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June 02, 2023, 07:43:39 pm

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Author Topic: The End of Times ~ A New World (M Seeking F) Potential for Extreme themes.  (Read 568 times)

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The world is much as we know now, but held together by a thin thread of balance that is maintained by the twelve principle deities that foster the growth and well being of humanity. They live their lives, serving and worshiping each God and Goddess for their patron realm, hoping to achieve a small glimpse of their warm light and favor.

The Twelve are as such..

The Father of All (Male God)

The Mother of All (Female Goddess)

The God of Battle and Protection (Male God)

The Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy (Female Goddess)

The God of the Forge, Creation, and Magic (Male God)

The Goddess of Love, Lust, Desire, and Nurturing (Female Goddess)

The God of Death and the Underworld (Male God)

The Goddess of the Hunt and Nature (Female God)

The God of Wine (alcohol), Chaos, and Creativity (Male God)

The Goddess of Creatures (animals), The Feast, and Fire (cooking, the hearth, and the home)

The God of Rebirth, Law/Justice (Male God)

The Goddess of Cycles (Day and Night)

These twelve deities are the foundation of all creation, living beings that serve as Kings and Queens of their domains, worshiped by mortals, serving as paragons that all of humanity live by. They have existed for years beyond understanding, engaging in battles, conflicts, and politics between one another for countless years. The result has been much growth, the birth of countless demi-gods, and the furthering of humanity. At one point, many years before modern times, the God of the Forge, Creation, and Magic had been tasked to build many relics to empower and serve each God and Goddess, his brilliance was unparalleled, and yet he was the most unseen and under appreciated by the powerful deities. After he had forged the items his purpose was served, and the other Gods and Goddesses shunned him, for he was the least beautiful and desired among them.. yet he had grown up alongside the beautiful and desirable Goddess of Love. He had wanted her, craved her, but she was promised to the God of Battle and Protection, a union blessed by the Mother and Father.

He opposed this union, and for it he was struck down by the other deities, his territory was ravaged by way and divided among the remaining Gods and Goddesses, and yet he was wise beyond his years and foresaw his own destruction. He had made a pact with the God of Rebirth and the Underworld in exchange for his magical creations, promising that he would one day be reborn into the world, more powerful than before. It has been many millennia since his death, and yet the pact and prophecy came to fruition as he returned to the world (a feat considered impossible by even deities, whose deaths are as real as a mortals when caused by the hands of another god-like being). However, rebirth can be a chaotic and unpredictable thing, and as such he returned as something different, no longer the God of the Forge, Creation, and Magic, but now as a being that ruled over Trickery, Destruction, and Vengeance.

While in his previous life he had been considered unattractive, and lesser when compared to the other gods and goddesses (despite his power and ability), now he was changed. He was strong, beautiful, and alluring, an undeniable force that concerned the Gods and Goddesses that feared change. His first act upon rebirth was to slay his original killer, the God of Battle and Protection (a cruel deity that was despised by many despite his worship) and the arranged husband of the Goddess of Love, whom he had been in love with since the dawn of all creation. His return was a spark of prophecy, calling for great change, good and bad, and a war that would shift the balance of power between the patron and matron deities of the world.

He had but one goal, to upend the current system and lay claim to the Goddess of Love, whom had been the soul object of his desire for longer than he could even fathom. She is a beautiful, undeniable creature that many men had laid down their lives in worship of, dying in battle for her favor, while countless women adorned themselves in vain attempts to garnish a modicum of her natural beauty. She has been bound to the God of Battle for so many years, and while she cared for him, she was always left wanting so much more than he could provide, as his focus was never upon her, but rather his own selfish desires. She knows that this new God, this new adversary seeks her, and yet when they meet she can feel and old pull, a longing for the boy she once knew, but he's different, better, and where once he was hesitant, now he is driven and confident. She is his, and he won't rest until she knows it, until every god, goddess, and mortal knows it.

He has become known simply as the Horned God, a god that has grown from the ashes and built a following of the downtrodden, his power rivaling even that of the Mother and Father. He knows the ins and outs of their most powerful weapons, as the one that forged them before his betrayal, and yet his sole focus is claiming her at last. I see this as a story ripe with dub-con and non-con elements, where he must take her, and show her the rough worship that she's always craved, yet never found fulfilled.

She finds her needs finally met by this new being, and yet she resists it because it defies everything that she has grown to know.

I would very much like to discuss this idea/concept further with the right partner. If this is at all appealing please send me a PM so we can see if we might mesh as writing partners. I am open to any changes, kinks, or whatever that might come to mind.