline, and would go along with your interests.  If you are interested, let me know and I can elaborate.

About me, I'm 26 & a hetero guy. 


My Rabbit Hole Page

Offline cassie18Topic starter

Re: Cassie's roleplay ideas
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2009, 02:23:43 pm »

New scenario added!:)