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Author Topic: The Glint of Light on Broken Glass (F characters for M - mostly)  (Read 220 times)

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on hiatus

A Favor 

If anything in this thread interests you and you'd be interested in writing with me, I'd be happy to hear from you.  One favor, though -- there's no need to PM me simply to ask me if I'm looking to write -- unless my status says 'unavailable', I am.    ;)  Instead, please tell me what you're interested in writing - whether it's a general concept that would fit with one of my ideas, or a suggestion of your own.  I am happy to write with newcomers to Elliquiy -- we were all new here once.  However, if there's no writing presence on the boards for me to look at, the more you tell me about your writing styles and expectations,  the better.   Enough common ground to create a mutually satisfying story makes for a better experience. 

If all I have to go on is 'Wanna RP?' then I won't have much hope that our styles will be compatible.  "Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."  This lovely quote is generally attributed to Anton Chekhov, but accurate or paraphrased, it is a style of writing to which I aspire.

If you'd like to see examples of some of the characters I have written, or am writing, I have an incomplete collection of them here: 


06-Aug-2020    created new thread after unofficial hiatus

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A Few Things to Know
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2020, 10:00:43 AM »

My post length generally varies from a couple of paragraphs to multiple paragraphs.  If I have a general length, it's probably 4-6 paragraph range.    However, I'm perfectly fine with responses from 2 paragraphs to whatever it takes to convey the gist of what my partner wants to say.  I'm pretty adaptive when it comes to pace and length within those parameters, and certainly don't need or demand a wall of text -- and I don't always promise one.  :-)

My posting rate is ... hard to say at this point.  I'm returning from a few hiatuses .... hiatusi ... brought on by some dramatic real life changes as well as a decided weaking of my desire to write.   I will probably not be a daily poster, but I will do my best to respond within a week.  If my posting drops below that, I will contact my writing partners and let them know the situation, and there will be no hard feelings should a partner wish to discontinue a story.

Forum roleplay only – while I’m happy to chit-chat, or brainstorm,  over PMs or Discord, I need the ability to edit my posts.  Not only that, I suppose, but I am proud of my writing and the work I've put into improving and refining it.  My posts are not my fantasies set down in type, they're stories with erotic content -- and I love sharing them.

My characters are not me.   I emphasize this to avoid misunderstandings, because I know not all view erotic writing the same way -- and that's perfectly fine.  I write some pretty steamy content in the context of my stories/games here.  What I write takes place only in the context of games and stories.  PMs are between 'me' and 'another player', not between fictional entities.  'Gypsy' is me.  So while I may flirt a little with people I've gotten to know a bit, or greet friends with a virtual hug or smooch, that's where my comfort zone ends.

I'm really pretty laid-back as a writing partner.  I don't bite, and I welcome PMs.  I will do my best to answer any PMs that I receive.   If I don't have time to take on another story, or if I don't feel that someone is a good match as a writing partner, whether it be for reasons of style, posting speed, or common interests, I will be polite in saying so.  I also invite anyone interested to take a look at my Ons/Offs and current stories (linked in my signature) or any of the completed or inactive stories that are linked in those threads.

I've been doing cooperative writing online for a pretty long while.  I've had a few people tell me I'm intimidating, which I find pretty funny as I can be pretty hesitant to reach out to others about writing, because OMYGERD, they probably won't want to write with me!!!!  That aside, I consider myself, most days, a pretty good writer.  I love to write, and nothing is more thrilling than those moments of chemistry in a really good story.  Currently erratic muse or not, I will not just disappear on my partners.

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Picture Prompts
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2020, 10:02:00 AM »

Does one of these images strike a spark in your imagination?  PM me, and let's see what blazes up.

It is night, and there's a storm rolling in. The crowds have all gone, perhaps for the season or perhaps only for the night.  There is silence, save for the waves rolling in to the nearby beach.  The fog is cool, thick, the perfect backdrop for secrets and clandestine activities that shun the light.  There is a soft creak, and a door opens, silhouetting a waiting figure against golden light that suggests warmth and comfort within, an allure that is almost irresistible as the darkness grows.

Is this a short story of two lonely souls who find comfort in each other's arms in the unlikeliest of places? 

Is it something more sinister - a watchman or caretaker who waits not for love, but to close a profitable ... or unholy ... bargain? 

Does a spirit linger here, waiting for the opportunity to say goodbye that she was denied in life?

