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April 10, 2021, 07:30:39 pm

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Author Topic: Breaking the Brute [MxF (Cis or Trans) MxFuta]  (Read 99 times)

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Breaking the Brute [MxF (Cis or Trans) MxFuta]
« on: October 01, 2020, 10:31:49 pm »
Firstly, I have a lot of rps going (and still have space for more), but because of the overwhelming load of being a dom in almost all of them, I would like to find a woman (trans or cis) or futa character played by a partner who would enjoy writing a dominant role. That said,  none of my men I play or create are the broken and ready slave. They will fight, they are stubborn and they are always tall and in shape - not femboys or weedy nerds, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Secondly, I am a VERY understanding and very busy rp partner. I usually can post almost every week Monday through Thursday. We all have real life: I manage a shop in Covid day,s so my weekends are shot and I often get busy for a few extra days of the week. That being said, I absolutely can post two days a week and often on those two days i can post at least twenty times, given we are both available.

When I get a role, brainstorming is easy, and I often really take off with it. All I need is the first two things described, and the last thing I will say: this is a one-on-one request, meaning we are both building the role. Please don’t do anything you don’t feel up to, and don’t feel pressured to fill a kink you don't feel comfortable with. I’m an adult and I can say no when I don't want to type something, you can too. Please make this role both yours and mine and add or request anything you want to add on.

So with that out of the way let us move on to the outline of my idea and request!

This one is a newish one for me, but I have a soft spot for post-apocalyptic scenes. The world has gone to crap, nukes took out most of the population and only 10% of the world is still alive and kicking. The majority of surviving people are residing in South America, where the targets were fewer. English, Spanish, Portuguese and a small few remnants of French and German are the only real languages left spoken. The scene would start around twenty or more years after the apocalypse.

All walks of life are welcome to this rp, I am just outlining the reality I see for this.

We have rainforests, jungles, high mountains and rocky ranges for our setting. As the world went to shit, no power (and I mean none) is available - or so they thought. The point is the few outside of South America who survived were the string pullers, the uber rich, etc. They reside in unknown locations and can be involved in this, or can be left as a myth/rumor. The end result is that people have gone back to tribal and territorial antics of the old ways. Many of the survivors are in fact blind (sorry loved watching SEE), from being within sight of the nuclear blasts, or radiation poisonings on the borders of the safe zones.

This can open up into so many different things from a realistic way of survival and human instinct in working without modern tech and a stable food supply until a crop or two can be grown. The other route is going down the very scifi ish way of super advanced tech (The behind the scenes survivors who controlled most things, aka super rich, powerful whatever flavor you want) of the unseen group, who are perhaps testing survivors to see where the human race is headed as most of the planet is uninhabitable to humans without some serious lead. We could even go full on fallout style and have mutants start popping up. Again, the possibilities are endless.

As for my character I will be wanting to play a blind tribal warrior type. He will be one who was around when this event took place as a young man, and grew up blind in the jungles/rainforests in a tribal scenario. The majority of them will be blind as the ones who were blinded by the nukes are known as the "witnesses,” and are known for being incredibly territorial and amazing hand to hand fighters despite being blind. There are around 75% of them who are blinded: some younger and very few older trusted sighted people would be allowed in this tribe as well. Their hearing would of course be far more attuned as well as their other senses. This does not mean super human, but with radiation we can again go that route.

Other than that I have a face claim specifically for this rp and yes it is Jason Momoa
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This one is the hot hot hot desired one that would be new for me as well as very enthusiastically desired. That does not mean the other is not at that level, this one is just a craving that has been around for a while.

Far in the future, scifi type, no magic or mutations at all. Simply over the top technological advances beyond current abilities. Now with this many think it limits the scene, but we are talking any kind of tech you want. Nano tech suit that slowly dissolves a body, done, some small pill like chip that when swallowed you can control every part of their body, have fun! Needless to say this is the one that I only have an outline for and would want to build both a character and plot with my partner for this.

The basic story outline would be my character is on some opposing side of yours. Whether it be class, warfare, prisoner experiments whichever we come up they will be rivals. There will be a power struggle whether it be physical, mental, sexual  they will be butting heads. The details I want to build with my partner so that we can build something we both enjoy.

This is the role I would prefer perhaps a futa or trans mtf woman,, perhaps tech enhanced if you want to go that route. Interrogation type of scenes, fights, sexual perversions, and so much more are in store!

In the end this will be a whole lot of plot with a bunch of messed up scenes throughout. I look forward to it! Tech being used against my character from yours would be another wanted scene. Again this one is very raw but I left it that way so that I could build a plot with someone for it.