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September 25, 2021, 01:45:22 am

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Author Topic: Submissive F seeking Dom Futa for romance  (Read 527 times)

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Submissive F seeking Dom Futa for romance
« on: September 26, 2020, 11:09:07 pm »
A little about me :

I got by Lust on here

I've been rping since I was about 13. Adult rp since I was 18 of course.

I consider myself Advenaced literate (I can write pages) and prefer to write with others that are the same.

I love romance.

I'm 28. I go to college full time and double major. I play curvy small girls that are close to my age.

I am also a World Builder and love writing with others where we crate the entire world together.

Fantasy Romance is my favorite. I prefer medieval-style fantasy. Similar to Game of Thrones or the Witcher.

I am submissive in Real life and do like other Women so I prefer to rp with other Women, but I am open to anyone willing to rp a dominant futa.

I prefer the plot to smut ratio being a minimum of 60(plot) to 40(smut). I still enjoy smut but want something with an actual story.

Note: I'm only double spacing on here to make it easier to read on your eyes. I won't rp like this.​

Some Rules:

Where I RP: Currently only taking RPs on Discord so I can create appropriate channels with all the text spots and set up the place. If you need it please message me, I’ll do my best to respond but I occasionally forget to check this site which is why discord is the best to rp/keep up with me on. (I can try to rp on here and am open to it, but please communicate with me through discord.)

No Godmoding: You can pick up my character, hold them down etc. But please don't actually play my Main character. Side characters I wouldn't mind you asking for permission before playing them if I exclusively give them to you, just like I won't ever encroach on your characters.

No Vore or Scat: I will end the RP if this comes up. In no way do I want any sort of bathroom play or Vore in my RPs, Gore is fine.

NSFW Images: Please do not send me NSFW images unless we have a specific channel for such that I agree to.

Posting: I'd prefer a Post a week at a minimum, though when I have more we can definitely bang out a lot of rps at a time if we both online. I prefer my partners can at a minimum reply once a week. If I like you and the rp enough I’ll bug you a lot so please have fun with it!

Paragraphs: Please respond with at least 2-3 paragraphs. Smut scenes 1 paragraph is fine when it gets to a certain point. I do prefer more than that but a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs is fine.

Book Format: Please use the third person book format with grammar and proper punctuation. I get we'll miss stuff, things will be missing so don't worry, but no Text speech. I mean it that I understand. I have dyslexia so I might miss stuff even if I read over my posts before responding.

Communication: Please be able to talk to me at least somewhat on OOC, checking in on each other is fine. My life gets hectic and I'm sure your's does too, our cravings also might change in the middle of an rp, I would like to communicate so we can continue to enjoy each other if we like rping together.

Main Characters: No death or dismemberment of the main characters unless we BOTH agree to it for plot purposes.  Note: This means it’s safe to assume if I stop a post with my character trying to harm herself to get out you can interject and stop her. I’ll also assume, unless we agree ooc, that I’ll be able to the same for your character if your post ends in a similar manner with yc impending death.

Fandoms: These are absolute Nos. I won't build a world based on someone else's work and I won't play premade characters to premade characters. I like original work and original characters.

FaceClaims: This is also a big no to me. I prefer book description then photos. More freedom for both of us to make our characters how we want.

Currently looking for:

I am only looking for FxFuta Rps with Romance Fantasy that are long term and at a minimum 60/50 plot to smut ratio. I'm fine with more story than that but don't want more smut than 40% max. I am wanting to play a Female submissive character x a Dominate Futa character.

If this isn't your cup of tea, thank you, and please move on. I am not currently looking for anything else.