This image is striking, all the more because  we can't see what the distant figure sees, leaving the story to be told to be written in the mind's eye of the reader.

Is this the story of an innocent young woman, on the cusp of achieving her dreams, who unexpectedly tarried too long dreaming of the man she would marry, only to be confronted by the specter of one who believes herself betrayed? Will she take back what should have been hers by right?

Did the sweet miss sneak silently out onto the mist-laden moors because she must beg mercy from one who only the desperate seek out?

I do not see this as a F/F story, but rather a setup for the interaction between F/M, where the male character would find that something has changed, and his civilized, well-ordered world might never be the same.

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The Glint of Light on Broken Glass (F characters for M - mostly)
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2020, 10:03:13 AM »

I'm Mesmerized By You*                           Hist / Alt Hist / AU                           vanilla, romance, banter, dub-con
an innocent demonstration of mesmerism leads to the unraveling of inhibitions

I'm interested in a story involving a house party, set somewhere in the US, England, or possibly an island territory sometime in the 1800's to 1930's, where a demonstration or conversation leads to a natural mesmerist finding that she, or he, can influence the thoughts and behavior of the other guests, to lead them into giving in to temptation in myriad ways.

The 'mesmerism' that I'm most interested in would be a more innocent version of hypnotism, and employed more or less like early stories or movies portrayed it ... spiritualist leanings and the power of suggestion and persuasion that lowers inhibition and encourages the power of desire and belief.  A session might start out with the mesmerist saying "Tell me what you think of me" and being answered by the unvarnished, and perhaps embarrassing truth ... rather than the mesmerist having the subject barking like a dog.  The emphasis would be on empowering desires and thoughts already present, not causing someone to behave in a completely contrary manner.

The provided sample post is one possible setup for a story, and while I like this setup, I am perfectly willing to discuss stories and characters that are completely different, so long as they involve some sort of deliberate mesmerism as described above.
... click to read more ...
Lorraine Appleton, affectionately dubbed 'Lolo' by her father, friends and those others given to a fashionably casual mode of address, had never gotten along with her older sister, Margaret. Perhaps it was only natural. Their father's first marriage had not been a happy one, and most said that his often vocal and public disagreements with his wife had caused her to drink herself into an early grave. It probably didn't help that he married his mistress, and mother of his three-year-old illegitimate daughter Lorraine, less than two months after his wife's funeral.

Margaret, an overly serious girl who had developed a love of all things quiet, reserved, and peaceful -- likely because of her parents' loud quarrelling -- was both devastated and mortified that her father would flaunt his infidelities in so public a fashion. That quiet stoicism Margaret cultivated might not have allowed affection between the sisters, but it promote civility on Margaret's part, even when it was tight lipped, and the smiles she bestowed on Lolo during public functions never quite reached her eyes. Lolo had always suspected, and bitterly resented, that Margaret had considered the death of Lolo's mother to be a balancing of the universe's scales, her just desserts.

While Lolo could see that Margaret had some cause for anger, none of that had been her doing, and nor could she have prevented it by any stretch of the imagination save for not existing.

Expecting her to disappear seemed rather bushwa, and she hadn't hesitated in telling Margaret so until they'd settled into a pattern of simply sticking to superficial topics when the need to speak couldn't be avoided with good, or even adequate, grace.

Given the age difference between the two, coupled with personalities that were as different as those of their mothers had been, perhaps all would have been happier if they had quietly drifted apart and confined their animosities to those dutiful gatherings that their father demanded when his business trips allowed.

However, Margaret's desire to maintain the appearance of family, and perhaps even the desire to not give their father reason to favor Lolo in his will as he had favored her in most things, saw to it that Lolo received invitations for summers and holidays. Lolo's discovery, during the summer after her first year of Finch School, that her sister's husband Russell ... who had seemed quite ancient, almost as ancient as her father in her rather childish perspective ... suddenly seemed not so old at all as she noticed the pleasing aspects of his appearance and his character.

Lolo was smitten, and as Fate would have it, it was her first time experiencing such a fervid, all-encompassing emotion. The fact that she could not have him, the certainty that her sister has poisoned him against her and he regarded her as nothing more than a spoiled and pampered occasional annoyance, only increased her longing. Each time she left her sister's home, she would promise herself that she would refuse the next one, and yet when the time came, Lolo could not pass up the chance to be near the object of her unrequited affection.

And if she suspected, in her more introspective moments, that his appeal would have been less if he did not belong to her sister, she did not dwell on it any longer than the time that it took to shrug her shoulders.

