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September 23, 2020, 05:02:58 PM

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Author Topic: Arabian Nights meets Conan the Barbarian [Fantasy, F/F or Futa]  (Read 105 times)

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Offline HemingwayTopic starter

Hello, welcome to my thread!

I've had an idea floating around in my head for a while now, and now I feel it's time to do something with it. It's a bit of a romantic pulp fantasy drama with the possibility of intrigue and adventure. Sort of a Conan the Barbarian meets One Thousand and One Nights. Ideally with a female-futa pairing. If this sounds tasty to you, read on.

Now, before I dive into the deeper details of the story, I'd like to mention the setting and characters - it's important. I originally pictured this as a sort of Arabian-inspired fantasy setting. A bit like Shem, from Conan the Barbarian. Or Zakhara, if you're more of a Dungeons & Dragons type of person. Which is not to say we need to use those - I just like the themes, especially if we go for a Conan-inspired, time-lost ancient age. In any case, the setting is an essential detail. Likewise, I imagined the two main characters as being something like an Arabian Princess - whether or not she really is a Princess, and the other a tall, strong and dark warrior type - think Zula from Conan the Destroyer. I'd very much like to play the former role. I like the interracial angle, and it's a bit different from what I usually end up writing - which is good!

Beyond that, the characters' exact personalities, the nature of their relationship, what they actually do for a living - all that is open for us to work out to create the exact story we want to play.

I mentioned a story, but that may have been slightly over-selling it. I don't have one that's all set and ready to go, exactly. I'll start with what I do know.

I'd like a romantic angle to the story, but it shouldn't be a hopelessly sappy love at first sight sort of affair. It might start out with some sort of animosity between them, for instance your character - the warrior - finding mine hopelessly vain, arrogant and immature, mixed with some confusing sexual tension that culminates in something that starts out as almost grudging sex and develops into something more. I'd also enjoy it if these were two fairly dominant people - each in their own way - each trying to assert their control over the other in turn. My character commanding yours by virtue of her station, only to later be bent over your character's knee and spanked by virtue of her, well, strength. I'd adore scenes like that - but we can discuss the specifics later.

As far as an actual story - it's open-ended. An unwanted adventure brought on by an evil sorcerer turning the Caliph to stone? Sounds like a plot. An unplanned pregnancy leading to palace intrigue? Sign me up! A romantic escape from a suffocating, traditionalist family? I'm down for that! All of the above? I'm not sure exactly how, but sure! I hope we can work out the exact details of this together - I find the best stories come about as a collaborative effort, rather than handing someone a script and asking them to play a specific part.

If you're with me this far and are still interested, I'm very happy. If you'd like, take a look at my O/Os to see how we might click - and send me a PM to let me know!

... I'm bad at reading minds, so that last part is really helpful.

When you do, please let me know what your thoughts are, what you found especially appealing, whether or not you'd change anything - that sort of thing. If there are kinks you're especially keen on - or one's you're not at all keen on - let me know those too. It's easier to implement them if I know about them!