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Started by HijaDeLaMuerte, September 27, 2020, 03:44:33 PM

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Hey might be a stupid question but I didn't immediately find a solution in the post made for bump policy.

I'm adding some big changes to my post, like added characters and the ideas around them. Am I then allowed to bump my post, or does it bump automatically because I edit something? I just want to make sure before I do anything ^^

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Editing a post will not bump your thread to the top.  You will have to add a new post to your thread to do that.

Substantial changes to your requests should be fine but Staff will make that determination.


That's what I read too, but I'm scared the changes I made might not be 'big' enough?

I'd just like to be sure, I hate breaking rules ^^"
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If the changes you're making to your post are substantial, such as adding in new character concepts and story ideas for them, you can bump that post with the update stating that you added new characters/story ideas. Just editing the post will not bump it, you would need to reply to the post.

If there are no substantial changes, then you can bump the post once a month.

It sounds like what you have would be considered substantial.
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Thank you!!

I think it will then, I changed from 1 character to 4 different ones with info and added more potential love interests!

Thanks for the quick help!
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To make things easy, put a line like 'Added characters: [Name1, Name2, Name3]' and plots [Story1, Story2]' as your update post.
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