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July 07, 2022, 12:23:14 pm

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Author Topic: Slut craving to be dominated and humiliated (F seeking anyone dominate)  (Read 640 times)

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Hey Elliquiy, my name is VIXEN and I thought I would get a post going here because I've got a few cravings/itches that need scratching! xD I ask that if you are interested in any of my ideas you PM me rather than leave a message on this thread because I may not see it.

What Am I Looking For?

  • About Me: I am female and have been writing for several years now. I always like to challenge myself either with writing styles or kinks because to me it helps to motivate my writing to be that much better. I only play submissive females, but if the idea catches my attention enough I could play a switch (as I have played them in the past along with doms).
  • Writing: I am a paragraph role-player and like to have detail within my writing because it adds depth and dimension to the storyline. I also try not to make spelling errors and ensure everything makes sense, so please do the same. I know mistakes are bound to happen because we are all human but please try to keep it to a minimum. I'm also a fan of bolding/colouring dialog so it stands out so please, please do the same. It's so much easier to decipher the difference between action/detail and speech.
  • Brainstorming: I am always a fan of talking things out with my partner, whether it be ideas or kinks. So if you have something you want to run by me than just ask because the worst I can say is no. Even then I barely say no to a good idea! I am pretty laidback, chill, and friendly when it comes to these sorts of things because a) we're all adults here and can have respectful conversations, b) I don't have time to be uptight lol the world is going through chaos right now, there's enough of that already lol.
  • Roleplay: In terms of RL gender of my partners, I don't care who you like or what you are into. You do you boo boo because it is beautiful <3 That being said, I don't care if a female plays a male role, etc. Whatever the person is comfortable with than that is okay with me. Currently, I am looking for dominant partners to play against my submissive girls. I would also prefer to keep the roleplaying on the website either through messages or a thread. If I feel comfortable enough to move it to emails or discord than I will, but please don't pressure me into it. I am also open to keeping stories on a long or short term basis depending on what my partner is interested in. With regards to scenes, I'm into real life/slice of life and don't have a whole lot of experience outside of that. I am willing to try it but the idea has to interest me first, so just ask.
  • The Kinky Stuff: That itch I mentioned earlier is to do with the darker side of smut and it's something that I haven't found a great deal of lately, which is why I'm posting this to begin with. I am currently seeking for my sub girl to be publicly humiliated, have multiple people fucking her, non-con, rape, gangbanged, exhibitionism, bondage, toys, butt plugs, body writing, anal/vaginal play (receiving), orgasm denial/control, multi penetration, forced nudity, kidnapping, enslavement, and so much more. Feel free to take a look at my F-list for more kinks.
  • Side note: If there are kinks not listed or in my no list that you want to try just ask, I don't bite hard. The only real kinks that are a definite no for me are scat, toilet play, and death.

Roleplaying Ideas
** Any of these ideas can be one shots or long term **

Revenge Tastes Better When You're Orgasming
FXM, FXMMM, FXMMFFM - Popular/Nerd, any pairing:  Public humiliation, bondage, multi penetration, gangbang, non-con, exhibitionism, voyeurism

MC is known as the one every guy wanted in school. She was cliché in that she dated the captain of the football team, won prom/homecoming queen and is a cheerleader, but after a messy breakup it has led her to find a guy online aka YC. The two have been talking online for some time now and have exchanged photos but of course YC's photos aren't really him. In fact, the whole relationship is a way for YC and his friends to get back at MC because of how she treated them in school (high school or college). Without even knowing what's to come, MC agrees to finally meet YC face to face at a bar where she is told to wear a skimpy dress and order a particular drink. Unfortunately for her that key drink is code for everyone in the bar to have their way with her including YC and his friends. With a couple of the staff completely overpowering her, she's tied to the bar and left for YC to enjoy while others watch and even join in if they please.

Sentenced To Be Fucked Forever
FXM, FXF - Prisoner/Guard: bondage, body writing, non-con, toys, anal/vaginal play, forced nudity, master/slave

MC is a brand new inmate to the jail where YC works. Maybe she hurt a family member of YC, MC was once YC's boss, or perhaps she just needs to be put in her place. Either way, YC is the one with all the power now. Upon arriving to the jail, MC is stripped searched by YC and the torment begins. From shoving your baton inside her to tying her up and leaving her in the hallway for other prisoners to see, YC enjoys humiliating MC enough to continue the abuse over and over again.

Stuck Porn
FXM, FXF - Any Pairings: Stuck porn, public humiliation, anal/vaginal play, toys, non-con, non-con to con, orgasm denial/control

This idea can go a bunch of different ways depending on the pairing we choose but I've always wanted to play something like this out! Basically the idea is pretty straight forward, MC gets stuck somewhere (ex. in a locker, under a table/bed, etc.) and YC gets to have his/her way with MC. It could be multiple characters seeking to have fun with MC or just one, but either way MC is stuck and isn't able to escape without some help.

Groped On A Train/Bus
FXM, FXF, FXMMM, FXFFF - Any Pairings: exhibitionism, public humiliation, groping, fingering, teasing, clothed sex, dirty talk, fondling, toys, rape, non-con, video taping

Pretty much what the title states, MC gets on the train/bus and its hugely over crowded to the point where she is surprised she even able to get on in the first place. Since there aren't anymore seats left, she stands by a pole and holds on. She's got a long ride ahead of her (pun intended). YC instantly spots her and decides on the spot to make MC their next victim. Soon into the journey, MC feels a hand brush against her ass. She doesn't think much of it until it happens again only this time the hand lingers. She swats it away but YC's hand returns, this time groping her ass. From there, her shirt is ripped open and her pussy is teased through her panties, the same panties that are becoming more wet by the second. It's a cat and mouse game where MC tries to escape YC but cannot for whatever reason and even if MC does, YC follows her off the train/bus and continues where he/she left off.