Seven Deadly Sins-inspired ideas (sub for Dom)

Started by art3mis, September 27, 2020, 10:16:28 AM

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The Seven Deadly Sins

Aside from my main request post, also have some RP ideas centering around each of the Seven Deadly Sins. Unlike some of my more generic ideas (which can be found above) I'm tried to be more specific in these proposals. That said, I'm always open to modifications to make things work with the right partner, so just PM me and let me know if you are interested.

My Character: A sexually selfish man.
Your Character: A frustrated woman used by him, who also happens to be a witch.
The Sin: Your character has been dating mine for a while, and is sick of him using her to get off without caring at all about her own pleasure. As punishment, you cast a spell that both turns my character into a gorgeous wet-dream of a woman, but makes her constantly horny, unable to say "no" to anything, and totally incapable of ever having an orgasm.

MC: A superficial and haughty trophy-wife.
YC: A wealthy husband sick of his wife blowing his money.
The Sin: In an effort to teach my character the value of a hard-earned dollar, your character forces her to experience the ways other women have to earn money: as a stripper, prostitute, and porn star. This story would involve domination and humiliation, and probably also body modification as my character is made "suitable" for her new careers.

MC: I play a wife who is caught cheating on your character.
YC: A husband with long-simmering anger at his wife who decides to punish her when he discovers her betrayal.
The Sin: As punishment for cheating, your character decides to "ruin" mine for sex forever. This can be pretty extreme, and would likely involve a lot of body modification. Stretching her open permanently would play a big role, as well as things like tattoos and piercings, maybe hypnotism or mind alteration, and basically anything else you can think of that fits the theme.

MC: An unemployed husband who lives a lazy and pampered life and relies on his wife to take care of everything.
YC: The fed-up wife.
The Sin: Your character is sick and tired of my character acting like a helpless infant, and treating her more like his mother than a partner, so decides on the perfect punishment: she will force him into the role of a baby, complete with diaper-wearing, humiliating bondage, and maybe even hypnosis!

MC: A stunningly gorgeous and equally vain supermodel.
YC: A less-successful rival or a scorned lover.
The Sin: Your character grows sick of my character's vanity and arrogance, and decides to teach her humility by turning her into a human pig. This can be accomplished through either magic (actually making her take on pig characteristics) or bondage and force-feeding (restricting her limbs, giving her a pig-tail plug and pig nose, forcing her to gain weight, etc.).

MC: A cocky guy in his 20s, chauvinistic, arrogant, vain, macho.
YC: His girlfriend, who has been dealing with his attitude and his frequent infidelity for long enough.
The Sin: Your character has developed a serious case of "penis envy" in regards to mine. My character thinks that he can basically do whatever he wants to her and to other girls, since he has a large member. He's rough and dominating in the bedroom and either leaves her sore from a marathon fucking or wanting more after selfishly using her, depending on his mood.
One day, your character decides to take control of my character's cock and, in so doing, the relationship. She manages to get him into a chastity belt, and if he ever wants to get released he'll have to start following HER rules. Your character proceeds to enjoy life as the dominant one in the relationship, using strap-ons on my character and forcing him to become the perfect "girlfriend" for her.

My character: A busty, curvy woman who is proud of her body and a bit of a flirt.
Your character: A woman whose husband my character hits on at a company party OR a male coworker my character scorns and rejects romantically.
The Sin: As punishment for my character's infractions, your character places a curse on mine: she will no longer be able to satisfy any of the hungers of her body, and will find herself constantly starving AND aroused, with no way to feel full or to reach a satisfying climax. She'll begin gaining weight while she tries to find some cure for what's wrong with her, and eventually your character can step in offering "relief" but really just locking her up and keeping her fed, teased, and humiliated until she's "learned her lesson."