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October 25, 2020, 05:59:42 PM

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Author Topic: Silver Haven of Ideas [Light to Extreme]  (Read 111 times)

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Silver Haven of Ideas [Light to Extreme]
« on: October 05, 2020, 03:10:49 PM »
𝓢𝓲𝓵𝓿𝓮𝓻 𝓗𝓪𝓿𝓮𝓷 𝓸𝓯 𝓘𝓭𝓮𝓪𝓼

Greetings! Welcome to the thread of all my current cravings and ideas.

I would be more than happy to create the outline for the story together. But, before you read the ideas below, I kindly ask you to visit my O/O thread; you can also find my list of active stories here. If you’re interested in any of the ideas or have RP-related questions, feel free to send me a PM. Please refrain from replying directly to this topic.

Now, without further ado, my cravings.

Disciplining the Mutt [M for F / Sub for Domme] [Kink Driven]
Available/On Hold

Hybrids were an expensive investment, so called perfect companions for humans; not only were they obedient and pliant, taught from the first day of their creation that they were the lowest cast in society, their rights almost nonexistent, but their mating cycles also made them the perfect sex toys to play with.

But not all hybrids were like that. Some were considered mutts, held in cages and sold for much lower prices because of their imperfections. They showed their teeth, chose to bark and bite but not to submit.

MC is one of those grownup dog-hybrids, a half-Doberman breed, stuck in a cage for years because of his disobedience and being too talkative for his own good. He had 2 owners before, and both returned him to the facility with barely hidden hatred, venom in their voice, bite marks all over them. And, both times, the hybrid only smiled sweetly when questioned about it, faking innocence.

YC is a rich, strict woman in her late 30s or early 40s interested in buying herself a hybrid, but not the stereotypical, fluffy and obedient one that ads popularised. No, she wants someone she can discipline, with rough edges and more bark than bite. Someone with a strong will to break.

"Do you really think a bitch like you can handle me?" He sneered at her through the bars, his tattooed hands gripping the metal and dark eyes never leaving her figure. Ready to attack at any moment. But the woman in front of him looked completely unaffected, the corner of her mouth lifting up in amusement. His ears twitched in annoyance.

"You’re a fiery one, aren’t you?"

That caused the hybrid to bark out a laugh, the smile plastered on his face turned sharp, showing all teeth. "Yeah, so keep those ice claws to yourself or I will melt you."

What am I expecting from this story? As I’ve mentioned in the title of this idea: disciplining the mutt. I’m open and willing to hear all about your preferences, and depending on them we can create a list of kinks to explore in the story. Extremes are welcome!

Scent and Sensibility [M for M / Sub for Dom / Human for Werewolf] [Plot and Kink Driven]

MC worked in a bookstore and, one day, some random guy decided that staring him down for hours was the most appropriate thing to do. Okay, this is getting borderline creepy and stalkerish. He didn’t even know the creep. Maybe the man would eventually get bored and stop the staring contest.

He didn’t. Once the shift was over and MC exited the store, he felt a presence behind him. Getting cornered in the alleyway behind the store wasn’t in his to-do list for the day, but here he was. The stranger was instantly invading his personal space, his nostrils flaring as he scented the air. Oh, he’s a werewolf. So he wouldn’t be able to fight off the guy if the things went south, good to know.

"Why do you smell like me?" That caused his panicked line of thought to stutter. He opened his mouth, closed it, and looked at the frowning stranger in disbelief. Okay, this was somehow getting even more creepy. The weird guy was still scenting the air like a madman.


The man growled and took a step back, still staring at him in the weirdest way but at least now he had his personal space back. And maybe he could manage to think more clearly. Just maybe. The werewolf’s gaze slid down and his face changed from the intense interest to confusion. "You’re wearing my jacket. Where the fuck did you get it?"

MC looked down at himself. He was wearing the biker jacket he borrowed from his new neighbour, since it was unlikely she would ever wear such a big jacket without drowning in it. And, well, it was also one of her ex’s... His eyes widened and now he was the one staring at the man in front of him, not the other way.

Okay, how am I supposed to explain this to him?

