Enemies With Benefits (F seeking M (character) maybe F)

Started by Demik, October 05, 2020, 12:16:13 AM

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Hello all. I'll get right to it. I have a story idea that involves a superhero and their main villain. I dont have all of it worked out because I like to discuss that with my writing partner. The basis of it though is what happens after a couple finds out their partner is their archnemesis. I figure they split but couldn't cut each other out of their lives completely. Which is where the benefits come in. Maybe they have a bad day with another villian/hero and don't have anywhere else to turn. Drama, sex, all kinds of fun stuff.

Things like that. Let me know your ideas. I don't mind playing either the villain or hero if you have a preference. I'm pretty much equally good at both. We can make it as vanilla or wild as you like. I enjoy the full spectrum. I'm mainly looking for a male character, don't care what you are in real life, but if you give me good ideas and stuff I'll totally go for a female. My likes and dislikes page could use updating but its mostly accurate. I expect a decent post size. At the very least a good, chunky paragraph. The more you give me, the more I give you.

I think that about covers it. PM me if you're interested.