Only she can save the world, but...

Started by DreadD, March 14, 2009, 04:46:16 AM

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She was born a he, much to the distress of the powers that be.  Not that they are incapable of fixing this, but how well... He adjusts to being her remains to be seen.

The basic idea is simple, the powers that be have a chosen hero, who proves to be of the wrong gender, so, while the world needs saving, they simply change the person's gender.  I intend to run 'the world,' the powers that be, and so on, I'm looking for a, ah... Victim, as it were, to be chosen as hero.  If desired, this could be a rather campy mix of magical girl/hentai if desired, or it could played straighter, and less... Humorously, where, aside from saving the world with divine powers, 'she' has to cope with the fact that, although her gender was changed, she's remained 'straight.'   That is to say, while she was attracted to girls as a man, she finds, suddenly, that men are attractive...

Either way I think there's fun to be had.  Any takers?


Hmmm...So a guy who, to his chagrin, transforms into a hot, Escalayer-esque magical girl? Sign me up! Just tell me that there will be plenty of things to take advantage of our hapless hero/ine...^_^