Trans Boi for partners

Started by dicequeer, September 10, 2020, 02:00:24 AM

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Heyo! I'm hoping to get some more RP partners. I'm happy to RP here, on discord, kik, or wherever you prefer.

I'm a trans man, and like to play the same. I'm open to playing nonbinary characters, and maybe if you are convincing a cis man, but I don't play women. I prefer to play bottoms/subs. If we end up playing multiple characters I wouldn't be against switching that up, but I'd like my main character to be submissive. Here's my F-List if you want to check it out. Currently I'm particularly interested in dub-con, or maybe non-con. I love power dynamics, situations where my character is in a subservient position to yours. Also bonus points for inflation, mpreg, transformation, or anal.

I am willing to do almost any ratio of smut to plot, although I would like there to be some smut. I would prefer people who are looking for something more long term. Not necessarily the same story the whole time, but someone who would like to RP more than just tonight.

I'm also casually interested playing against someone who takes on a more gm style roll.

Some ideas, but I'm super open to anything you want to do.
Patient x Therapist or Doctor
Warlock x Patron
Paladin or Cleric x Deity
Hostage x Pirate Leader
Apprentice x Master
Human x Monsters
Human x Alien
Sugarbaby x Sugardaddy
Gang Member x Cop
Sex Worker x Client
Thrall x Vampire
Second In Command x Leader
Slave x Owner
Mecha x Pilot
New Mecha Pilot x Experienced Pilot

Some more detailed plots.

Second Life
Player x Hacker (Corruption, Virtual Reality, TF)
ln a cyberpunk future, people find way to escape their boring lives. For MC that means playing a sex based MMO. When a veteran player (YC) takes a liking to MC, YC start to give them tasks under the pretense of giving them help in the game. As time goes on the tasks take more and more advantage of MC, becoming addictive and even bleeding over to the real world. Can a relationship form based on deception? What kind of person will MC become?

Punish the Trickster God
Trickster God x Other God (Mpreg, Master/Slave, Humiliation)
MC, a trickster god, took things a step too far and is captured and put on trial. The sentence? Act as the slave of YC, a fellow god for a year. MC expects to be humiliated, but couldn't predict what YC had planned. YC decides MC would make a great incubation chamber. What will happen when the year is up?

Demon in Training
Human x Demon (Training, Exhibitionism, Tetrophillia)
MC died broken, cold, and alone, but they didn't move on like they expected. Instead they caught the attention of YC, the ruler of all succubi and incubi. They decide to train MC to corrupt, corrupting them in the process. What does it look like to train a pleasure demon. What is MC willing to do for the person who saved them?

Doctor Doctor
Doctor x Patient (DubCon, MedFet, Blackmail)
MC comes in to the doctor office with an embarrassing problem, a dildo lost inside them. YC, the doctor agrees to remove it on the condition that MC be a guinea pig their medical experiments. How far will YC take things? Will MC end up enjoying themselves?

Mage Army
Second in Command x Commander (Mpreg, NonCon, Experiments, Sadism)
MC is necromancer recruited to help create an army. Little do they know YC, their commander, has more interest in using their body to birth Monstrosities than using their necromantic abilities. How much does it take to break MC? Will YC focus on their experiments or become fascinated with MC?