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January 27, 2021, 03:13:44 AM

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Author Topic: Looking for a male DM for a solo story  (Read 178 times)

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Offline HamadryadTopic starter

Looking for a male DM for a solo story
« on: August 09, 2020, 07:03:06 AM »

I've just popped back in after an absence and am looking to get some sate some roleplaying desires. I am essentially looking for a DM to guide a solo character of mine through a campaign of however long we pre-decide. I'll be the female adventurer and you will play out all who she interacts with. If it comes along naturally I'm happy to branch out to play party members too.

I have a small variety of storylines in mind for it which generally come down to the level of kink and lewdness to be included, ranging from a 70/30 story to smut to a reversal of that ratio. It all comes down to which character/storyline concept we choose and discuss, but of course those ratios aren't hardcoded and can change over the course of the story.

The hope for the concepts I have is that MC eventually comes into some sort of position of power, at the head of an organization whether it be a cult, town, fort or even a kingdom. I've become fascinated with that sort of city/guild management thing lately.

Anyway, without further ado! Here's the gals!


The Fertility Paladin

Probably one of the tamer of the gals available, but not at all prudish! As the title suggests she would be a devout paladin serving a Goddess of fertility. A good natured and just character, ideally she would be paired off to face against a dark evil of some sort.

Kink-wise I think this would end up being pretty vanilla, but I would be open to darker things like non-con and bad ends befalling her should everything go badly! Even a corruption arc over the course of the story may be desireful!

The Domineer Warlock/Sorceress

A darker and kinkier concept than the other. Story would probably focus around her trying to rise to power through domination, whether it be with her magical prowess or powers of seduction. While the last concept was closer to a 70/30 story to smut ratio, I picture this to be more 50/50.

Kinkwise, the story would likely be darker with themes of non-con, domination, corruption and possibly moving into torture and other goodies like that.

The Tiefling Godling

The dirtiest and kinkiest gal of them all. The concept I had for her is that she is the spawn of some sort of lusty evil god/godess, but has been punished for a wrongdoing against that deity and cast into the world to be a mortal, albeit a powerful one. Her instant desire is to build a following under her and reclaim her lost divinity and power.

The smut/story for this one would be 70/30, with even the possibility of it going any higher. This concept is designed to be dark and dirty, with all kinds of different kinks, and with lewdness integrated into almost every situation she finds herself in. It's safe to say I've had a craving for this kind of story for a long time  >:)

Format/System ect

I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to system. I'm happy to play with a mechanic light, more open system (or even if you just give me decisions to make, use logic to decide the outcome, ect) or if you so desire we can play in DnD 5e, as that's the system I'm most familiar with.

As to format I was thinking we could start off playing a one-shot, or a short roleplay that outlines how the gal forms her power base, or how she ended up in the situation she'd find herself in in the true roleplay. If we don't click and lose interest in the short term, no harm done. If we click and complete the roleplay, we can move on to a fuller, longer story arc.

I'm mostlyjust throwing out ideas here, send me a PM if any of this interests you and we can discuss it deeper!

PS I have more art I can throw around once we're discussing if the listed art isn't to your fancy :P