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February 27, 2021, 04:19:07 am

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Author Topic: (F for M or F) Mass Effect / DA: Inquisition Cravings and others  (Read 417 times)

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Online RayneTopic starter

Taking a break from my normal supernatural/ fantasy elements games to come in with a request for a specific nature of game. All of the plot ideas below specifically revolve around Dom/sub relationship dynamics, as I currently want to play heavily with those themes.

First up- Logistics
I prefer to write on forums, but can entertain PMs. I do not write over Discord.
I love descriptive writing- I tend to write anywhere from 2 to 5 paragraphs (200-900 words).
I prefer male character partners, but am open to all genders and will play opposite a female domme if their writing strikes me.
I do intend to play the submissive in all these cases.
Leaning 70-30 ratio between smut and plot if I had to guess, though also open to a slow tease and build on the plot.
I tend to reply at least once a week, if not daily.

The Plots

Giving the Commander a Break -
Mass Effect

Commander Shepard has been through a stressful few years, saving the galaxy time and again. She leads her crew with both kindness and strength, never showing weakness and always allowing her crew to come to her with their personal problems and issues. But the Reaper threat is too much for any one person, and as the fate of the galaxy looks grim the commander is under stress like never before. She keeps it hidden away and under control, she has to. Or at least so she thinks. But one of her crew takes notice and offers some ways they know of to bring her relief. The story will be a mix of romantic and kink, but can also include them going out on missions and some plot.
Kinks to include: Bondage, possible pain play, semi-public scenes, interesting play with Biotic powers.
Partners I'd play against: Garrus, Kaidan, Jack, Thane, OC

Dragon Age Inquisition
Same idea as above but specifically with the female (elven mage) Inquisitor and Iron Bull.

In both I see the commander/ inquisitor being kind of a brat and stubborn. So a push and pull of control from time to time, but in truth she loves being tamed or overcome.

The Haunted Mansion
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Every town has that house, the one they tell stories about. The house where things go bump in the night, somebody was killed years ago, or the owner never shows his face and just seems strange. Well, in this town, the mansion on the hill has been dark and shuttered for years. Weeds grow with abandon, and nobody dares enter. However, the tales that do drift out of that house are a little unusual from the normal lot... stories of a ghost that likes to grope and tease any woman that enters the house, or the room in the basement filled not with torture devices persay... but old time items of bondage and pleasure. One story tells of an old doctor from the 1800s that used to live there, who worked to cure female 'hysteria' back when the solution was bringing them to orgasm. Yes, very strange stories indeed... but are any true? My character decides one night on a dare to go up there and find out.

Female elf princess x orc body guard (futa female or male) : pretty simple game between a naive elven princess and a relationship that develops with her orc body guard they try to keep secret, even as her body guard slowly coaxed her into more and more risqué and kinky situations and acts. (bondage, piercings, size play, d/s, semi public)

Her Dark Savior 
Content: supernatural/ aphrodisiacs, heat/ vampires, bondage to extreme

Scenario: My character is walking home late at night down an empty city street when she is attacked by somebody mugging her. Your character, a vampire, swoops in to save her and upon finding her injured even allows her to drink some of his blood to heal her. Of course this has side effects, increasing her senses and her libido. Taking her home or to a nearby hotel they then spend the night together in sexual passion.

Setting: Supernatural modern city.

Requirements: A dom partner to play the vampire.

The Torture Island (Originally created by TheEnglishMaster)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
On this island the rich and powerful get to control and own sexual slaves. They use them as they please, train them to their desires, display and show them off to others in their social circles, and the slaves reflect upon their masters like a status symbol. These slaves might need the money or might just enjoy the experience, but each pairing is organized through extensive interviewing and matching algorithms to ensure the best pairings are made for both master and slave. The arrangement is for as long as the pair agrees.
In this rp I envision my character is a young woman looking from a break from her normal life. She doesn't do this out of desperation, but fascination and curiosity. After several interviews she is paired with your character, a man that may or may not be experienced with this island and being a master, but he's always dreamed of this, and his desires can run harsh and intense from time to time. But that's ok, because as she begins to discover, she not only doesn't mind, but finds she loves it. Its an experience of discovery for the both of them.
You can view the original plot here. This was my favorite rp I've done in a while and I would love to run it again. The exploration of pain, submission, and dark desires on an island where master and slave roles have been embraced by those who choose to visit this place. Everything about it should be non-con, but it isn't.


Office Romance
She is the stern, serious business woman, one of the most successful in the firm, completely dedicated to her work. Maybe some people say she's an ice queen, even a bit of a bitch. He might be another partner in the firm, or even from another company and they just work in the same industry and run into each other a lot. Or perhaps he's the new up and coming stud who knows how to climb his way to the top. Either way, after several encounters between them perhaps a drink too many or a late night working leads to the beginning of a spark between them, then swiftly something much more. And she discovers there's a lot more to him than meets the eye.
I see her being rather naive and green in this one, more training dynamics.
Kinks: Bondage, lingerie, toys, office scenes.

Just a Weekend...
My character is down on her luck. Maybe she's a college student who can't make ends meet, or she's recently lost her job and needs some money to pay bills. That's when she ends up seeing an ad online, a man (or group of men) going on a vacation get away that want to hire a prostitute for the length of the weekend. One to serve every sexual whim and desire of the men requested, to wear little or no clothes during the weekend, etc. The pay is so good, and its just a weekend, it might even be fun to do something so daring and so bold. And it does look like a gorgeous vacation home... Of course while she reads and agreed to the fine print including several kinks, she doesn't realize just what she's signed up for.

Also open to recommendations in this genre- as long as its not incest.
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Online RayneTopic starter

Re: (sub F for dom F or M) Strong BDSM D/s Dynamic craving
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2020, 08:02:57 pm »
Both vanilla plots are taken at this point and otherwise full up, but will make a special exception if anybody still has an interest in Mass Effect or Dragon Age (100% Craving Dragon age right)

Online RayneTopic starter

Re: (sub F for dom F or M) Mass Effect / DA: Inquisition Cravings
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2020, 08:42:50 pm »
Added two plots, removed two- though still craving the Mass Effect and DA:I plots the most.

Online RayneTopic starter

Re: (sub F for dom F or M) Mass Effect / DA: Inquisition Cravings
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2020, 12:29:55 pm »
Added haunted house and elf princess plots.