MxM Craving Big Booty Muscle Bottoms~ (NSFW links)

Started by CaptainOrange, September 07, 2020, 10:59:38 PM

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Hey there, so I've been on a muscle bottom kick lately and I'd love to get a simple, smutty rp going centered around this. Here are just a couple ideas, but I'm more than happy to hear yours. Also just a quick warning, I'm hoping to find people willing to play furry characters so the refs you'll see here are of furry characters. One more quick note, the refs here aren't set in stone, they're here mainly to show what I'm looking for in the characters.

A Dick for a Raise: I play a new employee at a large corporation who's caught one of the executive's eyes. He invites me into my office and offers me a promotion along with a substantial raise on one very lewd condition. I was thinking this for the boss.

Fucking the Coach: A football team gets a new coach who has some "unorthodox" training methods. While the team is a bit unnerved at first, after they start winning some games they quickly put their doubts out of their minds. I was thinking this for the coach.

Doom Guy the Demon Layer: Very obvious video game rip off, but I think the image fits perfectly with the theme of this ad and it's kinda funny too. Very basic premise, but basically rather than Doom Guy using his huge arsenal of weapons to subdue the demon threat to earth he uses his massive cock instead.

As mentioned before I'm open to entertaining other ideas. As far as kinks go I'd love first and foremost if someone could play a power bottom, these aren't whimpy femboys, so it would be weird for these muscle bottoms to act like they are. Beyond that I'd love to include ass worship, face sitting, rimming, sweat, musk, spanking, anal, and creampies. If this sounds interesting to you please send me a message so we can work out the details.