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June 24, 2022, 06:06:01 pm

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Author Topic: The Original Bride's Secret (Master/slave, all welcome)  (Read 403 times)

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The Original Bride's Secret (Master/slave, all welcome)
« on: August 25, 2020, 07:47:21 am »
Standard Disclaimer

The gender of the player and that of the character bears no relation to the other. It is completely irrelevant to me if you are a male wanting to play a female, a female wanting to play a male or a wolf wearing a sheep skin suit to dinner. If you are willing to engage and invest in creating a story that both of us would enjoy writing, then I'm thrilled to write with you!

They were newlyweds; a  young couple only 4 months into their new life together when Emily sat down with her new husband. Rob, the light of her life , gave her a concerned expression and reached out to cover her hand with his; Concerned because she couldn't seem to meet his eyes, "What's wrong, Sweetheart?" he asked reflexively at her apparent distress.

Emily swallowed and turned her palm up to hold his hand; she tried to meet his eyes and failed to do it. "Honey... I need to talk to you about... something." she started out slowly, hesitantly; as if she were crossing a dark room filled with shattered glass that was scattered across the floor.

Rob's expression grew more concerned as he lightly squeezed her her hand in reassurance, "What's wrong Baby? Surely it can't be all that bad." His tone reassuring as he watched her slumped head; they had rarely disagreed, much less faught, so he was doublely concerned when she only glanced up to gaze into his eyes for a moment.

Emily closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "There's something that I've never told youHoney , that you don't know about me... something that I thought was over and done with... forever." She opened her eyes and forced herself to look into the eyes of the man that she loved with everything in her, "Another man owns me." she said in a quick exhalation of air... maybe if she got it out, it wouldn't hurt as much; like yanking a bandage off... Nope, still hurt like hell, she thought and bit her full lower lip in obvious anxiety

Rob's confusion showed in his eyes as he searched hers for the explanation that he needed at that moment, "I don't understand Sweetheart, What do you mean by... owns you?"

Her eyes dropped to look at the floor, her cheeks reddening in shame, "When I was 18, I met someone... he was older and charming...intelligent... and I... became involved with him; in a way, I loved him deeply." She sighed softly, "I signed a contract and became his slave; his property." She forced herself to look up again and met his eyes as a tear rolled down her cheek, " when I went to university, I thought that it was over... a little adventure that I would look back upon and say, 'Gee, was I wild or what!' but when I came home for vacation or holidays, he was always there." She sniffled softly and another tear trailed down her cheek, "Then, I met you. When we met again, I told him that I was in love, that I couldn't do that anymore..." She couldn't tell him that it had been after his hands; after he had made her climax several times. "he told me that I was free to love whoever I wanted to."

Rob's expression grew more confused, the admition that she had loved another man didn't settle very well in his heart; slowly, his expression grew from confusion to reassuring again, , "That's in the past Darling, it's not important to what we share now." He gave her a loving smiile, "I don't care about what happened in the past, my sweet Emily."

Emily shook her head in abject misery as she spoke again, "No, Rob, it's not in the past. Master found me this morning... He has ordered- required that I return to him, to that life again." Once again, her eyes dropped so that he couldn't see her thoughts behind them, "I can't disobey him; can't refuse Master's command. If I don't return to him soon, we- our-  lives will suffer...our family will suffer for my refusal." She looked up again, her tear stained eyes met his, "I love you with all my heart Rob ... but He could nullify our marriage, take me away forever..". Her voice dropped to nearly a whisper, "All he would have to do is call the police and they would have to come and take me to him." She closed her eyes then as she continued, "and I know if he did that, we would never see each other again."

Rob's sudden  rage built faster than his eyebrows could slam down in anger, "That's horseshit,Baby. we'll call the FBI or something, charge him with something-"

Emily shook her head more frantically, fear flowing across her features with a rush of color, "No Rob, He knows... thingsabout me- about us. Master can hurt us in ways that you couldn't imagine; I know he can if I don't go to him." She covered her face with her hands, "I have to go to him... He requires my presence every weekend... you can have me the rest of the time... if you want a weekend, then he takes 3 days during the week." She was openly crying by that point, "Master is a very powerful man and he can take everything from us."

Rob shook his head slowly in shock, "What will he make you do?"

Emily let her hands drop to look at him again, "Whatever he wants Honey.... anything he wants." she whispered, as if he might hear it even then; hear the tremmer in her voice that was excitement at that mere thought.