During her second year away, she learned that the father Doreen Whitling, hor closest friend at Finch School, had a fascination with the theories and practices of Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer, a German physician who believed that all individuals possessed a certain animal magnetism that could be manipulated to restore the flow of life's balance. After a demonstration of the technique's effectiveness, she asked Mr. Whitling to teach her more, but like most passions she conceived -- save for that for her painting and her desire for the man she could not possibly have -- it was short lived, and might have stayed that way had it not been for Fate taking a hand, in the form of a parlor game at her sister's home and Lolo's realization that perhaps there was a way that she could have all that she so longed for ...


She had not been there long when she noticed that the gild had worn of the lillies of her sister's marriage, so to speak. They did not quarrel in her presence, and, really, she couldn't imagine them quarreling at all. When Margaret was confronted, she retreated behind walls thicker than thieves, and higher than Mt. Everest in the most genteel fashion possible. Russell seemed to joke less frequently in her presence, and while he might bestow a kiss upon Margaret's pale cheek, or upon her head -- gently, so as not to muss the strands -- it seemed that he was content to leave her to her walls and seek his pleasures elsewhere.

Had he sought out Lolo's company, she would have been over the moon. He did not, though it seemed to her that his glances sought her out more when he thought she wasn't looking. Yet she supposed he still thought her a child, and her efforts to prove that she wasn't probably met with the same sort of wretched indulgence that her father showed when they visited. It was maddening, though Lolo certainly hadn't given up. With Margaret's indifference now seeming to be heaped upon the both of them, there were more opportunities.

Some woman from his office had come with papers for him to sign, and when she had admired the landscaping, Russell had offered to show her around. Lolo was not invited, though she had hung about hoping that she would be, but still she followed after -- not so close to be scolded, but close enough, she hoped, that she could suggest that Russell pose for her. While she wasn't, per se, a painter of portraits ordinarily, the opportunities should he agree were too good to pass up.

So in this leisurely, underhanded fashion, when she came upon the two of them sitting together upon a bench in the pergola near the pond, it seemed perfectly natural for her to take a circuitous route upon her walk, to come up from the side where the bushes would support her surprise at having interrupted.

Yet it was no legal discourse that occupied them. That much was obvious as Lolo drew closer, pushing aside a leafy branch so that she could see. Russell's hand was upon the woman's leg, no, not just her knee, but her thigh, above the stockings and moving higher as he kissed and nibbled at her neck. Lolo's breath caught as she stared, an ache of longing in her heart ... and ... were she honest, a certain point rather lower as she heard the woman's throaty laugh calling him incorrigible, a wolf. Her hands rose up, and for a hopeful moment, Lolo thought she was going to push him away, but instead one hand snaked through his hair, those beautiful locks, and lay atop his head, pushing upon it, as her other undid the buttons of her dress with a casual grace that Lolo envied.

And, oh, how she envied. She could hardly breathe as she watched her brother-in-law pull the woman's dress from her shoulders, kissing the flesh as he pushed up her chemise. Lolo's moan, half wounded, half lustful, was lost in the woman's own as his head pressed against her breasts, and the hand upon her leg slid higher still. Since noticing Russell, she had envied her sister all the more, but at the moment her full complement of envy, all of it, was with the strange woman who was half lying now upon the low bench, with Russell's mouth upon her breasts.

She knew, of course, what men and women did together. Hadn't she seen the art, read the books. Hadn't she even experimented just a bit herself, though such experimentation had been less appealing when she had found her thoughts more drawn to her sister's husband rather than the brothers of her schoolmates, or even the men she had met at various art functions and gathering.

It would, she thought, tear her heart out to see him make love to his woman who was neither her nor her sister, but yet she could not move away. She could do nothing but stare as feminine hands, the color of the polish upon the nails making the gesture all the more pronounced, move from head to shoulders and then reach for what could only be the waistband of his trousers ...

"Miss Lorraine! Miss Lorraine!" It was Hattie, the girl who came to do the lions share of of the housework, her voice loud as the clap of a gong. Lolo's eyes closed, the scene before her still visible against her shut lids like some beautiful, horrible still life, and then she turned and slipped quietly away, her feet as silent upon the lush grash as she could make them until she had enough distance to answer, praying that they wouldn't guess that she had seen.

