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Author Topic: Let Me be Your Damsel [F lf M]  (Read 613 times)

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Let Me be Your Damsel [F lf M]
« on: August 27, 2020, 09:39:40 pm »

I don't usually make general request threads, so this is going to be a bit messy and less refined, but I'll just cut to the chase. Below is what I look for in a partner and the plots I'm currently craving as well as some pieces from stories that never ran very long and I'm open to running again. Certain things plot wise I will budge on, my hard NO's and other things I will not. I have no specific smut/story ratio. It happens when it fits the plot and characters, not just to pass time.

Partner Preferences:

Third person, past tense.
Modern day time periods.
Shorter reply time (weekly is preferable, more is a huge bonus.)
I like longer responses. Not novel, just longer. (More than a small paragraph, although I understand sometimes it's not possible.)
No flat out rape or abuse. Kink wise, I'm definitely more vanilla, which is why I don't have an O/O. Wanna know, ask.
For the love of everything holy, do not flirt with me. I'm here to write and make friends, nothing more.

Now! Onto different plots I'm craving, if you've made it this far. They're spoilered because it's a bit long, but I tried to put all the necessary information in to make it easier. I'm in the mood for some damsel in distress type bullshit to add to my collection currently. Feed me the fluff. BUT, I'm usually up for a variety of supernatural plots if they're not super dark, so feel free to come at me with ideas you think I may like. I might be convinced to do a human on human pairing if the plot intrigues me enough.

So this was a plot that was intended to run and never did, so the starter is open to tweaking, but the general concept of the plot is the same. To sum it up quite simply, the character was kidnapped, turned into a lycan with the kidnapper's intention of keeping her as a mate and starting his own pack. I'm looking for someone to play the rescuer, whether they're part of a pack, or a lone lycan, helping her adjust to her new life as something she didn't even know existed.

Stalked in the Night
Time Period: Modern day
Location: A made up place because I'm lazy in this aspect and dislike having to follow the rules of real places.
Theme: Rescue and adjustment.
Smut level: Dependent; likely higher when the in-heat phase comes into play.
Violence level: Likely high at the beginning due to being taken away from a less than pleasant situation.
Fluff level: Feed my soul and its need for fluff when the trust builds up. I'm a sap.


What day was it? What time was it, even? The days had blurred together so quickly she couldn't keep track, locked in a cold room nearly the entire time. It had been dark when he'd come for her, dark enough she never would have seen it coming even if she'd heard him. There had been no chance to fully scream, the hand over her mouth and the terrible smell quickly sending her into unconsciousness. When she next woke it was to cold metal around her wrists and ankles, cutting into her skin when she'd panicked and fought for some time. The laughter, the laughter had been terrifying when her captor finally showed his face, but nothing prepared her for what he had planned next.

A mate. He wanted her for a mate, and nothing she said was going to change his mind. No amount of pleading, of promising to never say a word did anything but make him laugh louder. The chains were never gone for long, just enough for him to wash and clothe her less than gently and put them back on. The longest length of time they were off was the most painful, even without the metal. The pain in her shoulder had been so great she feared she might die, left naked and alone on the floor as her body struggled to adjust.

It was almost like a fever at first, her mind growing fuzzy even as she felt like she was freezing. Then the cold turned to such an intense heat she had sobbed from it, trying desperately to use the cold floor to lower her temperature. The sounds of her bones creaking had nearly made her vomit, and she remembered the victorious laughter that came from her captor when she exploded in a mass of fur on the ground. The day, or days, she wasn't sure, had passed by in a feverish haze. At some point she had regained her human limbs and been put back in chains, her only consolation a barely cooked steak for her newfound hunger.

It quickly became apparent starving would have been the better option, once he made his intent clear. Children, he wanted children from her. Pups, she thought he had called them at some point. It still seemed impossible to believe what had been done to her, but every time he added another bruise to her body and the fangs came out, it became harder and harder to deny. Everything hurt, and after a time she no longer knew if it was from the bruises, the change, or both. Days passed, she had no knowledge of how many, kept in the darkness the entire time. He had fed her, but not nearly enough to allow her the strength to hurt him. The first and only time she had managed to draw blood had been returned quickly, leaving her quite literally licking her wounds to clean the filth from the floor from them.

