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May 17, 2022, 11:10:18 pm

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Author Topic: The Adventures of Karen Waters, desperate Housewife (All welcome)  (Read 382 times)

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Standard Disclaimer

The gender of the player and that of the character bears no relation to the other. It is completely irrelevant to me if you are a male wanting to play a female, a female wanting to play a male or a wolf putting on a sheep suit for dinner; as long as you are willing to engage and invest in the story’s development, then I’m thrilled to write with you.

Mrs. Karen Waters looked to her husband of 8 years, Peter, through the mirror of her dressing table. As their eyes met, she offered him a tender, reassuring smile. There was  alot riding on tonight; their marriage nearly topped the list and she wondered if he felt as much anxiety as she did about the outcome of the night.

Karen and Peter had a strong marriage, a loving and committed relationship that had given them 3 children and many good times. Not once, since the day that they had met, had Karen even thought about another man, nor had she ever been tempted to stray; she knew that Peter felt the same way. That was why tonight was such a difficult thing to talk about. They had a strong marriage, but it was beginning to show the turmoil within it.  Up until   a year ago, when their youngest had been born, they had been content; a great love life, tender and loving, they came together so perfectly. After she had recovered from the delivery, the 6 week abstinence weighted heavily on their naturally active love life; by the time that the wait was over, a herd of stampeding elephants couldn’t of kept them apart as frustrations were dispelled in each other’s arms. Apparently, for Peter, at least,it seemed to of..

For Karen, it had been pleasurable, it had been intimate and loving, but from the moment he had entered her, it had felt different; he didn’t seem to be hitting all the usual hot spots that drove her wild. In the end, she had faked it to save his feelings.For the next 10 months, she had continued to fake it for him; the only orgasms that she had were self induced ones.  It hadn’t been too bad though, after the first couple of weeks, their lovelife had declined until it was once a month, if they were in the mood. The worst part was that she didn’t know if it was her, him or both of them. What she did know was that she couldn’t continue this way and had, after hours of arguing with herself, told him about her concerns.

Fortunately, Peter had taken it upon himself, along with the guilt, to find a solution to their issue. They had tried everything that they, and a therapist could think of; Toys, positions, places, nothing worked… which is what led to this evening. Their final option was to bring something- someone else into their lovelife to spice things up, or at least that was what the therapist had told them.

With the smile, her attention returned to the mirror and her careful application of the moist looking red lipstick. "Relax Honey, I know this isn't our first choice and I'm not any more comfortable with this than you are." In fact, she was a bundle of nerves that hung on the brink of insanity… could this save their love, or kill it?

With the finishing touches completed, Karen rose from the little table and smiled up at her husband with the love that they shared, "Everything's going to be ok, Honey. We'll do this and then it'll be over.” She could feel the wasp in her stomach as she hoped that she wasn’t deceiving herself. She kept telling herself that it was just one evening. She kissed him softly before she turned in a slow 360 to show off the sexy little emerald toned dress for him, "How do I look?" She had bought the dress for the occasion and the green of the dress showed off her green eyes and her shoulder length red curls... almost as much as it showed off her nicely toned legs and more cleavage than either was really comfortable with.

Peter sighed and slipped his arms about his wife and pressed his hips against her lovely rump, "What do you think? If it were up to me, I'd keep us here and make love with you all night long." But, that was the problem in a nutshell; He would find his climax, but the best that she would get out of it was more frustration and more fighting in the morning

Karen smiled wanely and touched his cheek, "If we could, you know that I would, Love.” And every word true all of the way down to her pink painted toenails.

The man that they had finally settled upon, Thomas, "Tommy" was a man with a similar build to Peter and worked as an investment broker for a firm nearly 30 miles away. He was a couple of years younger than they were, but he seemed to be perfect for their needs.  "When are we suppose to meet him?” she asked idlely as she slipped on a pair of modest heeled ‘fuck me’ shoes.

Peter checked his ever present iPhone, "In about 20 minutes." He replied and cleared his throat, “Are you sure about this, Baby? We can still back out.” He knew that he was lying to himself and let it go.  “We meet him at the Tavern, have a nice late dinner and if you feel comfortable with him, we’ll come home and… deal with things.”

The meeting had gone better then either had expected; the three of them had returned to their home. After the door closed, things got quiet as they all considered the step that they were about to make. Feeling frustrated, anxious and maybe even a little fear, the silence was broken as Karen slipped to her knees and reached for Tommy’s belt buckle. All that she could say was, “Oh my God!”

Three hours later, Peter sat in the darkened kitchen, a glass of whiskey before him as he heard Karen scream yet again from upstairs. The threesome had lasted all of 10 minutes; apparently that was all her attention could handle at that moment. Karen had seemingly  forgotten entirely that he was in the room; Peter wasn’t even sure if she realized that he had left the room to her shouts of obscenities, screams and pronouncements of “Yes! God Yes!” at least half a dozen times. the last one, just a couple of minutes ago, had been “Oh God!yes Fuck my ass!” That hadn’t helped Peter’s ego; particularly since Karen had refused any thought of anal sex with him; add to that, the fact that Tommy had turned out to be bigger than Peter was just added to his sense of lost masculinity.

Twenty minutes later, Tommy came ddown the stairs, whistling and without a second thought, left. Not long afterward, Karen called for him in a dazed tone and he had climbed up the stairs. His wife was naked, slumped on her crossed forearms; her bare ass upturned with red palm prints decorating her cheeks and another man’s semen dripping from her opened backdoor. “I’m sorry Honey.” She said breathlessly, “I feel horrible about forgetting about you.” It had been the next thing that she had said that truly stunned him, "When can we do it again.” Had just topped the evening.

True, he had gotten an erection at seeing her, his loving wife, taken by another man, but could he stand to do this again?

Ok, that’s the basic idea of the plot. The story should be about Peter and Karen, their marital issues and Karen’s growing involvement in the hotwife lifestyle. Early on, Peter ankaren should be involved together as they explore a new lifestyle; one in which he hopes that she would not get so overwhelmed again. As time passes, she would become more involved and want to go out on her own to pick up men and come home to tell him about what happened and  hump like bunnies. But, when she comes home later and later, what’s going on?

In the mean time, Peter tries to come to grips that rather than improving their love life, it’s destroying it, but what can you do? Only you and I can figure that one out. I'm open to playing either role of the story, male or female.

If you’re interested, just drop me a PM and we can talk about it.