☾ Tall Women 6'+ (I like height differences and enjoy playing smaller characters to taller)
☾ Muscular Women
☾ Small age Gap (I like playing slightly younger characters to my partner. If their age is the same that's fine too)
☾ Golden/Tanned Skin (This is just my preference, I'm flexible with skin color)
☾ Blond/Golden Hair (This also goes under flexibility as I prefer blonds, but I'm completely open to you making the characters yours)
☾ Realistic Characters: Give me characters with flaws, I don't want someone perfect.
☾ Romance
☾ Fantasy
☾ Biting
☾ Hair pulling
☾ Pseudo Fantasy
☾ Spanking
☾ Fighting/Gore (This is more for war scenes and like fighting scenes. I prefer detailed gore, but not gore just to have it without context.)
☾ Dominate Partners
☾ Futas (Of course since this is a Futa partner I'm looking for!)
☾ Large breasts
☾ Large cocks 11"+ or longer and like 3" wide or wider
☾ Power Struggle
☾ Women in charge
☾ Risk of Pregnancy
☾ Description/Detailed Posts (think how George R.R. Martin writes)
☾ Branding/Claiming property over my character
☾ Gore
☾ Creampies
☾ Double Pen, Triple Pen
☾ Anal
☾ Oral
☾ Vaginal
☾ Clothed sex
☾ Excessive cum
☾ Fingering/masturbation to another character

☾ Being an ass - I know it's weird, but I really don't mind if the male character is an ass to mine to begin with and lightens up later on in the story. Make your character however you want I'll go with it.
☾ Imperfections - I love knowing the characters aren't perfect, having scars physically or sad backgrounds makes me get into the story more!
☾ Jealously
☾ Possessiveness
☾ Drama
☾ Conflict
☾ Love Triangles - I like my character being confused and have to deal with the conflict
☾ Latex/tight clothing
☾ Being forced to dress sexy
☾ Collars/chains
☾ Public scenes/humiliation
☾ Punishments
☾ Women in Power
☾ Gangbang
☾ Knife play
☾ Blackmailing
☾ Cheating - it's nice to have in stories for the conflict, but not always needed
☾ Bad Girls
☾ Pregnancy
☾ Tattoos
☾ Stubbornness
☾ Persistence
☾ Marriage <-- It's minor but I like the idea of characters marrying.
☾ Weird Sexual Positions
☾ Spur of the moment sex
☾ Surprise Sex
☾ Comic relief - always fun in a rp!

If something isn't listed here on my On/Offs please ask me about it before assuming I'll be okay with it in the rp! Thanks!

Some Rp Ideas:

Firstly, I'd like to say I am completely open to any Plot ideas you have, or brainstorming together to create a specific type of world.

Secondly, please feel free to give your input on any plots. All of them are left open-ended so there is enough wiggle room for the two of us. Take the plots as basic bones of the story. These will not be the full introductions as I like to be flexible for my partners. (Take these as a soft summary of an introduction)

A door. A Mask. A Guardian.
WARNING!! Please be advised this rp has a cult in it.
Reveal plot
Everyone wants power, true unrivaled power, but very few get that. What if there was something you stumbled on? A door that didn't belong that lead you to an item not meant for human hands? Would you touch? Would you risk the power?

Iveta Vingryte had never thought she had much of a purpose in life, even when she had joined a magical circle to learn magick. Magick hadn't seemed all that it was cracked up to be. Quickly she realized she was trapped inside a cult. Worshipers were mindless. The leader had all the power, but she was still clinging to herself. Desperate to get out, she found herself running in the middle of the night down halls she had seen a million times hoping no one would wake. Left. Right. Left. Left. The doors always looked the same, the halls all the same, but small things gave it away she was on the right track to the exit. A symbol here, a figure there, a smell. She had to be quick to make it out before the leader realized she hadn't been brainwashed like the others. Powerless, fearful, she went down halls she was familiar with, knowing the exit would be there on the next right turn...

Familiar halls greeted her. The exit she had sought was gone. Doors were missing. Iveta Vingryte was confronted with a hall, with a singular door that wasn't a door. Juxtaposed to the white doors and halls she was familiar with was a strange opening that seemed more like rippling water than a door. Shouts sounded behind her, footsteps ringing in her ears. Wearily, she went forward expecting to crash into glass. Instead, she was greeted with the cool feeling of tiles under her feet. Silence consumed her ears. Eyes open. She turned around. The door she had gone through was gone, nowhere to be found. Tile lined everything, even the pillar in the center that held a strange mask. At first, it was just her in the silence with the Mask, her feet hitting the ground, until a mocking voice sounded in her ears. It wasn't human, and it begged her to pick up the mask, to wear it, to gather it's powers. Trapped. No food. No Water. No Exit. All she had was the mask and the voice that threatened she would die if she did not comply.

