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September 26, 2021, 05:29:55 pm

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Author Topic: Destined to love Entropy. (F/Any) (human/Non) (Cosmic Horror Bodice Ripper)  (Read 375 times)

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Destined to love Entropy.

The family crest had always been odd to Cassandra. A coffin with a cross and wings on either side? Who thought something so morbid would be inspirational to anyone? But it didn't really matter since only other members of the Moorhouse family would ever see the damn thing. It had been a symbol passed down the family line for generations, until it finally reached the promised member of the family, the one meant to fulfill the promise. It was a cruel twist of fate that she was the black sheep of the family.

Cassandra Moorhouse (usually called Cassie by friends and family) had never been the smartest, the strongest, or even the prettiest member of her family. Compared to them, she might as well have been a fuck up in every way possible. The butt of every joke, the easiest way other influential families could get a rise out of a Moorhouse, and completely, horribly, unimportant.

Every other member of the Moorhouse family seemed blessed with gifts that made them the best at everything they did. They might stumble, might make a bad business decision, but they never failed for long. The Moorhouses were Captains of Industry, beauty queens, great thinkers and congressmen. World renowned surgeons, or just always seemed to find oil whenever they started digging. Her family had always seemed to have a comfortable place at every table in the world. That was the way it always had been, no one can ever think of a time where the name Moorhouse didn't equal money.

But then there she was. A consistent B+ student in just about every field, who could be clumsy, and with a chronic case of insomnia she always came off as tired compared to everyone else. Cassandra was forgetful, lazy, unimpressive, and uninspired. Cassandra didn't like working out, liked to just spend time with her hobbies and not playing games of power like the rest of her family. She wasn't particularly gifted in anything useful, and yet everyone seemed to expect the most out of her.

No matter how much Cassandra tried, she just couldn't impress her family, and every year that passed she only seemed to disappoint them further. Some of her extended family even called her a disgrace when they thought she couldn't hear...or maybe they did know she would hear...and they just didn't care. She did her best to keep a stiff upper lip, but some days she just wanted to run away. To just grab some of the family money and start a new life away from them all. But she knew that if she did they would just catch her, and it would make everything worse. She had no choice but to suffer through it, even as her defenders among the family slowly decreased, and everyone's eyes became cold when looking at her.

The only time they ever seemed genuinely proud of her was on her birthday, during their family Tarot card tradition. Everyone drew their cards and received different cards when they did so. But not her. Somehow Katherine always picked the same two cards, no matter what they were always the same. The Empress, and The World. She was never told what they meant, but it always seemed to make everyone proud of her, at least for a day. There was no day that Cassie loved more than her birthday, but when her 23rd birthday came, things were different.

She hadn't expected any celebrations, since the family businesses had all started tumbling down, the stock markets had turned on them, family members who relief on their athletic abilities met with accidents, or were suddenly unable to perform like before. Their great thinkers could barely string together a series of words, and the most beautiful members of the Moorhouse family were somehow less appealing. The Moorhouse luck seemed to have finally run out, and Cassie was more than happy to not get anything for her birthday. But her family...insisted. Outright dragging her from her room and down to the foyer of the mansion, everyone was there to meet her.

Instead of getting a party or at least just some birthday cards and a small cake, she was blindfolded and told she had a surprise waiting just for her. Like wolves around an injured lam, the rest of her family closed in around her, cutting off any avenue of escape. Her own brother and sister went on and on about how much fun everyone would have, as they each held one of her arms. Her mother told her that this was the day everyone had been waiting for, since before she was even born. Her father said nothing, only walking a the head of the pack.

Deep down Cassandra knew what was going to happen, but she lied to herself for as long as she could. Her family loved her, even if she was a disappointment. They would never harm her. Besides, maybe it was just some obscure family ritual? She could smell heavy incense in the air, and her family was all about those occult symbols and such....surely it was just another ritual.

They led her out to the family garden, and then past that towards the Moorhouse Family cemetery. It wasn't until she was halfway to the cemetery itself that she realized something was wrong, but by then her cousins had joined in to help guider her. Everyone had good grip on her and forced her along to an open grave, and her own casket. Once the blindfold was pulled off, she saw it in all of its terrible glory.