“Fuck you!” Snarling the words at him, she yanked at the chains even as the bag landed on the floor. She could smell the food inside, snatching it up only to hurl it back at him. “I'm not your pet, and I'm not your broodmare, either!” The outburst had not been taken well, and she was left alone again a short time later, panting on the floor as she curled up and the exhaustion took her over. She didn't know how long she slept for, just that when she woke it was to shouting, instantly waking her and ripping a vicious snarl from her throat. Was someone else there, had he brought someone there to share his prize with?

How to Tame a Wolf

September 23rd

“Get over here!” The man's rough voice reached her ears as she was abruptly woken, blinking several times to try and clear her vision. What time was it? The chains attached to her shackles rattled as she shifted in the corner of the room, amber eyes staring furiously at her captor, at the man who had trapped her. How many days had it been, since she'd smelled her own blood and had metal forced around her neck? How she hadn't seen it coming was infuriating, how she had let her guard down enough to be captured. Year after year she had managed to stay free even without a pack, and that had all come crashing down in the blink of an eye.

Her shoulder still stung, even after the hunter had removed the bullet. He had been smart enough not to leave it in too long for fear of her dying, but the wound had barely begun to heal. The bandaging was poorly done, a patch of gauze slapped over the wound and taped in place just enough to keep it there. He was selling her, after all, so why did it matter the condition of her health? So caught up in her thoughts, the lycan didn't notice he had gotten so close until she was yanked to her feet, a snarl leaving her mouth as her shoulder screamed in protest of the rough motion.

“Shut your mouth, bitch.” She blinked again at the prick of a needle against her neck, pointed ear twitching as she jerked back with a furious expression. Had he just stuck a needle in her neck? “Don't waste your time, wolf. You can't fight with that collar around your neck, and you're going to be feeling really...” His voice seemed to fade away as she stumbled slightly, barely registering the tug on the chains as he pulled her through the building and out to a vehicle. The bastard had drugged her, and she let out a slew of curses as her vision became blurry.

“Get out of the damn car already!” The snap of the man's voice brought her partway back from delirium, and she realized that at some point, they had driven and arrived at a new location. It seemed dark, but she couldn't be sure when her entire world was spinning and she was stumbling over her own feet. She tried to speak, the words coming out in an undecipherable slur as she was yanked forward. There was a new scent in the air that she could just barely pick out, and she realized that she was about to be handed off to someone new. An attempt at a growl rumbled in her chest but never made it past her lips as she was jerked to a stop.

“Your purchase, Sir.” The bulky man holding her captive was handing something over to the other man, the remote thrust through the air before she was shoved forward. “Have fun with her, let me know if you're ever looking for another. I love huntin' them, it was almost pathetic how easy it was to get this one.” He slapped a hand against her shoulder, drawing out a long growl of pain at the impact. “The bullet's out, but make sure it doesn't get infected before you get some use out of her.” Just like that he was gone, leaving her swaying in place as she tried to focus on whoever she had just been given to.

All prompts can be changed for the right idea. I'm not dead set on keeping them exactly as they are

Random Prompt
For looking similar enough to the other race, humans were a species she would never fully understand. Why she still dwelt in this strange realm instead of simply returning home was an ever unsolved mystery. Perhaps it was the lack of close friendships there, her days of traveling many and the fact that she had never quite made herself a true home. Even as the decades passed and she watched her people grow and prosper, no one place had ever been her home. Even as her children grew and created families of their own she continued to move, flitting from place to place with her ever youthful face. Something that humans seemed so envious of, always striving for immortality in one way or another. What would they do with it, should they ever find it within their grasp? Nothing good, likely. They could be such nasty creatures, killing simply for the sake of killing. There was often no rhyme or reason to the deaths, nothing more than showing that they were stronger than others of their own.