Reluctantly she donned the mask. The Mask became her skin. It disappeared and the voice only grew stronger. When she opened her eyes, shaking from pain, a door had appeared. Haunting the door stood tall, begging her to enter, but this wasn't the doors she had seen in the cult, and this wasn't the water door she had stepped through. "You must enter. You must find the Guardian and you must survive the Trial. Then and only then will you truly have my power." The voice rang in her swirling head. "Or will you give up? Lifeless? Afraid like all the others of your kind?" The voice mocked her. Annoyed, Iveta found her footing. With all the strength in her, she moved through the unknown door only to witness what laid beyond it, what she needed to face to meet the Guardian and get out alive.

"What happens when I meet the guardian and survive your trial?" She mused.

"You'll see, and so will the Guardian that's been stuck waiting here." The voice laughed. Iveta could only wonder what was happening, but she had no time to think. If she stayed still she might starve. If she didn't find the guardian or failed the trail she might die. Even if she could go back, the cult wasn't safe either. All she could do was move forward.

Sun and Moon.
WARNING!! Please be advised before reading this, this rp does hit on suicide and is not for everyone.
Reveal plot
Anna Livicshki had always been fascinated with the Sun and Moon, more specifically tales around how they were long lost lovers. Her favorite was a tale about how the Sun rose each morning, lighting up the sky with her love to tell the moon she was still waiting, arms open for her return. The moon, like clockwork, would always rise when the sun fell, a silent calming party that never replied. The story had told about how the nights were cold because the moon was missing the sun's warmth, always slightly out of reach of her lover. The stories were never happy. Never a happy solution. Always separated. Always searching for one another.

Older years had never stirred Anna from the stories, trying to find some sort of happy start and ending only to be frustrated. Searching for the tales had become such an obsession her family had often sent her to see someone to talk about the delusions she was having. Not everything was a delusion. Not at first. Or Anna wasn't certain anymore. When she had hit her mid-twenties her dreams had become intense and weird. Things she saw in her dreams, of a land, people she had never seen, magick she had never witnessed anywhere on tv or books was all around her. Every dream had been the same. A recurring nightmare of cold, traveling on foot, alone, whispering over and over a woman's name she had never heard, insisting she had to get back to her at all costs, to feel her warmth. The therapists only put her on pills, thinking it would help still her, her mind would settle and the dreams wouldn't get to her. Even a support animal had been purchased for her to wake her up from the reoccurring nightmare, but Anna had quickly gotten rid of the pet and started to discard the pills. Nothing helped. Each night, Anna learned, something new would present itself to her she hadn't noticed before. Images crept into her head like foreign memories. Arms she had never been in. A laugh she had never heard before. A smile she could only see glimpses of and then the returning cold, the desperate longing to find something she was missing.

On one occasion she had let it slip she had thought they were memories of a past life trying to get through to her. Like the glimpses of the other Woman she was seeing was trying to get her to remember. The therapist had laughed, before telling her parents. Afraid for their daughter's sanity, they had forced her to move back in with them so they could make sure she took the meds, be sure she kept the animal to wake her up. Everyone thought she was insane. Even Anna started to believe so. Unable to separate what was real or not anymore, she gave in to what her family wanted her to be and allowed them to take care of her. In the cover of the darkness with the Moon shining into her room, Anna could voice the thought that continued to plague her. "I swear I'm the moon." She would say to the stars, and when the sun would peek into her room to greet her, she would whisper "I swear you are trying to tell me something. That you can't find me. Am I crazy?"

There was one night the dreams were drastically different. Everything was warm, bright, as if someone else was orchestrating it to relay a message. Anna could see herself in the dream, in her life, jumping to her death, only to transform before she hit the ground and be sprung into the strange land she had dreamed about for years. Nothing was easy to make out, except the woman running towards her bright as the sun, arms open to scoop her up. "My Sun!" Anna could hear herself say.