It’s just the bare bones, and the story can be both Plot Driven and Kink Driven, or just pure smut with some plot sprinkled in. But including the Scent Kink, Knotted Cocks, Cum Inflation and Marking in this story is a must; other preferences are, of course, negotiable.

I’ll also add possible reference images for MC, but his appearance/personality/etc. can be changed depending on what type of story we choose to play. There are no limitations for YC, appearance and personality-wise. But, if you choose to make YC a dominant-looking man in his early thirties, with a biker aesthetic, I will be ecstatic.

Break My Body, Corrupt My Mind [F for M / Sub for Dom / !!!Extreme Body Modifications] [Plot and Kink Driven]

The idea is open for alterations, but must include: Body Horror, Body Modifications, Extreme Pain, Kidnapping, Lima Syndrome, Mind Alteration, Mutilation, Non-con. So, if these themes are hard Offs for you, please read other ideas listed below.

And now the skeleton of the story. The setting can be either Futuristic or set in the Modern days, but with more advanced technologies; possible Human/Alien pairing. Essentially, the main idea is to explore the dark and twisted side of the black market, illegal transformations of humans into cyborgs and other body modifications. MC can be an unfortunate, innocent human victim kidnapped and thrown into this mess, or someone from another illegal organisation/an assassin/a trained soldier/etc. captured by YC. There can be many variations.

YC must be an important figure in the inner circles, maybe a doctor in the past, who enjoys torturing and playing with the unfortunate souls captured by his people. The idea of fully transforming MC into a cyborg sparks his interest and, eventually, this interest transforms into a wicked obsession once she becomes useful to him. He may also have a full-blown meltdown by the end of the story, when MC’s will breaks completely and she becomes more like a puppet, too obedient for his liking.

And, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m open and willing to discuss the idea, possible story outlines and other preferences further in PMs.

Forbidden: Sibling Love [F for F; F for M; M for M / !!!Incest] [Plot and Kink Driven]

This is more of a catch-all idea, since the story can change depending on the genders we choose to play as. I’m leaning more towards the idea of playing as a younger sibling, with a 3-5 years age gap between MC and YC. One could be attracted to the other for years but denying it, or vice versa. There needs to be some context for those desires, or maybe even non-hidden preferences like dating people who look/behave similar to their sibling, etc.
Also, if you’re not opposed to it, A/B/O dynamics can be included to make their relationship even more forbidden in the eyes of society.

Too Close to the Bottom [F for F / Mavka for Human / Possible Character Death] [Plot and Kink Driven]

The story is set in modern days, inspired by the stories about female forest spirits in Ukrainian mythology called mavkas. The spirits usually represent the souls of girls who died unnatural tragic or premature deaths. They were described as beautiful, sometimes naked, young women who may be dangerous to men, enticing and luring them in only to drag them into the water abyss. Mavkas had no reflection in water, did not cast shadows, and were believed to live in groups in forests or mountain caves.

MC is a mavka who gets interested in a young woman exploring the woods and tries to lure her in, to become friends. And, to her surprise, it works on YC, even though not in a way she expected. MC may have a corporal form for the sake of their relationship progression and smut. I’ve added Possible Character Death because there’s a possibility of MC eventually drowning YC to transform her into the spirit, like herself.

"My dates with men were always..." Mavka paused, a thoughtful expression on her face before she added. "Tragic."

The mystery woman snorted and waved her hand dismissively. "Oh, no worries, I know the feeling. I’ve tried to date a guy, once, when I was in high school. Been with girls ever since." She winked, and the forest spirit looked at her in confusion. What did she mean by that?

The Lonely Man's Heart [M for M / Slow Burn and Vanilla] [Plot Driven]

A soft romance story about falling in love and finding solace in each other’s arms. This idea may be a simple one, but I’m a sucker for a good slow burn. MC is a young, struggling artist just trying to make ends meet and enjoy every little moment in his life along the way. A bubbly, at times extremely anxious, ray of sunshine. Even when it seems almost impossible, he always tries his best to stay positive. So, when he gets kicked out and moves to another side of town, he thinks of it as a new stage in his life.

