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January 15, 2021, 11:05:10 AM

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Author Topic: Backwater.  (Read 403 times)

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Offline RavenDaasTopic starter

« on: September 15, 2020, 12:47:41 PM »
The character presented and planned here is a bisexual male. Whatever smut that occurs is expected to happen naturally, or not at all. I've no qualms against no actual erotica occurring throughout the story. He is a pretty cute twink though, so, bonus points.

Pulling a U-Turn here from my usual prompts where I play a female lead. With my primary RP being put on hiatus and leaving my current favorite character out to dry for the time being, I'm keen on putting him to use in another person's GMed setting.

For the folk who might've seen my samples in the past-

...You might already be familiar with him. Sylvan, also known as the fellow whom my account name is based off of due to how sweet on him I am. As much as I'm not a big fan of giving away my character's most dirty of secrets and wishes outside of a story, I'm quite comfortable rambling about Sylvan as a concept. Whilst Sylvan Varain - the man whom exists within the universe of Mortal Son - is an incredibly rigidly defined individual with specific goals and interests, Sylvan will be much more 'open to interpretation' as it was in his most contextual of wants.

Disclosure aside, Sylvan is an orderly, talkative fellow who does his best work under pressure. Though within the story I'd like to write about he's raised to the aristocracy as some form of lesser noble, he cares little for the glory of war and the prospect of lordly duties and comes off as being more interested in propping up his government with merchants and moneylenders than his fellow nobiles and gentry. For all intents and purposes, making money and spending money on public works and infrastructure seem to be all that occupies his mind, wheeling and dealing with even as unscrupulous individuals as smugglers to expand the economy, engaging in pirating and raiding on respectable (slave) ships to free those aboard whilst plundering the wealth to be shared.

Enjoying the presence of cats and people of both sexes, his mouth is rarely closed, and as much as he is a smart-ass, he does have a clever, imaginative mind that allows him to think often outside the box and employ unique strategies to get his way; combined with his otherwise charming personality and pleasant appearance, he makes for a competent administrator and lover.  This applies just as well to the battlefield; though he isn't keen on the prospect of the expenses involved raising armies, they have their uses, and he hardly expects his increasingly disenfranchised and ousted nobles to take the change in policy quietly.
Essentially, he's a smart, handsome boy who likes men and women who can hold conversations with him, and happens to be a 'hands-on' ruler.

As for the plot and themes of the story; my wish is that Sylvan be someone of unsubstantial importance to politics, a freedman most likely, a former slave, whom will, within the story, be granted power (through some convention or another) and will gradually, through shrewd decision-making and context, rise to power as his allies and personal growth expand. I'd, at the very least, expect large amounts of attention and time being spent on topics such as economics, trade, domestic and foreign policy, commerce, inflation, warfare and logistics, and all sorts of other things involving the responsibilities of a head of government.
Kinky stuff- I'm into a lot of things. I won't go within screaming distance of non-con, tentacles, animals, children, or a handful of other extreme fetishes. Whilst I don't mind it as a kink, Sylvan will notably not engage in dubious consent.

I do, however, have a great appreciation for spanking, maledom, femdom, impregnation, non-derogatory raceplay, age differences, height differences, bisexual characters, straight characters, redheaded women, anal, sorceresses, intelligent and ambitious characters, good writing, chemistry, and dozens of other things.
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Re: Backwater.
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Re: Backwater.
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