It was a pity, really, for a world that had so much to offer. What they could have done to thrive, to better themselves if they had the ability to coexist more peacefully. Yet with every passing year that she spent exploring their world, alternating between the realms before inevitably finding herself drawn back, it was constantly growing darker. The amount of bloodshed she had seen didn't bother her in itself, blood and death was a part of existence. Many times she had stumbled upon corpses lying in the streets of worn down cities, trash littering the sidewalks and windows shattered or boarded up. Humanity was a plague upon itself, and in due time, it would simply disappear as so many species had before.

“Such a pity.” Leaves crunched under her boots as the woman walked, dark hair blowing in the breeze as she navigated the park that spanned acres and disappeared into the wilderness itself. Even humans dared not to go too far into the forest when the sun went down, but she reveled in the smell of the outdoors, the feel of the wind tossing her hair about. Perhaps it was time for a visit home to her own realm soon, but for now, glittering brown eyes observed the world around her as humans went about their evening. The autumn chill had them wrapped in jackets and scarves, small children giggling as they kicked around the swirling leaves and animals scaled the trees they called their home.

The stone sidewalks they had built throughout the nature park had their own aesthetic appeal to the woman, eyes grazing over them before she looked upward and ahead of her. The hill ahead was one of her favorite spots to sit and think as she contemplated both humanity's existence and her reason for remaining in their world more than a few days at a time, and as the sun began to slowly descend she found the sight stunning. For as dark and dismal as their world could be, there were such sights like this that took her breath away. Even the hard wooden bench that she sat on was comforting in its own way, and she simply watched the sun and listened to the sound of the families enjoying each other's company around her. In moments like this, she understood why humanity still existed.

Random Prompt 2
December 12

“Fuck, fuck.” They'd found her again, and she'd been forced to up and run with very little on her person. A small bag with some clothes, hygiene products, and what money she could grab from the safe under the bed. It seemed no matter how far she ran, how she tried to hide, it was never hard for them to sniff her out. After all, how many demon hybrids were running around? She was considered an abomination, a creature that held the strengths of demons but the unpredictability of humans. A stain on the hierarchy that demons were so proud of.

Boots scraped over concrete as Lilanna fled the small apartment, a braid of nearly white hair beating violently against her back as she ran. The street bustled with humans going to work, the sun barely risen and nearly blinding her as her eyes adjusted. Where did she go? Would the city be better, with the smell of humans to blend into, or somewhere that the trees and animals drowned out her smell? Either was a gamble, and so she headed towards the outskirts of the city. There was no telling what awaited her there, but it was a chance she was willing to take.

The sun slowly rose as she ran, how long had she been running for now? Her legs burned with the effort, her bag tucked tightly against her side to keep her few valuables safe. The only benefit of her now abandoned hiding place was how close it was to the edge of the city, which meant she didn't need to run for hours on end. Had that been the case, she would have long since been nothing more than a battered body tossed into the wild.

The snow crunched under her boots as she finally reached the edge of the city, her breath coming out in clouds as she tucked her jacket tighter around herself. While it wasn't thin, it wasn't a winter coat to keep the chill from seeping through the material. Making her way through the trees as she looked around for potential threats, she jumped at the sound of branches snapping.

“Oh, thank god. Thank god.” Paws scrabbled up the trees as a small creature flitted by, and she resumed her walk as she caught the first sight of what looked like a house. A relatively large house, by the looks of it. Catching the faint scent of blood and death in the air, Lilianna looked around for any corpses of animals that would have caused the smell. Nothing. It set her on edge, and the closer to the house she got, the stronger the scent was. Blood, death, and.. Dog? A small hand twisted the handle to the front door, pushing it open and stepping inside.

What greeted her made her gag, a hand slapping over her nose and mouth to dull down the smell. Bodies littered the front room, dried blood caking the floors as she realized it was definitely dog she smelled. More precisely, wolf. She'd stumbled into a den of, literal, bloody werewolves. It was perfect, enough death to cover her scent and allow her to hide for a time.

