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September 22, 2020, 07:59:59 PM

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Author Topic: The Futa Companion Program! (Seeking futa character)  (Read 92 times)

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The Futa Companion Program! (Seeking futa character)
« on: August 07, 2020, 03:10:58 AM »
Standard Disclaimer

The gender of the player and that of the character bears no relation to the other. It is completely irrelevant to me if you are a male wanting to play a female, a female wanting to play a male or a wolf dressing up in a sheep skin suit for dinner; As long as you are willing to engage and invest in the creative process, I’ll be thrilled to write with you!

The wall display flickers for just a moment as the current programming cuts to a commercial break. A lovely blonde woman appears on the screenwearing a lab coat and scrubs. She smiles warmly to the camera, “Hello, I’m Dr. Sarah Turner and I’m here to tell you about my revolutionary new program, Futa Companions.”

The scene switches to 3 young women standing  in a garden with 3 exceptionally hung Futa, and for a futa, that’s saying a lot! In a voice over Dr. Turner continues, “We have already helped scores of couples find each other, and overcome the single most often heard complaints from hundreds of Futa, the normal human body simply isn’t  configured for prolonged sexual contact with a Futa’s reproductive needs.”

Cuts to another shot, this time, it’s a  woman sitting in the lap of a tall futa, “Helen and I could make love a dozen times a day. But after such a short time, We started to see a loosening of her oriphaces and her throat muscles were showing the strain of taking my cock down her throat. We couldn’t… well, you know, get it all in.”

Helen blushes and smiles at the camera and starts to speak, “I love Haley here and I was always blaming myself because I couldn’t accomidate all of her magnificent organ, until we met Dr. Turner sex- I mean six months ago. Thanks to her special program, corrective measures were taken on my part and now,” Helen nodded to her futa lover and rises up with the help of Haley; a thick cock appearing from between them, inch after inch appearing until Helen is standing upright to reveal her real height at about 5’2; after a moment, Haley wrapped her fingers about Helen’s hips and lifts another 3 or 4 inches before the already widely stretched pussy stretches more around a mushroom tip of a 16 inch beast; Helen  shutters and spurts over her lover’s lap as she climaxes on camera. Haley picks up the dialogue “Before Dr. Turner performed her incredible program on Helen, I could only get about half of my cock up her Ass and we were looking at diapers. Now I can pound all her holes and she’ll never be loose again!" Both women, in unison calls out, “Thanks Dr. Turner!”

The display switches to a nurse in a hospital room with a reclined futa, her cock fully erect while the nurse measures  the cock’s dementions before pulling over a very  advanced tubular device and begins to lower it over the hard shaft. Dr Turner’s voice continues in voice over, “My program seeks out the most optimal path for an individual’s body type, dementions and what she can do without, combine that with the data  from the futa’s cock analysis to allow us to create a custom sheath, from her own DNA, that we then surgically implant into the patient’s natural oriphaces, while we rearrange vital functions to make room for the transplanted sheathes. and then we rebuild the vagina, rectim and throat  to prestene conditions that leaves the patient with fully natural, functional cock sheathes for her Futa lover. What’s even more impressive is that the patient can expand to accomidate large diameter objects for more bedroom fun!”

Once again, the blonde appears, “There are  some side effects from the procedure and we are only allowing confirmed couples into the program at this time, but you can contact the Futa Companion Program Admissions Department at the number at the bottom of the display, or contact us on these social media  sites.” She smiles a friendly smile, “And get the most out of each other today; We certainly have!

The Display returns to Critical Role And Bo saying "Dope monk shit" for the 12,000 time...

Alright, what is the meaning of this? Besides me having fun coming up with it, that is? I’m looking for a futa character to be half of a loving, adventurous couple who undergo the program. After the wounds heal, they become curious about just how much her new holes can handle. This is where large insertions and bestiality comes into play as the two try bigger and bigger things in her pussy, ass and throat. In the process, they soon discover a love for animals (and perhaps a wacked plan to turn it into a traveling road show, who knows!), and plans the rest of her life together. Sappy, ain’t it?

If you’re interested, please drop me a PM; Do not reply in this thread.