Newly crafted worlds for curious souls (Male looking for Female writers)

Started by godfang, September 20, 2020, 09:19:45 AM

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I posted these in the system thread, but I'm also willing to do these as freeform, though I'm particular to the GM role (Which means I'm in charge of the setting to an extent, and in playing most of the side-characters). Without further ado, here are two of my newest offerings.

The Blade Queens of Maroth-Tal

Setting: High Fantasy
Genre: Intrigue, Adventure
Description: If Sauron was hot and horny, and his wives all hate each other

The continent was united at last, as the last battle between the Black Elven Empire and the Stone Lords of the Dwarves ended, so too did the war of immortals. The Black Elf Emperor, Veri'kath, known in the mortal tongue as the lustblade for his endless thirst for more wives to fill his harem, sought to consolidate his power by marrying the daughters of every kingdom under his rule, thus uniting them all.

These women, known as the Blade Queens, found themselves rising up to power, far beyond what they had before the realms were united. Once, they might have ruled over a single kingdom, now, they all rule over the world. Each Blade Queen was given rulership over the Lustblade's domain, and soon they too began to vie for more, each one seeking to rise by scheming and backstabbing. Sex and Deception was their weapon, and the favor of the emperor sitting in the capital was their currency.

You are one of the newer Blade Queen, younger, lovelier, and perhaps more skilled in pleasure than those who came before you. Will you learn to play the game in time? Or will the older queens end your rise before it even began?

The Secret Education of Leonard Easton

Setting: Victorian Era Fantasy
Genre: Slice of Life, Adventure
Description: A smutty hybrid of Penny Dreadful and a Jane Austen novel

Young Leonard Easton is a good suitor for most women. He is caring, comes from a noble family, and is a talented artist to boot. Most women would be happy to have him as their husband, but he made the mistake of falling for Catherine Atterton, a young woman whose engagement was recently dissolved. Catherine is headstrong, beautiful, and well educated for a woman of her time, none of which Fazed lovestruck Leonard.

The trouble then, came from the fact that the Atterton are no ordinary family. They belonged to a secret society of monster hunter, serving the queen herself. Each woman of the Atterton family were trained in swordsmanship since childhood, and are afforded much more freedom than the other women of their era, who were expected to be nothing but a wife and a mother.

Now engaged to an Atterton, Leonard is inducted into the secret society and sent to become the apprentice of Duchess Walters, Catherine's older sister. The Duchess met his future brother in law, and saw a soft, milquetoast (if good natured) man who never once touched a woman before, and feared that he would not be able to make her sister happy.  In comparison, her sister's previous fiancee was a much respected man in the secret society, a legendary demon hunter and conqueror of women.

Truly, the Duchess knew that it was a tall task, but she intended to make a man of gentle Leonard, train him in the business of demon hunting and in the matters of romance so that he would grow to be a man who can keep her youngest sibling happy.

To this end, the woman sought to recruit mentors for Leonard, who would help mold him into the perfect man. You are one such mentor, an old friend of the Duchess who owed her a favor, and she wishes to call upon them.