Stepping over and around the bodies, she made her way up a set of stairs to where the scent wasn't as heavy, several rooms giving her options to set up in. The first room was cluttered, the second clean enough for her to dump her bag on the floor and kick off her boots. Exhaustion set in, the chill deep in her bones as she wrapped herself in the sheets and allowed herself the safety to finally rest properly.

The loud bang startled her from sleep, jerking awake and hitting the floor with a loud thud. With a curse of pain as she rubbed her back and stood, she poked her head out the door with dread settling in her chest. Her heart beat thunderously at the sound of a loud, angry voice, and she made her way to the top of the stairs.

“Oh god. I thought they were all dead.”

Random Prompt 3

Yeah, you'll do. You look exotic, so I'm sure you'll bring in the men.

It wasn't how Naya pictured her first successful interview going, but a job was a job. After the last month, she couldn't afford to be picky. Housing was scarce, and jobs even scarcer. It couldn't be any worse than what she'd been dealing with, although she still wasn't sure just what it was. It had started off only bothersome, the same faces constantly passing her. Easy enough to explain, they were just people that lived in the area. When the stares grew more intense, lingering on her even as she continued to walk, she became more worried.

“You're just paranoid, Naya. They're probably just staring at your ass.”

The few friends she had dismissed it easily enough, too wrapped up in their own mischief to care. It was still a mystery why she kept company with them, and after moving, she couldn't say she much missed them. The longer the trouble had continued, the more she'd begun to think it was because of said friends. They were always getting into trouble, talking to the wrong crowds of people. More than once there had been pounding on her own door, drunk people looking for the others she kept company with.

It seemed plausible enough, and she'd made sure not to say a word about her abrupt move. Her job had been quit on the spot after her latest fright, her small apartment packed up and swiftly moved to the first cheap one she could find. A new city, a new start. Things had to get better from there, right?

Staring in the mirror of the bar bathroom, she wiped a smudge of eyeliner off and fixed her top. One of the downsides to working in a bar was the outfits she was forced to wear. While there technically wasn't a dress code, she was expected to dress provocatively to draw in the customers. Huffing irritably, she tugged the short shirt down as best she could. It did little to cover her exposed abdomen, the single jewel in her navel sparkling under the light.

The jeans weren't much better, hugging her curves snugly as she left the bathroom and returned to the bar. Thankfully, it was almost time to go, and for that she was grateful. Only a few customers remained, and she made quick work of closing out tabs and retrieving her tips for the night. The tips were usually good, especially when she made an effort to bend over or lean across the bar with a smile. The owner had been right, her tanned skin and sharp cheekbones drew in men like flies to honey. She'd quickly learned to use it to her advantage, smiling and laughing even though it never reached green eyes.

“Alright, I'm out of here! I'll see you guys next shift!” Grabbing her jacket and purse from behind the counter, Naya waved absently at the other girls. It was a grumbled response as she slid past the remaining patrons, strolling through the front door and into the dark. Her boots scraped over the wet concrete, the air heavy with the cold of an incoming storm. If she was lucky, the storm would wait until she was home, or at least most of the way.

With a quick look around that showed what appeared to be a mostly empty street, she tucked her purse tightly to her side and began to walk. Despite not being in the new city, in the new job long, she'd been relieved not to see any of the people that had been following her before. It seemed she was finally escaping her troubles, at last.

Shivering as the wind swept around her, she pushed back dark hair that threatened to blind her. “I am so ready to be home.” Exhausted, she yawned and rubbed at her face before picking up pace. The sound of footsteps behind her barely registered at first, and when they did she glanced back. Nothing seemed off at first, a hooded figure walking late at night. It wasn't an unusual sight, especially around the bar, but she kept herself alert regardless. When she veered around a corner and they followed, however, a sense of dread began to creep up. It was far too late, and far too dark for her to be walking alone. At five and a half feet, she wasn't a very large woman, despite knowing how to hit someone just fine. With someone much larger than her, that meant almost nothing.

“Fuck. Fuck.” Unsure of what street she had even turned down, she screeched to a stop at the sight of brick. “Fuck.” While it wasn't quite an alleyway, she found herself squeezed between two buildings with only a small area of which to get through to the other side. Whipping around at the sound of the footsteps growing closer, she pressed herself against the walls and tried to force herself through. Oh god, no. I can't fit. Someone was coming for her, and she'd walked herself right into a literal corner.