And praying that he would ... and even more that perhaps, in the knowing, he would invite her to come sit with him beside the pond, to feed the ducks, to be the one his lips and hands explored.

Gypsy Fortune Teller                           Fantasy/Werewolves/Monstrous Race                             extreme, exotic, NC, dub-con
an invading army needs a fortune teller to ensure victory

Jaelle Zingari had always been told that her curiosity and her inability to heed the warning wisdom of her elders would be her downfall.  She was bold, perhaps too bold, and confident in her dukkering, her gift of telling fortunes. 

What no-one had ever told her was that gift rarely runs true on the teller's own future.

When her band of rovers camped on the outskirts of a forest that their captain had declared 'interzis' or 'forbidden', Jaelle had paid little heed.  When one of the handsome giorgios had come to the camp, giving her silver for telling his fortune and bidding her meet him later in the shadow of the trees, she had slipped away.

Her would-be lover had not kept faith, however, but in the shadows and rising mists, she had somehow lost her way, and it was not long until she found herself hunted, pursued ... driven ever further from the safety of her people and their blades and magic ... straight into the wolves' jaws.

Her beauty, and her skill with fortune-telling and certain healing herbs and mixtures made her valuable, too valuable to break or kill so long as her gifts run true, though she is still the property of the wolves and under doom of death should she attempt to escape.
... click to read more ...
(concept created for a werewolf group game, but the army or group of raiders need not be werewolves)

The Witch's Due                           Dark Fantasy / Misdirected Revenge                           NC, dub-con, seduction, tragic romance
if they want her help, she stands ready to give it ... for a high price     

The clouds rolled in, dark and dim, and swallowed up the sky.  On the road, a figure dressed in dark robes strode toward the village, a tall and crooked staff in her pale, deceptively fragile seeming hand.  Black eyes glittered beneath the hood as she looked up, reflecting the sharp streaks of lighting, and Malinda smiled with ravenous anticipation.

She’d been cheated once.  Now she was here to finish the bargain once struck and broken.  She’d saved the village once, at a considerable cost to herself, and her price had been agreed upon but not been met.  This time, they’d pay up … or they would not have to worry about the advancing horde.  There’d be nothing but soot and ashes beneath the invaders’ bootheels when they strode through what used to be the village main.

... click to read more ...
My idea for this is a darker story, with Malinda returning to the village and promising to save it once again.
This time she intends to take what she wants ... and keep it as long as she wants.

And what she wants is a man of the village who catches her eye, much like Garreth did long ago.
What he wants ... is irrelevant to her.  But perhaps he wants to be a hero, or to spurn someone who hurt him.  Or maybe the future laid out before him one that he despises.  Or perhaps it's just his destiny ...

The details of the character would be negotiable, but if the character is submissive or has submissive tendencies,
I'd like that to be very much a dark little secret that is brought out in the roleplay.

An Age of Decadence                           Hist / Alt Hist                                        taboo relationships, incest, any
when you're rich enough, powerful enough, famous enough ... society's rules don't apply

It was an age of decadence – an age, rather than ‘the’ age.  Decadence came and went, in different forms, different locales, but it was always the same thing wearing a different mask.

The era – pick a time in the 20th century, 1910 thru 1980, after the advances of modern medicine that put an end to syphilis and other rampant and wasting sexual diseases and pre-Aids,  a time when men and women could safely think themselves exempt from society’s rules.  Promiscuity carried few risks, and drugs were the ‘in’ thing.  Sex was an indulgence, a sign of status and power, of popularity and beauty …

and the in crowd, those special few, considered themselves above society’s rules, above any morality other than their own.

Perhaps he’s a director or producer of films.  Perhaps she’s the daughter, the niece,  he had nothing to do with prior to him showing up on his doorstep, case in hand and eyes filled with determination and stars, determined to be the next film sensation.

Perhaps he’s a dignitary, a diplomat, the up and coming rock star, the brilliant and arrogant CEO of a business that barreled its way into the Fortune 500, the equivalent of a Kennedy, a politician, or some drug lord in small country who rules like a feudal baron.  Whatever she is, she is beautiful, desirable, and all too ready to do whatever it takes to buy into that world of power, of exclusivity, of forbidden decadence.
... click to read more ...
The feel of this story is more important than the specifics, but I’d like to incorporate elements of incest, of abuse of power , of temptation and seduction – not cruelty, but rather the allure of being one of those ‘special’ people who get a pass from the rules that the rest of society lives by.

