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April 11, 2021, 04:46:00 pm

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Author Topic: Spaceships and slaves and aliens and tentacles! (F for whatever)  (Read 162 times)

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Offline imjessmeTopic starter

Hi everybody and thanks for looking!  If you're here, and got past the title, then we're already off to a good start.  This story is open to anybody, but it's going to take a very specific kind of person to fill the other roll.  I'll list the major themes up front, so that if you're not into them, I won't waste any of your time.  They are:

  • A kind master/slave relationship
  • Body morphing
  • Gender fluidity (including your character)
  • Tentacles
  • Male and female characters being penetrated
  • Group sex

Still with me?  OK!

We'll tackle the story first, then to my character.  The plot itself is based very heavily on a story I did a while ago, and takes place in the future, say at least several hundred years.  Space travel is normal, humanity has colonized other planets (lots of them).  We've met a few aliens and have diplomatic relations with them, etc.  (Just a note, it is possible for the different aliens and humans to have sex, but they can't reproduce.)

Your character is a one-man (or woman) cargo hauling company.  He (just going to say "he" for now to make it easier) owns a small cargo ship, and makes a living by taking smaller loads that the larger companies don't want to have anything to do with, because they're just too small and insignificant.  He's hired to carry a certain object and to not ask any questions.  The price is right, so why the hell not?  Somewhere in-transit, a glitch in the engine drops them out of warp or whatever it is, which is always rough on the ship and its occupants.  The object he's carrying falls, and opens.  He goes to investigate and finds... me!  Or, my character anyway.

I'll get to the explanation of her, but suffice for now to say that she believes your character to be her master, and offers to serve him forever.  Your character either accepts, or refuses.  If he refuses, however, it causes her great physical pain, to the point that he has no choice but to accept, or else it will literally kill her.  One way or another, he's stuck with her.

The problem is that she wasn't intended for him, and somebody paid very, very good money for her, and will want her back.  The adventure is all about the two of them running from their pursuers.

Now, about my character.  She is an alien, very human-like in appearance, and very rare.  Her race is known for being very accommodating, always wanting to please others, often to a fault.  They have been hunted for centuries, captured and forced into slavery.  They don't really mind it, though, because hey, they want to please.  Actually, they're not just forced into slavery, but specifically sex slavery.  They're unique in that they have the ability to shape-shift into anything, any form, whatever will please their master.  Tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed model?  Sure.  Huge body-building guy with a giant dick?  No problem.  Green-skinned alien girl with three tits that make chocolate milk?  You got it.  These aliens are very popular among the richest in society.

My character, however, is special.  She can do all of those things, can change in all of those ways, however, she can also do the same to other living things.  If your character wants to have some... er... male enhancement, it's done.  If he wants to see what sex is like from the other side, no problem.  Whatever he wants, she can do for him, and can change herself to accommodate whatever he wants to be.

A few musts for this story:

First, I'm really looking for a literate, creative partner who will take responsibility for helping to plot the course of the story, and who will have his or her own ideas about who and what their character is.

In real life, I don't care what gender you are, or even what gender your character starts as.  However, you MUST be willing to have your character changed, male to female, or the other way around, and in between, and to aliens, or to whatever else.  I won't force a form onto you, but I would ask that you have an open mind.  If all you want to play is a guy who gets a bigger dick... I'm sorry but I'm not interested in just that.

Your character will need to be OK with being penetrated, as either gender or in between.  My character might grow a cock, or have a tentacle with one at the end, or something, and will want to put it in something, whether that be your female character's vagina, your male character's ass, or whatever he or she or it has at the moment.

Now, of course, normal sex will still happen, but I don't think it'll be the norm for this story.

So... if you're onboard, send me a message (please don't reply to this, I won't be monitoring this post).

Thanks again for looking!