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January 22, 2021, 12:09:44 PM

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Author Topic: Celebrity with a Superheroine Bodyguard (F/F, F/Futa)  (Read 204 times)

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Celebrity with a Superheroine Bodyguard (F/F, F/Futa)
« on: August 08, 2020, 05:50:35 PM »
Hi everyone!

UPDATE (9/7): Celebrity/Superheroine Bodyguard is taken at the moment, but I'm open to any especially creative villainesses and suggestions!  The more of my 'Do's' (below) you can tic off, the better our chances of working together ;)  I'm also urgently looking for partners for 'My Mother the Villainess' below! Take a look!

A celebrity (real or fictional) is targeted by a villainess with amorous intentions.  A Superheroine (original, non-canon) is assigned as the celebrity’s bodyguard, fending off a variety of different minor villainesses to protect the innocent celebrity.  But is the celebrity really so innocent?  She sees to enjoy watching the heroine struggle...

The plot can go anywhere! I’m very flexible as to the celebrity, so you can choose just about anyone.  This could be a quick one-off or a complex tangle of plot lines ;). Looking forward to hearing from you!

Also looking for:  Amazon City, My Mother the Villainess

I’m looking for partners to play the original, non-canon villainess(es) against original, non-canon heroines in these plot-heavy / sex-heavy campaigns.   Do’s and don’ts listed below! 

A. My mother the villainess:

A rookie heroine making a name for herself is shocked to find out that her mother, who she still lives with, is one of the most powerful, seductive villainesses in the city! Possible scenarios include:

1. The mother’s lackeys capture the heroine’s best friend.  Will the mother seduce her, or have mercy?
2. A seductive villainess friend of the mother captures the heroine.  Will the mother intervene, or does her daughter need to be taught a little lesson?
3. The other heroines are starting to figure out the heroine’s secret.  How far will she go to protect it?

B. Amazon City

A female mayor is elected, and slowly but surely over the course of two years all of the men are mysteriously transferred or compelled to leave the city, until only women live and work there. It’s strange at first, but also liberating.  Many women find themselves being pressured into relationships with other women.  The town is becoming more and more hedonistic... worried, a woman calls her Superheroine niece in a neighboring city for help.  The heroines arrive, but who is behind it all, and why? And will the heroines save the day, or be pulled into the web of sex and power? (Note: Amazon city is just a placeholder name- no leopard loincloths)

1. The heroine’s aunt is pressured into dinner with her sexually aggressive boss.  Will this be the night her aunt is converted, or will the Superheroine arrive on time to save her?  Conversely, when the superheroine arrives, will she be the one converted?
2. The secretive villainesses running Amazon city would love a veteran heroine as a trophy, both symbolically and as muscle for their cause.  They’ll throw everything they have at her to secure their prize...
3. Unlikely allies- a long-time villainess sides with the heroines to fight the bigger enemies behind the conversion of the city.  But will this villainess be able to resist herself in private with her heroine sidekick?
Technical points: male writers for female characters welcome.  I usually write in first person, but you don’t have to.  PMs, Discord, or email at the moment, but threads may be negotiable in the future.


- Superheroine vs. Superheroine
- Shapeshifters (though body part alteration is fine)
- Abandoned Warehouses (…etc.)
- Traditional straightforward BDSM, BDSM dungeon as a setting (‘call me mistress or I’ll slap you again’)
- Knock-out or chloroform, anything that would result in ‘You wake up and you’re chained to…’
- Steampunk / dark settings and themes
- Detailed violence, nonsexual pain, weapons, violent threats (‘… or I’m going to break your neck!’)
- On-site (floor, etc.) / public sex


- Sexual threats
- Sexual exhaustion
- Bimbofication / forced slutty clothes
- Curvy partners, smothering
- Sex on beds
- Non-super villainesses
- Slow seduction (with aphrodisiacs, etc.)
- Sexfighting, sexual wrestling, tribbing
- Forced orgasm
- Villainesses using conquered heroines to fight rival villainesses
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Re: Celebrity with a Superheroine Bodyguard (F/F, F/Futa)
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2020, 01:30:40 AM »