I am not looking to play an innocent, necessarily.  While I’m fine with her being sexually innocent, I do not want my character to be naïve.  In some ways, I want her to be complicit in her own corruption, her own seduction, even subtly goading the opposing character into doing what the morals of society says he shouldn’t. 

I would also consider historical or other established settings that fit the mood of what I’d like to write, illustrated somewhat by these images.


After Happy Hour (Fractured Fairy Tales)                           Modern / Fantasy / Any                           dub-con, seduction, romance, humor
fairytales for adult amusement

Name: Fractured Fairy Tales (After Happy Hour)

Content: Possibilities from Light to Extreme

Scenario:  What is a fractured fairy tale, you might ask?  It is a Fairy Tale that takes the conventional story and changes it up, giving it a new perspective, a new setting, and perhaps makes fun of the social implications of the original, while still maintaining a recognizable plot and theme.

What I'd like to do is take a fairy tale and 're-write' it in a probably humorous XXX fashion.    The particulars would be up for negotiation, depending on the story and the partner, and I'd also like to write with someone who will enjoy the brainstorming and also helping guide the story from beginning to a satisfactory ending.

... click to read more ...
There are many fairy tales that can be twisted, but some possibilities are:

Goldilocks & the Three Bears - Goldy Locks is a cat burglar who has been casing the Bear household for a month.  Momma, Poppa, and teenage son 'Babe' are always gone on Fridays, so that's when Goldy breaks in.  It turns out, however, that at least one of the Bears noticed that they had been staked out.  Let's find out how the the chairs and bed really got broken ... or maybe she decided that 'too hard' wasn't so bad after all.

Sleeping Beauty - Sleeping Beauty might well be the princess who only pretends to sleep while some other palace resident creeps in ...

Rumplestiltskin - Perhaps, instead of trinkets and first borne children, Rump decides upon a different negotiation -- and instead of straw spun into gold, we could make it the feeding of a gambling addiction, wins in the stock market  or a beauty pageant ... and transform Rump and his would-be princess into modern equivalent.

Little Red Riding Hood -  Perhaps instead of a girl and a wolf, we have a delivery driver for 'Red's House of Ribs' who keeps getting orders to make a delivery to a cottage in the woods owned by a pretty MILF.

Hansel & Gretel - Well, we don't need kids lost in the woods to tell this story.  Perhaps, instead, a lost hunter or hiker seeking shelter from a storm needs a place to stay until it blows over ...

The Emperor's New Clothes - What if that fancy outfit she wore for their date started falling apart, bit by bit?

Rapunzel - a penthouse apartment inhabited by a reclusive celebrity known for her gorgeous hair ...

Of course, any of these scenarios are basic 'smut' type plots, but I'd love to sneak in elements of the story, suitably twisted, to keep the theme, rather than just changing the names around.

Setting: Modern, Historical, and/or Fantasy

Requirements: A partner who likes to mix a little tongue-in-cheek humor with good writing and some sexy writing that still holds true to the story.

Other info:

What Happened Out of Frame                           Hist / Gothic / Vampires                           dark themes/inspired by 'Shadow of the Vampire'

Ellen is a woman who discovers the ultimate expression of love in the most exquisite pain imaginable. Sound familiar?  It will be your most demanding role, the role that will make you great as an actress.  Consider it a sacrifice to your art.”  ~~ Murnau

And you think I would ever do such a thing?  That’s a rather skewed characterization coming from a man I’ve spent the past two hours raping like a woman.  Still, I must admit you took it like a man.”  ~~Micheline (Berlin Cabaret owner – from the screenplay)

“My sense of style is realism, but my sense of art is moral.  I want to explore evil with the eye of a scientist.”  ~~ Murnau

“There are others less indispensable.  Why not the script-girl?” ~~ Murnau      “The script girl?  I’ll eat her later.” ~~ Orlock

“It was woman.  We were together in the night and then she left me …” ~~ Orlock

A story prompt featuring a picture of an old fashioned projector running in the darkness of a movie theater inspired the idea, and desire, to write a story involving a vampire in the early film industry.

The movie ‘Shadow of the Vampire”, provided further musing.  It is a great old-school gothic style movie about making a movie, and the performance of John Malkovich as a narcissistic, amoral, and yet philosophical director who is ruthless in his pursuit of his art and convinced o his own genius.