"But-" Rob started to reply as he searched his mind for options, some way to get out of this  situation; he wasn't going to let another man abuse his wife without one hell of a fight! He started to speak again-

Emily touched his lips with a fingertip, "You don't want to know what I've had to do, Sweetheart... I see the anger inside of you... I know what this is doing to you... to us." She tried to give him a weak smile before she continued, "please trust me, Honey, the contract is binding; All that you could do is make it worse on me. On the bright side, Master won't try to make any alterations to my body, but he can do whatever he wants with me... I'm sorry Honey." she wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his shoulder, "Please don't hate me!" she whispered in a broken sobs. She couldn't force out the rest of the sentence; 'for wanting it, for wanting what Master did to her.'.

Well, that's it in a nutshell. In a slightly altered reality  to our own, , the world is very much like what we know of as reality; with one major difference. That difference being that, under certain circomstances, slavery is legal and while not common, it's not so uncommon that you wouldn't see a slave collar once in a while.

Slaves, while they can work and earn an income, cannot own property of any kind and their income is paid directly to the owner to be used for the needs of the slave. The owner, in fact, has a legally enforceable responsibility to see to the care and needs of the slave upto and including providing higher education, transportation and housing in a form that is conducive to the slaves ability to serve and safe for a satisfactory quality of life. . So, owning a slave is a significant financial burdon.

There are only a few ways that an individual may find themselves enslaved and all are, in some form, voluntary.

1. A person convicted of a non-violent crime that would require no less than 1 year of imprisonment may be offered enslavement as an alternative to prison; the duration of the enslavement is slightly longer than the prison term that would of been issued. In these cases, the owner is required to see that the slave is taught a vocation and at the end of their term, provided some minimal means of support to reestablish him/herself in the free world. All records are cleansed of the crime committed. The slave, however, may be required to perform task that may range from manual labor to escort and adult entertainment. The slave has no say in what he or she will be required to do and escaped slaves immediately go to prison for an extended sentence on top of the original.
2. Enslavement may be offered to inmates already serving a prison term if the inmate meets the minimal requirements issued by the state. The remainder of their sentence, up to life, is commuted to a slave's status. These slaves usually find themselves performing a multitude of task from janitorial to teaching or even law clerks, dependent upon their skill sets. The Owner does not have to provide support at the end of their terms.
3. A person of legal age may voluntarily enter into slavery for terms that range from as little as 48 hours to a lifetime commitment. These slaves have the most freedom and may pursue any area of training or profession that the owner and slave agrees to. The slave often lives in some luxury within their owner's home. In exchange for giving up their rights as a human, they receive  a significant number of opportunities, but are often employed as sex-slaves. At the end of their term, the owner is required to see that the slave is capable of providing for him/herself and has a place to live that meets state regulated requirements. These slaves have the most latitude in their contracts, often detailing in some form what may, or may not be done with them at the time of enslavement.

There are other less common forms, but these are the most common forms that are used.

So, what am I looking for in this story concept. Well, yeah, smut will occur, and there will likely be a high number of kinks/fetishes included. But, there is a real story under all of that; the story of Emily, Rob and her Master who are all trying to make their intertwined lives work. Emily wants the life she's built with her husband, but a part of her craves what her Master provides and may, deep in her heart, find that it was the life that she was meant to live. Rob wants to believe, even as evidence mounts, that his wife is doing it against her will and tries to keep the marriage together while she flails helplessly between worlds. Master wants Emily, plain and simple. He owns her and while he is willing to share her, his ultimate goals are his own and he plays a game for the long term. Time will be spent with both men and how they all interact together will be an important part of the story. How does she deal with the guilt of being with not just another man, but potentially many men while her husband sits at home worrying about her? Will Rob figure out that she wants what she has with Master and how will that effect their marriage? Will Master have to follow through with a threat to dissolve the marriage and force her into his bed full time? Many more questions wait to be discovered and written about.

What I'm not looking for is a story that focuses on discipline/punishment or a constant fight of dominance over a suddenly willful slave. I'm not interested in a focus on whips, flogs, canes or other forms of pain for the sake of pain. They may appear occasionally, but it's not going to be a focus. Finally, I don't want a partner who only wants to write about how horrible her life is, acts like a doormat and just has constant fucking. The background of Emily is totally open to discussion and development, as is the story as a whole.

There will have to be a discussion concerning what kinks/fetishes that can occur, as well as some discussion on the storyline itself. There some minimal kinks/fetishes that will be included and that I'm going to require. They are:

Anal, light bondage, breast/nipple play, Multiple/double Penetrations, exhibitionism, Forced Nudity, humiliation, oral, public scenes, Throat Fucking, Tit Fucking, vaginal, and others that my partner and I may wish to include. My list of O/O's can be found in my signature.

So, anyone interested? Drop me a PM, please do not post in this thread.