YC is a man in his 40s or 50s whose personal life is almost non-existent. But he’ll, without a doubt, deny the fact that he’s lonely. The only constant variables in his life are the stressful job he has a love-hate relationship with, and a little demon of a cat waiting for him at home. I would be happy to discuss more aspects of YC, especially his occupation, and complete their relationship puzzle together. Ideally, it would be fun to explore the pairing of ‘grumpy old man and his childish neighbour’, and how these two would eventually get along.

There was a young man standing on his doorstep, with a frown on his face and a very satisfied looking cat in his outstretched hands. There were also scratches all over said hands. And lots of paint stains all over his clothes. Huh, interesting.

"Your cat ate my dinner."

YC blinked in surprise. "Pardon?"

The kid just chuckled and put the feline mischief maker onto the ground, letting the pet go back into his master’s home. Hands on his hips, the guy smiled and replied, not even hiding the fact that he was amused by the confusion written all over the older man’s face. "This little thief somehow managed to sneak into my apartment through the balcony and ate my dinner. So, now you owe me dinner, neighbour."

Well, that was an unexpected turn of events.

There Is a Monster Under Your Bed [Other for F / Slow Burn and Vanilla] [Plot Driven]

Another story for those who enjoy the vanilla romance. YC is a young woman in her twenties, seemingly confident, successful and always striving to be the centre of attention. In reality, though, she’s far from the confident mask she slips on in public. She’s an anxious perfectionist, overthinker and the type of person whose mind is always filled with all the possible what-ifs. She’s also afraid of the dark, has been since her childhood, and always keeps her light on at night. And the reason for it seems childish and laughable, at least to her: she thinks there’s a monster waiting for her in the dark, under the bed.

MC is that monster she’s been scared of since childhood, a silent presence in the dark. The shadowy creature always checks up on her, just to make sure the girl is doing well, and makes sure to do so once it’s dark outside. The warm feeling in their chest intensifies each time they see her sleepy, peaceful face, all the traces of stress from the day gone. The feeling intensifies tenfold when she smiles or giggles in her sleep.

We can start the story from the moment when, for example, one day YC wakes up in the middle of the night to find the monster sitting in the dark corner of her room, humming a soft tune in an unknown language. Or, MC might reveal themself willingly, seeing YC in distress or crying. I’d like to explore their differences and psychological aspects of YC, hoping to make the story not only about romance but also self-acceptance. Their relationship will be bumpy at first, especially because of the language barrier, but eventually transform into a romantic one.

Taming the Northern King [M for M / Arranged Marriage] [Plot and Kink Driven]

The marriage was arranged between two kingdoms, to ensure their alliance in the upcoming war. The rumours in the Southern kingdom became a wildfire as soon as the news were out, scandalised and outraged. What was their king thinking? There was no way a southern royalty would marry a man, it was against all their traditions. But there was one, the most frequently asked question: how could their beloved prince be married off to the infamous Cruel King of the North?

It would be interesting to create a story about these kingdoms together, exploring their differences and what was the main reason behind the southern kingdom’s decision to marry off their prince. Perhaps, there could be other ulterior motives behind it all, and not just the need to strengthen the defenseless South with strong northern warriors. And, of course, exploring those differences in MC and YC’s relationship. Maybe northern people could be more conservative and ‘cold’, and some southern customs, attires MC wore at first would spark northern king’s interest in his future husband. Especially since the man was far more accustomed to the horrors of war than to find his fiancé only in a silk robe, prince’s hair pulled up in a bun and baring his slender neck.

Unfinished ideas; will be updated in the future.
  • Her Silent Bodyguard [M for F / Sub for Domme] [Plot and Kink Driven]
  • How to Not Court Your Human Mate [M for M / Sub for Dom / Human for Shapeshifter] [Kink Driven]
  • Soulmates [F for F; F for M / Vanilla] [Plot Driven]
  • ___ [M for M / Human for Demon or Demon for Human] [Kink Driven]
  • ___ [M for M / Human for Alien / Police Procedural and Futuristic Setting] [Plot and Kink Driven]
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