I do not want to write about the movie, but rather a small chapter that would take place long after Murnau's film horrified audiences on the silent screen.
... click to read more ...
The premise – a woman involved in the shooting of ‘Nosferatu’ was turned by Orlock (unbeknownst to him) and was either presumed dead or else managed to return to Berlin after the horrific end to filming.   

Perhaps it was Greta Schroeder, the actress who played Ellen.   She is a diva of the age, a flapper, a sexually liberated woman, and an occasional drug user.    She was Count Orlock’s final meal, but was interrupted before he had fully finished.

Or it could have been Micheline, who only made it into the American version of the film for a shot of Murnau lifting her skirt to bestow a kiss upon smooth skin.  She was, in the screenplay, the owner of the cabaret in Berlin catering to wealthy decadents, including Herr Doctor Murnau.  Who is to say that he escaped Orlock unscathed?  Or that his lover came to Romania to visit him, and fell prey to the vampire before Murnau learned of her arrival.

Maybe it was the script girl, so scathingly dismissed by Murnau as he berated the vampire over killing a valuable member of his crew.  It might be the makeup artist who was not allowed to powder Orlock's face, or Elke or Maria who dressed the sets or extra from the film, or a nurse from the local hospital accompanied someone back to Berlin, or even a would-be actress who acted as dogsbody for the film's important personages.

Whoever she is, she is now a vampire, living in a city with a strong theatrical presence, famous in her own right at least in that city - an actress in plays, a cabaret singer, a patron of the arts.

She wants to share her story to someone who might understand.

Perhaps she is weary of living a lonely existence where her only true reality is captured frame by frame.  She might be disgusted by the change in society and revisits the past in this manner to recapture something of a life that is slipping away, frame by frame.

Maybe she wants a companion who she hopes will imbue her with new purpose.   It could be that she was enamored by Murnau, and wants to honor his legacy by sharing her 'gift' with someone in the industry who she feels could recreate his genius, given a ... unique perspective. 

It might even be that she is tired, and wants to echo Murnau's cry of "Thank god, an end to this artifice!" as she shares her truth with a single soul.

There are a lot of possibilities for the dynamic, and I'm hoping to leave it open for discussion to capture a flavor that interests both writers. 

What I would definitely like:
  • A time period between 1926 – 1950, in a metropolis with a great appreciation for film -- Hollywood is the obvious, but it could just as easily be New York, Paris, London ...  Heavy emphasis on historical detail is not necessary.  Avoiding obvious anachronisms would be desired, but capturing the flavor of the time chosen works just fine.
  • I would prefer the opposing character not to be a protagonist, per se – no Van Helsing, no vampire hunter, no priest (unless it were a priest embroiled in a crisis of faith). 
  • I would also like my partner's character to be someone with ambition, a driving goal, that makes the idea of the vampire’s wealth, influence, or fame a temptation that he could fight only so hard.
  • A writing partner who can help to move the story along would be ideal -- someone desiring collaboration and who would work with me to achieve a good, enjoyable story.
  • A moderate posting speed.

Hyde in Wonderland                           Hist / Alt Hist / Modern                           forbidden relationship / possible incest / taboo / dub con / transformation
Dr. Jeckyl was horrified by the angry hedonism of his amoral other half - or was he horrified that half longed to be whole?

Two ordinary, repressed people - living a dream life.  They are respected by the community, their past untainted by anything more serious than the occasional F-bomb, or not turning a found dollar bill in to the local authorities.  One day, they are given something innocuous - a cookie bouquet, perhaps, a box of chocolates, or a bottle of vitamins -- (or something not so innocent - a pack of cigarettes, an offered joint or pill)- and like the infamous Dr. Jeckyl's formula, they find themselves transformed.

Unlike the fabled Mr. Hyde, however, their new bodies are not twisted or deformed.  No, they are enhanced, polished, and ravenously hungry for the desires they have never allowed themselves to express save, perhaps, in their deepest dreams.

I would like this story to focus on a forbidden relationship, and perhaps not start with their first transgression as sexual.   I'd like to deal with the aftermath, and with the temptation that draws them back to the 'Eat Me' or 'Drink Me' items, until they are gone.   Ideally, I'd like to see the story end with them deciding either to surrender to temptation and embrace Hyde, or turn away and try to return to their former lives with the knowledge they possess.

... click to read more ...

The details of the relationship are negotiable, and may include incest -- but a blood tie does not have to be the 'forbidden' aspect.  Religious or societal factors making the relationship scandalous works as well, and the historical period can also add taboo elements.

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