“Whoever you are, you'd better back off! I have mace!” Liar.

Random Prompt 4
November 7

“You can't avoid it forever, Astrid. You must form an engagement, and in the end, a marriage. You are a princess, peace must be made.” Making a face at the dark-haired man, she watched him scratch at his beard with a sigh. “I haven't forced you into anything, but it's going to happen sooner or later. You know this. You can't stay single forever.” She made another face, watching her father's twist into an expression of frustration.

“Why not? Can't you just try for another kid? I don't want any of this. I'm barely twenty four.”

“And that's long past the age you should have been married. I've put this off long enough.” Staring at him with narrowed eyes, she let out a huff and turned on her heel.

“I'm getting ready for bed, I don't want to hear anymore of this.” Bare feet pattered along the floors as she left the room, going down the long hallway towards where her own was. The entire situation was ridiculous, but her father was right. Eventually she would have to be married off, and unlikely to someone who would only want her to have their children. It was the modern day, who even did arranged marriages anymore?

Slamming the door to her bedroom, she let out several curses. Pampered her whole life, brought up with the intention of the current situation. No freedom, never allowed to leave the walls of the castle without guards. It wasn't much of a life, and friends were nearly nonexistent. The other women were there to care for her, take care of her every need.

Opening up the dresser drawers, she looked through the clothing. She'd been adamant about choosing and wearing her own clothing, and never budged on the matter. Staring down at the selection, she finally plucked a pair of black shorts and changed into them. They were comfortable, and served well for allowing her to breathe, to sleep without overheating from the warming stones. A matching T-shirt went over her head before she crawled under the covers, getting comfortable before closing her eyes. Exhausted from the long argument with her father, from the constant back and forth, she quickly fell into sleep.

She woke with a start to the sound of footsteps pounding around the castle, yelling and curses echoing off the walls. Throwing the covers back and rushing to the door, she cracked it open only to quickly pull it closed. Someone was in the castle, and they weren't friendly. Scrambling across the room, she searched for somewhere to hide. Regardless of who they were there for, she didn't want to get caught in the middle of it. She had no knowledge of how to fight, how to defend herself against enemies. That had always been left up to the guards, and left her quite defenseless in the absence of them.

“No, no, no.” Looking wildly around the room, she nearly thought to run for the closet, and had barely reached it when the door thudded open. Whipping around, she stared with wide blue eyes at the person that stood there. The blood that dripped down the dark armor sent panic racing through her, and she backed against the closet door with a look of complete terror etched across her face.

“Are you here to kill me?” Where were her parents? Where were the guards? How had an enemy been allowed to get so far through the castle and to her room?

Random Prompt 5
July 12

“Are you gonna take this shot with me, or what? You've been staring at that pool table for the last couple of minutes.” Green eyes stared from underneath a mane of dark hair, focusing on the irritated red head seated beside her. Her head turned to look down at the bar counter, staring at the four shot glasses lined up.

“Two more? Ash, I've already had.. Uh, how many have I had?” The other woman shrugged, brown eyes hazy as she handed over a shot.

“Just take the damn shot, Naya.” Rolling her eyes at the demanding tone of her friend, she tipped back the small glass and downed the dark liquor. With a wince at the burn that worked down her throat, she knocked back the second before any more demands were made.

“There, happy?” Setting it down with a thud, Naya slid from the bar stool and stretched. Tugging her jacket from the back of it, she fixed the jean shorts and wore and settled back on the ground. “It's bad enough you talked me into wearing this,” She waved a hand at the black tank top she wore, cutting off well above her navel to display the glittering jewel there. “When I would have been perfectly content with a shirt. But no, you wanted me to dress up.”

“Hey, I wanted to talk you into a dress like I have.” Grinning drunkenly, the red head waved a hand at her own black mini dress, heels clicking along the floor as she nearly stumbled out of her seat. Naya groaned, her boots scuffing along the floor as she aided her friend towards the pool table.