The casket was perfectly made, the finest wood money could buy, the family symbol placed on the very center of it, in fine gold and silver highlights. Even the hinges of the thing were made out of shining steel, while the inside was made of soft leather. Her headstone was made of the finest marble, and with her name, birth and deathdate inscribed in yet more gold. As if all the finery would make up for the sacrifice about to be committed.

To her credit, Cassandra didn't go easy. She kicked, she screamed, she bit, she did everything she could to prevent herself from being tossed into her own grave. It did nothing to help, she was sealed inside of her casket. The leather offering her no comfort as it was locked and then lowered down (facing the ground no less) and only barely managed to hear something from her family about punishment, something being rushed, and hoping that Cassie would be accepted.

Once her coffin touched the dirt floor, her family began burying her until she could hear nothing but her own screaming. She screamed until her throat gave out, and she beat and clawed at her coffin until her nails broke off from her fingers. When her energy was spent, she curled up and cried herself to sleep, sucking her bloody thumb and hoping death would be quick, and full of dreams.

She didn't know if she fell asleep, but at a certain point she began drifting in and out and lost track of time, until she heard the knocking. Someone was knocking at the front of her coffin. But how? She was six feet under and the front end of her coffin was facing towards more dirt, not the sky!

The questions only grew in number as she felt her coffin suddenly moved to stand upright and heard more knocking, and a voice.

"If you can hear me, but cannot get out, don't worry, just remain still."

With that, the door was suddenly grabbed and pried open violently, snapping off the bolts and nails used to keep it sealed, revealing....well she wasn't sure what she saw before her. It looked like a person in a mask but...the mask moved like a face. There was life in it. She didn't know how to describe it.

The creature looked at her for a moment before giving a curtsy to her and bowing her head low. With a wave of its hand, Cassie was pulled out of the coffin, as if being pulled by magnetism, her feet dragging along the floor, and her now useless coffin falling back with a hard thud.

"Its about time you arrived, mistress. We have much to do and little time to do it. Weddings wait for no one." It said as it sucked on what looked like a pipe and looked through an empty book, before occasionally looking at her. Something seemed wrong, as it furrowed its brow and let out a smoky huff of frustration through its blue porcelain nose.

"Where is your crown? Matter of fact, where is your mask!? The crown was optional but your mask is....ugh your family are a bunch of idiots aren't they? It was written directly into the deal as part of the ritual." She pulled the pipe from her mouth, embers slipping out past her lips, as she stared off into space.

"As always, Akikimora has to do everything. Don't worry your grace, I will get you a proper mask. Come along, the others are waiting." It said, before taking her bloody hand and clicking its tongue in disappointment at the state of her nails. More embers falling out from the movements of its tongue.

"Might have to throw in some new nails as well. Come along Mistress Cassilda. You're late enough as it is. We need to get you ready before midnight."

"Why?" Cassandra managed to choke out. "What happens at midnight?"

The creature looked at her once more, eyes twitching as if unsure of what to say. "Because that is when the wedding happens, and when you're chosen will take your mask off."

With it now being the time of Halloween and scary monsters. I decided to scratch an itch I have had for a while now. One that keeps coming back to me and I really couldn't ignore any longer.  I desire a tale of a Cosmic Bodice Ripper (term borrowed from Inkidu). A human woman chosen (by destiny, by change, by a debt owed long before even her great grandfather was born) to become the bride of an Eldritch God. Something of phenomenal cosmic power, inhuman mentality, insatiable hunger. To be their chosen mate for all eternity. To share in entropy, creation, pleasure and pain.

Even if it assumes a form that its new bride can handle, it will be more of an avatar designed to make their lover comfortable. They are not human, and have taken steps to ensure their eternal bride will be comfortable for eternity. It should feel like trying to be courted by something like the G-Man in Half Life. Spoilers for HL:A

This is a very complicated (and pretty crazy) idea so if you have questions feel free to ask them.

I have no idea what true form the lover will be, or what its avatar will look like. Those are up for debate with whatever partner is interested in giving this idea a try. Honestly alot of this is up for debate.

If you are interested send me a PM and we can work it out together.