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June 29, 2022, 10:48:41 am

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Author Topic: HazySky's Special Selection Box.  (Read 374 times)

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HazySky's Special Selection Box.
« on: August 19, 2020, 04:57:25 am »

Skyre's Special Selection Box

Hey there, I am Skyre and I have been telling stories, writing and roleplaying for as long as I can remember. Thank you for taking the time to look at my little thread. I've tried to keep everything short and sweet. If you have questions, then please do ask away. 

Broadly speaking, what I'm looking for is also what I hope I can offer you. I like to really collaborate with my partners. I like to build characters, plots and worlds with them. I like to chat on the side a bit as we write and I've made a few friends here over the years, which is always nice. I hope that my writing is detailed, well written and clear and that my characters are interesting and varied. These are the things that I also look for in a partner. Please do feel free to look at my existing posts if you want to get a feel for my writing.

My preferences can be found here and are a good general guide to my interests, but should not be considered absolutely accurate. I'm human and my interests and whims change over time.I do generally prefer my writing partner to be the same gender as their character, but I am starting to explore characters of different genders myself.
If you're not sure about something, please feel free to ask me.

Story ideas.
I've have a dedicated thread that lists all my story concepts, which can be found here but there are close to forty of those and I thought it might be helpful to pick out the five or six of those that are particularly appealing to me at the moment. I've given a short summary of anything in particular that I'm looking for and if that peaks your interest, then there's a rough plot idea hidden away. If anything grabs your attention please send me a PM. I'd love to talk about it with you.

A shadow in the desert - his old life has been burned away by the heat of the sand.
What I'm looking for: A contrast between a knight and the woman who saves him from the desert
Show me more please...

A shadow in the desert
Plot: I'm interested in exploring a relationship and possible romance between a Crusader of one of the knightly orders who becomes lost in the desert, and a local Arab or Bedouin woman who finds him and saves his life. His old world is gone never to be returned to. How will he adapt to his new world as a servant or slave? Will his faith and belief endure? What about his vows of honour and chastity?

Crossing the front line - A romance story set during the Korean or Vietnam War.
What I'm looking for: A romance between a US soldier and a Vietnamese citizen set during the war.
Show me more please...

Crossing the front line.
Plot: I'm interested in a story of a romance between a US serviceman or woman and a Vietnamese or Korean citizen, soldier or guerrilla fighter. How does it start? How does it develop? How does it survive the prejudices of both sides? How does it survive the end of the war? I think this could be a fascinating story to play out.

Step right in - A tumultuous and possibly forbidden relationship
What I'm looking for: A love/hate relationship involving a strong age contrast and a forbidden element it. 
Show me more please...

Step right in
Plot: A man returns to his home to find his wife has run off with his best friend and abandoned her seventeen or eighteen year old step daughter. His relationship with the daughter has never been great and she has always been a troublesome teenager. How will it change now her mother has gone? Will she finally calm down and start to behave and show him some respect? Will she try to take advantage of the situation and his emotional turmoil? What will he see when he looks at her? A young woman becoming independent and starting to find her own way in the world or the face and body of her mother?

Mail Order Bride - a story based around size difference.
What I'm looking for: I'm always fascinated by a strong contrast of size and race. Go ahead and tempt me...
Show me more please...

Mail order bride
Plot::Are you lonely? No girlfriend to provide that essential companionship you crave? Well look no further! Order your bride today! Pick up that phone and get your Mail Order Bride! Free next day delivery and satisfaction guaranteed! Remember by law a mail order bride is for life and not just for Christmas! Terms and conditions apply. By accepting a delivery you are legally accepting ownership of the enclosed bride.

Death March. – The world and their wounds will kill them if they don’t kill each other first.
What I'm looking for:  Two characters whose natural inclination would be to kill each other on sight are instead forced to work together to survive by a brutal world.
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Plot: Death March. In the aftermath of a violent battle two spaceships crash on a barren and hostile planet. Two crew members from those ships are the sole survivors. Both of them are injured. Neither of them can survive without the help of the other. Their only hope is an abandoned monitoring station many miles away. Will they survive? Will they learn to live with each other? Will they become friends, lovers even? I really want to turn up the emotions in this story. I want the characters to start from a point of mutual loathing and suspicion and see if that changes over time.

Impulse Purchase - a master/slave story.
What I'm looking for: How the relationship between a (hopefully feisty and troublesome) slave and new, inexperienced master develops and changes after he makes an impulsive purchase.
Show me more please...

Impulse purchase
Plot: In a world where slavery is still a normal part of society, a man who would never normally visit a slave auction finds himself there and against his better judgement ends up bidding upon the final lot of the day. Against his expectations his bid is successful and he finds himself the owner of a female slave. She is both is his property and his responsibility. How will their relationship develop? Will he be a kind master or will she force his hand in order to accept his right to control her? Will she submit willingly or unwillingly to him? How will they both be changed by a moment of impulse?

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