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October 23, 2020, 06:31:34 AM

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Author Topic: Space/Sci Fi, M/F, F/F, M/trap or femboy  (Read 205 times)

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Space/Sci Fi, M/F, F/F, M/trap or femboy
« on: August 13, 2020, 03:37:34 PM »
I'm in the mood for some sci-fi, grounded in more hard sci fi like the Classic Traveler game, David Weber/Steve White's Stars at War series, or the Alien or Bladerunner style, basically future Earth, Empire of Man through the stars type game. I've got a few scenarios that could work, but am open to hearing others as well. My O/O are in my signature for your perusal.

Here's a brief blurb for historical purposes for how I envision man's ascent to beyond the solar system has happened, and what the current geo-political climate is. Granted, just a small piece for consideration, plenty of world building can be done.

Feb 14, 2497 A.D.

Space. The vastness of it is overwhelming. Man had always dreamed of reaching for the stars. In 1969, man landed on the moon. In 2070, man made it to Mars. In 2103, man made it to Pluto, and the following year, established a permanent space station beyond Pluto, in the area beyond the borders of our immediate Solar System. In 2156, man accidentally created a navigational system and an engine that could take advantage of 'jump points' that were located within the Solar System. In 2188, the United States sent a survey team to Barnard's Star, and established a base on Barnard III, which was nearly the same as Earth in size, orbit and atmosphere. The following year, the Chinese Empire reached Alpha Centauri. By now, Earth was made up essentially of four governments. The United States. The Chinese Empire, The Russian Empire and the European Union (which also included Japan, Australia, Brazil and Argentina).

The next three hundred years saw advancements in space travel, explorations, and colonization, which eventually led to every nation establishing their governments on colonized worlds, leaving Earth behind in favor of new systems, and larger areas to settle in, and larger amounts of natural resources available for harvesting. Soon, humanity was more populous in the vast expanse of space than back on Earth. Terra became a footnote to the human existence a mere three centuries after man took to the stars for good. There was one Earth, but by 2497, there were hundreds of colonized worlds, with a population that made Earth's look like a drop in the bucket.

The space race was in full swing, and with such a vast expanse of open, unexplored territory in the universe to explore, suddenly the race was on to claim and colonize systems with habitable worlds, and to claim those worlds that had large reserves of natural resources ripe for the exploiting. It also caused a lot of subterfuge, and actions reminiscent of the Cold War back on earth, with spies trying to ascertain what everyone else was up to, and secret agents working very hard to steal hard data on each others explorations, especially in regards to discovering wealth and/or important finds on explored worlds.

What the general populations didn't know, was that the Americans in the Barnard System; the Chinese in the Alpha Centauri System; and the Russians in the Gliese System all found evidence of alien species, or more succintly, evidence of a previous civilization that had been on the planet prior to the arrival of the various humans from Earth. This prompted all of the various governments to establish scout divisions within their military branches, in order to check systems out prior to civilian arrival, and to scour the systems for potential alien life and/or resources. The various governments and their military branches were interested in finding potential futuristic weapons and technologies to give them any sort of advantage. This also helped to turn a lot of the race to explore space into hot spots, and there had been several wars already in space. It was funny, that more things changed, the more they stayed the same. Even with the wide open spaces of the universe, with unlimited room, man still managed to find reasons to clash.

The most recent war ended three months ago. The United States and China had signed a treaty that basically ended the war in a draw. They had been fighting over the Marioth System, which had a pair of Earth-like planets. The treaty essentially gave each nation one of the planets, and established a nuetral zone between them.


The Scout and the Stowaway
Life on one of the planets colonized for agricultural purposes can be pretty boring and bleak, especially if you're born there. Small populations that manage huge farms with automation, the planets usually are at the outer fringes of colonized space, and generally lack real cities or actual spaceports, which means there isn't any real way to get off world.

MC is a scout with the USN Starfleet, and has arrived on this backwater planet to take on water and rest before heading back into the unknown to chart space, but YC doesn't know that, nor do they realize how dangerous hitching a ride on a scout ship is. On a world such as this, without security or a starport, it shouldn't be too hard to sneak aboard and then head somewhere amazing. Reality is different though. What sort of adventures will be had and what will happen when YC realizes that they have basically signed up for a pretty amazing, yet dangerous ride?

I figure this can be a bit of exploration, danger, perhaps discovering alien life, romance, etc.

The Good Doctor and the Psion
(Based on a PC that I created and played in a very brief Traveler game here on E)-MC is a respected scientist and doctor that works for the government. He's also got a secret. He figured out many years ago that the government was 'harvesting' psions to do unapproved and unethical tests on, and he began to alter the records of any patients that he treated that were psions, to keep them from being flagged and marked as subjects. It got to the point where he was an outspoken critic of the program. He's been forced to resign due to the conflict, but he's stolen a data pad that has the records on a large number of psions, and needs to keep it out of the hands of the government. YC is a grateful Psion that has either never met him but wants to help him escape and hide, or perhaps you are a psion that is a former lover of his and wants to see him safe. Whatever the reason, you have a ship, and have agreed to hide him on it. Shenanigans ensue.

I see this as an adventure through space, fighting danger, romance,  etc.

The Merchant and the Scientist
MC is a retired Naval Pilot, who now owns a freighter and he charts space and delivers goods to high priority locales as a soloist (the benefit of military contacts) and is contracted to take YC to a classified location deep in space. Neither of us know the real reason, and that is, the planet has evidence of alien civilization on it. The powers that be have decided that our lucky travelers will be guinea pigs to see what sort of effects or issues may arise from visiting an otherwise pristine world that has not been made public yet. In the course of exploration our characters will discover the treachery, and then figure out what to do with the knowledge they discover. When the authorities realize they are still alive, they will come after them.

Star Wars

I also have a few ideas for Star Wars, involving original characters, especially set in the time frame after the Battle of Endor, or after the Battle of Jakku, where the New Republic is trying to restore the galaxy, but there are elements of danger everywhere.

Possible ideas include

-A pair of New Republic Operatives tasked with tracking down leads on rogue Imperial Elements, and searching for Imperial Remnants that have taken up residency in systems, and working to directly or indirectly sabotage and engage them

-A pair of former inquisitors/dark side adepts who either seek redemption and perhaps find the path of the jedi, or who seek to actively thwart New Republic aims

-Perhaps a former Padawan who hooks up with a former inquisitor, all sorts of possibilities here, including becoming mercenaries, or one trying to convert the other to their side, or perhaps both becoming New Republic or Imperial Remnant operatives

-Mercenaries who are assigned the contract to find and bring in former inquisitors or imperial assets of high value

Anyway, those are some ideas, and that gives you an idea of what sort of things I like to play sci-fi wise. If interested, drop me a pm and let's see if we can has something out.
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Re: Space/Sci Fi, M/F, F/F, M/trap or femboy
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2020, 12:01:44 PM »
Added some Star Wars ideas.