New Graphics card or whole new system

Started by Hades, September 08, 2020, 04:15:52 PM

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So, my system is pretty good in most aspects.  It's no where near the top of the performance list anymore, but aside from the graphics card it still handles what I've thrown its way thus far.   The graphics card though...

At this point I'm sure it counts as an antique compared to what's on the market currently, so I would like to upgrade that component alone.  It's a GeForce GT 640 (Oi, stop laughing in the back.  Respect the elderly, and all that).  I can find a 1060 fairly cheap and that would be a sizable upgrade and could handle the games I play currently and what will probably come out for a bit yet.   But I don't want to buy the new card only to find out that it's not compatible and be stuck with it an unable to get a refund because the box has been opened.

Alternatively, I found a pretty beefy system I could buy that would probably serve me for several years to come that isn't stupidly expensive, but obviously a graphics card is cheaper than a whole new system.   Plus being able to just upgrade the graphics means I can avoid giving up my Windows 7 for a bit longer still.


What other components do you have in your computer?
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Do you mind giving out your system specs?

Motherboard, Ram and available slots, CPU, (throw the graphics card back in just to make it complete).

Also what's the price of your new system and its specs compared to the graphical upgrade and its price.
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Trying to look up the information to be able to answer that, I realized that my system was more on it's last legs than I realized at first.  So even if I could have simply switched out the graphics card with no problems, I'd be dealing with antiquated components for awhile.   So it may cost more initially, but I'm going to go ahead and get a new system instead.  That way I shouldn't have to worry about upgrading for some time to come.

As for the new system, the specs for it are:

CPU:  Intel I5-10600K
GPU: RTX 2060 Super
RAM: 16GB DDR4-3200

And that is approximately $1500 US with tax, shipping and 2-year extended warranty thrown in.  Though it will come with Windows 10, so I guess that means I can't avoid it any longer.


Have you looked into possibly building your own?
If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it; there was never anything there in the first place.


I am not a fan of Frankenstein rigs because you will have compatibility issues. It is like replacing a tire one at a time. The PC becomes a money sink and you may as well picked up a new rig.

The new one you listed seemed fair, prebuilts are good if you cannot do it yourself and their warranties are solid since DIY won't come with that outside of individual parts warranty.

There are a lot of good deals right now with a new line of video cards coming out and older cards lowering in price. 


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