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Started by Codexa, September 03, 2020, 07:20:49 PM

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Hey! I'm Code, this is my fandom writing center. Please come on in, and feel free to browse! Maye something will catch your eye and we can start an amazing story!

I have another writing area - for more general ideas, it also has more information about me as a writer, and other little tidbits. Here is the link-y.

The List of Fandom-y goodness:

This will be a mix of games, anime, books, and tv-shows.

Pairings without story attached.
These are a general idea on pairings I'd like to explore.

❤️ = Major Craving

My Hero Academia
[Honestly, anything that lets me play a Fem!Deku is ❤️
Female Deku x Katsuki
Female Deku x Shoto
Female Deku x OC

Fruits Basket (2019)
OC x Kyo ❤️
OC x Yuki

Yona of the dawn
Yona x Hak
Yona x Blue Dragon