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August 12, 2022, 07:07:20 am

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Author Topic: FxF - A sexy MILF and her son's shy friend!  (Read 280 times)

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FxF - A sexy MILF and her son's shy friend!
« on: September 16, 2020, 12:31:39 pm »
'Sup, fam? I've got a new RP idea in mind; thought I'd see if anyone was up for it :-)

In this RP, I'd like to see you play an ordinary young woman of upper high school or college age (at least eighteen). She's perhaps a little on the shy side, maybe socially awkward in general or maybe not--but importantly, she's not entirely comfortable with her sexuality. Not that she has anything against sex; she's just never been one of those girls who were totally comfortable in their own skin and could get laid easily whenever they wanted it.

As we enter the story, this girl has recently become friends with a boy in her class, whom I'd write as a mostly secondary character. He's sweet, charming, and seems to genuinely like her despite any social issues she normally has. Perhaps there's some attraction between them that hasn't been acted on yet, if you'd like there to be, or it could be entirely platonic. Regardless, though, she's learned from him that his family's lifestyle is a little...unconventional. His dad died when he was young, and he was raised by his mom alone, an only child. He's been up-front that the two of them are naturists, almost always going naked at home, and often socially with others. On top of that, from some more vague remarks he's made, and how comfortable he seems with the subject of sex and sexuality in general, it seems like his family are pretty open and accepting of such things, with a very liberated, sex-positive attitude.

One day, your character finds herself invited to her new friend's house (if they're in college, we'll say he lives nearby), where she meets his mom for the first time. The friend's mother will be my main character, and almost immediately, it'll be clear how right your girl's mental image of her was. From the fact that she greets your character naked without a shred of embarrassment, to her obvious total comfort with her very active sex life. You can probably guess that there'll be an undeniable attraction between her and your character, hehe.

Anyway, whether before or after the two women act on their chemistry, it becomes clear to my character just how much yours struggles with embracing her own sexuality and feeling comfortable with herself that way. Maybe she senses it on her own, or maybe your character, drawn to mine's liberated attitude, is moved to confide about it. Regardless, my character makes it her mission to help yours learn to love herself and embrace her desires fully. The arc I'd like to play out would focus on that journey of sex-positivity, with my character mentoring yours and helping her learn to open up and be more confident in pursuing the sexual satisfaction she wants out of life. I want to frame this in as positive a way as possible--nothing about your girl being corrupted or degraded. She deserves to get laid if she wants to, why should she be embarrassed about that?

Obviously, I'd like there to be tons of sex between our two main characters, your girl and her friend's mom. Beyond that, though, I'm happy to play other partners as side characters, of whatever sexes you like. My main character is polyamorous, and doesn't go for exclusivity; she'll be all for your gal having fun with whoever else she likes, whenever she likes.

As always, I'd like to play this opposite someone advanced-literate, capable of a couple decent paragraphs per response. And just because the story will have a sexual focus doesn't mean I don't want complex, believable characters. Feelings always make smut better, after all!

If this appeals to you, feel free to shoot me a message, and we can discuss further details :-)