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August 12, 2022, 10:05:38 pm

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Author Topic: Ex-Slave needs it Rough (F for dom M, DC maybe NC, fantasy)  (Read 809 times)

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Offline ToosabTopic starter

Ex-Slave needs it Rough (F for dom M, DC maybe NC, fantasy)
« on: September 12, 2020, 10:07:14 am »
Hello! I’ll cut straight to the chase:
I’m looking for something quick and dirty, a one-shot where romance and plot can take the backseat for once. The setting would be fantasy-medieval, I’d play a young half-elven woman and am looking for someone to play a male warrior or barbarian to get rough with her.
Interested? Then here for more details:

A 24 year old female half-elf (looks younger than she is though). She is objectively pretty, with a small and slim stature, silver-blonde hair, fair skin, and light grey eyes. However, she used to be a slave and carries multiple scars from that time, most notably a cut just barely grazing her right eye and on her back a large brand as well as the marks of whippings. Despite her almost fragile looks, she's got a fierce personality. A hidden wildcat, basically.

YC: (what I’m generally looking for)
A dominant, large, male brute. Human, maybe a warrior, mercenary, or also someone with a more illegal occupation as long as he’s physically strong. Maybe he’s just returned from a job and hasn’t been with a woman in a while, leaving him starved.

I’m thinking of a situation where MC is looking for help, maybe she wants to travel to another city and needs a bodyguard to protect her from bandits or something like that. She turns to YC and offers him coin, but he makes it clear that he’s more interested in having her. And he is determined to take her, if she wants to or not.
I’m not set on this though, details and other ideas can be discussed. As said before this is supposed to be a one-shot but of course if we really click it can always be turned into a long time rp.
IMPORTANT: I am not looking for a master/slave dynamic despite MC’s background. I’m more interested in exploring how she’ll react when thrust (pun intended) into a situation where she’s getting dominated/forced and her suppressed conditioning starts showing up again.

Please check my O/O list, but here’s what I’m craving specifically for this rp:

- Rough sex. The loud, angry, savage kind
- Size difference
- Aspects of DubCon/NonCon. Intensity can be discussed
- Scratching/biting/bruising/licking/kissing/etc, giving and receiving. All the good stuff
- Foreplay/touching/groping, of the more forceful kind
- Dirty talk
- Dom/sub dynamic, but the sub (MC) won't submit without a fight

Also happy to include:
- Light bondage
- Gangbang? Maybe YC has friends, but this shouldn’t be the focus (at least not in the beginning)

I think that’s all. If you’re interested please send me a PM (ideally with more substance than just “I’m interested”. For example tell me about YC you’re intending to play) :)
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Offline ToosabTopic starter

Re: Ex-Slave needs it Rough (F for dom M, DC maybe NC, fantasy)
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2022, 02:33:41 pm »
Looking again ;)