“One round, then I'm getting your drunk ass home.”

“Says the equally drunk woman.”

“Hush your mouth, woman.” Frowning as she managed to get the heel clad woman to the pool table, she tossed her jacket on a nearby jacket and inserted the necessary quarters to retrieve the balls and place them on the table. “At least I was smart enough to wear boots that stop at my ankles and not those ridiculously tall heels.” Watching her friend brace herself unsteadily on the table, Naya handed her a pool cue and set up the balls before taking her first shot.

“I'm gonna kick your ass at this, you know that? Especially with how hammered you are.” Not that she was much better off, but she was neither slurring or stumbling. “You know what, you're calling your boyfriend after this game to pick you up, I'm not walking you home and walking myself home. Idiot.” Just as she'd said, it was a quick game that she won, the cue propped against the wall as she smirked victoriously.

“I told you I'd—What the hell?!” Jumping at the hand that hit her on the ass, hard, she spun around with a sound not unlike a growl. “Seriously, dude? Do I look like I want you touching me?” The man was much taller than her height of five feet and three inches, towering over her as he grinned..

“Dressed like that? Yeah, you do.”

“Oh boy.” She could hear Ash muttering in the background, her own pool cue clattering to the ground as she nearly fell over herself trying to grab at Naya. “Naya, don't—Oh, here we go.” There came a groan that was drowned out by an unhappy grunt of pain, a fist swinging out to connect squarely with the man's nose. Naya yelped as pain spread through her hand, the knuckles coming away bloody before she grinned wide.

“That's what you get for grabbing a girl's ass without permission!” Seeming rather satisfied with herself as she stepped back, she rubbed at her sore knuckles. The skin hadn't been broken, but they'd surely be bruised from their contact with the hard cartilage. “Come on Ash—Oh shit, is that their piss poor excuse for security?” Though the bar was neither small nor large, there was only the minor security of one man to keep things in check, a rather tall and broad chested one that was already making his way over. “Ash, back door?” Seeing how unsteady her friend was on her feet, she realized she wasn't going anywhere, and resigned herself to the fate of being thrown out. Or.. She could bolt, and make a call to the drunk woman's boyfriend to pick her up. Eyes flickering between security and the door, she fell into an internal debate.

Random Prompt 6

October 2nd ; lunch time

“Excuse me? Who is back in town?” Snarling the words, one red skinned woman spun on the other. “What, he thinks he can just disappear for, what, two months, three months? Some shit like that, and I can't even get a hold of him! Now he's just going to waltz back in like it's nothing. Oh, I swear.”

“Kida, calm down. He probably just got a new phone number or something, it's not that serious.” Huffing angrily, gold eyes stared at the other woman before she waved her away.

“Thanks for telling me. Now get the hell out of my house, I have things to do.” With a shake of her head the other woman complied, padding out of the house and leaving Kida alone. Her foot connected angrily with the wall, leaving a small dent as she stormed up to her bedroom. The door hit the wall with a thud as she shoved it open, staring in the mirror.

With a shake of her head, she fixed the near waist length black hair into a raised ponytail and patted at it before yanking on clothes. A pair of jeans and a black sweater later, she was pulling on her boots and heavy jacket before snatching up a small paper and leaving the house. The snow hadn't fallen yet but the winds were cold, and she stalked down the street sniffing the air. Oh, he was in for a rude awakening, the brat.

“I swear to High Heaven and Hell, you are in for it, Chester.” Faint as it was, his scent was in the direction of the diner he'd apparently been seen at more than once, and she made the walk several blocks away before pausing. There he was; sitting so casually inside as if he'd lived in the town his entire life without leaving. With a huff as she shoved open the door, Kida ignored the greeting from one of the workers and stormed through until she'd reached his table. Wordlessly, she stared down at him before slamming the small paper down on the table. It was black and white, a date and her name at the top to clarify it belonged to her. More importantly though, was the ultrasound inside the square, an arrow pointing to the small circle that indicated an early pregnancy.

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