The school heart-throb is a vampire! (Playing Dom M Char for F char)

Started by LamentingQuill, September 26, 2020, 04:22:33 PM

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Once in awhile, I get an itch when I’m down to play a male character without the compromise of doubling up...this is such a time. Unless, of course, my partner wants to double up, I would be down for that as well.

My character is Akihiro. Anyway, here is the pitch:

YC is wealthy young lady of very old money, your noble blood goes back numerous generations… and your father wants to ensure you are prepared to step into the limelight of high society, not to mention running his multi-billion dollar shipping and import businesses, the luxury five star resort in France and the exclusive ‘by invitation only’ spa in Japan…

So he sends you off to the English Countryside…  to the prestigious and world renowned Lorem Academy, a prep boarding school famous for taking high society’s youth and giving them all tools and polishing they need to survive and navigate the dangerous waters that is being of blue blood.

Among the student body is a third year, devastatingly handsome and utterly mesmerizing, his name is Akihiro Amami, in the science department, he is also celebrated among his peers and even the teachers as a brilliant mind. His latest creation is a special scentless, anti-sticky and anti-caking sunscreen designed to flawlessly protect albino skin and individuals with sun allergies… It has been tested and deemed an absolute success.

However… he also has a dark secret… Aki and majority of his closest friends… are all vampires… and the sunscreen, while being truthful about it's benefits to humans... also protects vampires from the sun...

And Aki… has turned his gaze on you...

Reply via PM only and I do require a literate partner capable of at least at the bare minimum, two to three good size paragraphs as a regular posting rate.

It's nothing against others, I just don't find myself drawn into a story with short posts, I find they lack detail and substance. I live for all the good juicy meaty detail and description of a longer post ^.^