The dream had played over and over in her head for weeks after. Hours she would sit, staring at the Sun and Moon in silence conflicted by what others told her and what she felt. It only took trying, though Anna was worried about what would happen if she was wrong. Would there be nothing if she ended it all? Was it worth trying to see if she was insane? Several chances had passed her. Her parents had left her alone thinking she was well enough, and Anna was. The dream played in her head and Anna fought with it until one day when she was alone she could no longer take it. It was lucky her family lived on the seventh floor of an apartment complex in the city. A few weeks ago the bars had been removed to her bedroom window when they thought she was fine, and she was. Not having the bars made it easy to open the window, climb on the sill and dangle her feet below. Hesitation took over as she looked up at the Sun beaming overhead. A storm was coming through, making Anna feel as though the Sun was saddened by something. "Don't worry. I'll see you soon." Anna took in a deep breath. "If I'm wrong. I'll be greeted by the cold." A sigh escaped her. "I'd rather know than keep wondering." The words were an admittance to herself as she pushed herself off the sill and tumbled down. Eyes closed as she got closer to the ground, someone screaming rang in her ears, the wind whipped through her hair as she felt the warmth of the sun. For a moment Anna could swear she heard the Sun shouting at her to run and Anna braced for the ground.

"Run! They're coming!" To her surprise, Anna snapped her eyes open. The scene around her was chaotic, but it wasn't the modern world she had come from. This place, the people running and screaming, someone shouting at her to run, it was the place she had been dreaming about for years. Stunned she touched her face, seeing her arms and hands. They looked foreign, the black and white markings mixed with small hints of gold on her body. Anna's head was throbbing. She reached up to touch it, blood dampening her hand as someone gripped her arm. "My lady Moon! We must move to find Sun! Hurry before they find you!" The voice was familiar, yet unfamiliar and Anna winced as she got up. She couldn't remember this life, or what was happening only the strange events of her modern-day life. Yet, the pain from the wound on her head and her sore muscles as she ran felt more real than anything from her modern life. It was like she had finally woken up from a strange dream, but nothing here made sense. "Hurry! the guard sounded as a terrible boom sounded behind her. Yet, she couldn't remember why she was running, only that she had returned to the world she had dreamt about her whole life.

Samhain Taken
WARNING!! This plot employs lots of fighting and Gore.
Reveal plot
Everyone needs a fuck. A day off from the politics of their respective kingdom. Their lords. Their ladies.

Though it's uncommon, there is a place that comes available during Samhain once a year. A door anyone can find, buried in a graveyard under the ground. If you look hard enough you can find it, if you are the right type for this place. If you do, it's where the most vial get their freak on. Where everything illegal is legal, and for a night you can be whoever you want with whoever you want. There is no judgment, even for longtime enemies.

Nia has wanted a day off from court politics for a while. Royal parties do little to ease the mind. It's not like she can share her preferences with the courtiers. Women. Especially women with cocks. It's frowned on where she's from, and women are seen and not heard in the court. Often they are just pretty faces to bed and make children, but Nia is anything but that. While known for her beauty, she's also been known to kill several men in her court for looking at her the wrong way. Ruthless, annoyed with politics and being of higher breed blood, she's ready to blow steam and shed some blood.

Samhain's coming, and when it hits Nia is searching vigorously for the opening. When she finds it, she's ready to go. Everything is strange in this underground place where the magick is thin and those willing from other Kingdom's can mingle. As much as she's wanted to be on the front line shedding blood, she's never been allowed, which means two, no one knows who she is from other Kingdoms, and two...Nia doesn't know what her enemies look like. Though she doesn't try to think too much of that, it does weigh on least until she finds some sort of arena where people compete to the death in a tournament. Excited she moves to sign up. Unfortunately, there is a problem; the tournament is only for pairs...and Nia doesn't have a partner. Until a strange woman nudges her way to Nia side offering to signup with her.
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Re: Submissive F seeking Dom Futa for romance
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2020, 01:08:41 am »
I completely redid this thread and I am bumping it as it has been two months since I last was on here/edited this. 😊