Weird "Interest Check" topic to ask about (for a Solo game)

Started by Twisted Crow, July 21, 2020, 06:15:26 PM

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Twisted Crow

I have a system idea that I mentioned in the recent month, but it is meant to be played solo (1 player and GM). The problem...

The norms of 1 on 1 requests creates a structure that it feels almost impossible to gauge any raw interest given its generally accepted infrastructure. While it isn't expressly forbidden (that I know of?), I still don't really feel right posting that in Solo requests when the thread is meant to get multiple opinions (in an area that is kind of a quiet bulletin and not all that inclusive). The norm in 1-on-1 Req. Land is to privately express interest. This doesn't seem to be a rule, but something of habit from what I have observed.

The Groups Seeking Players seems perfect in one way (in terms of infrastructure), but my idea is not actually a roleplaying group. Therein lies my problem, here. Where does this go? Like... somewhere on the site that is actually alive.   :P

I could put it up in GM's Corner, but I think most of us can agree that that is basically a barren wasteland. I am a GM at heart, and I barely even go there anymore after quickly realizing that... well, nobody goes there. I mean, it's not exactly a whirlwind of bustle.

World-building is another place that seems like it goes there... but again, people dont normally go there to look for ideas or express interest (unless they have a big enough fan club in an Open WB thread to make that happen)... but it seems mostly to just database our own stuff. These are the handy threads that you typically link to on your initial pitch thread. Know what I mean?

So, I am kinda stuck with this one... 🤔

Twisted Crow

I mean, if I made an "Interest Check" thread in Solos... would it be a dick move?