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Started by Lunaris, March 12, 2009, 03:07:25 PM

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Whew! So... While many authors create and tailor characters with single games in mind, I tend do the opposite and create characters for the joy of it, then find or create stories for them to slip into.

After being inspired by some artwork I stumbled onto while randomly surfing the net, I drafted this new character and would like to find an RP for her or create one. Warning! Her story is quite large, so be prepared!

QuoteName: Maia Ellith

Race: Fey-kissed Human

Ethnicity: Shory

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'5

Weight: 119 lbs

Eye Color: Multicolored

Hair Color: Multicolored

Skin Tone: Light Brown

Affiliations: Pathfinders

Alignment: Neutral Good

Physical Description/Dress Style:

Maia is one of a few remaining survivors from an ancient civilization and is shaped by dozens of unique experiences and strange magics. As such, some elements of her appearance often change while others point to her vivid history. Her hair, soulful eyes, and lush lips often shift colors to reflect her environment or moods and have an endless range.

Her skin is soft, brown, and seemingly dusted over with reflective glitter in random places and her ears are somewhat large and pointed. Physically delicate yet glowing with magical strength, Maia is petite of bosom and touched with rounded, sensuous curves at her hips and derriere. Ample evidence of her constant hiking is found in her supple, shapely legs and lean stomach and arms.

Just as surges of magic and trips to other realms have left their exotic marks on her, so to have the battles she has fought left scars. One shallow cut marks her left cheek while another inches down the right of her hairline. The remnants of a deep, whiplike, prismatic gash travel the whole of her left forearm while slight claw markings are dotted on both. A small, dark line rests on her right thigh while evidence of a sword's slash is found across her back.

She often dresses in brilliant white or colors that blend in with her surroundings and is always clad in elbow-length fingerless gloves of some sort. Though she usually dons flowing gowns, sarongs, and halters outside of her adventures, she is often clad in specialized leaf and ivy armors when she expects dangers or a good hike.

Background Information:

Long ago, in the mysterious days of the Age of Destiny, before the Ascension of Aroden or the Cataclysm of Rovagug, the Shory people lived, worked, and dreamed in a civilization that existed far above the fear and despair that plagued the rest of humanity in those dark days. The magic of the Shory was akin to the power wielded by the pharaohs of Osirion, and like those legendary monarchs, it remains an inscrutable mystery to modern scholars. Their cities were marvels of arcane power at the peak of human understanding; they flew across the skies and brought wonder and delight—as well as fear and terror—to the lands touched by their swift-moving shadows.

One of the greatest of these flying cities was the paradise of Ulduvai. Even during the twilight of the Shory, when their cities fell one by one to conquest, disease, monsters, or other causes, Ulduvai remained, proud and unconquered, symbolizing the majesty of the Shory civilization. And then it too, was lost.

Maia was a carefree Shory girl in these times, though she went by a different name, then... One that she no longer remembers. Her dreams and aspirations were erased on the day the power of a certain magical stone was tapped by power-hungry cultists. Like the other unfortunate victims of the magical catastrophe that destroyed Ulduvai, she too was transformed into a chaotic undulating black pustule of fused viscera, mouths with rows of jagged gnashing teeth, lashing tentacles, and rotting loops of intestines with a sickeningly sweet stench.

Fortunately -or perhaps not- she was not devoured by the the towering creature spawned by the stone itself, but was instead doomed to exist as a small mirror image of the immense aberration for ages. For this time, all she knew was hunger, struggle, and madness as her body and mind were warped by the magical chaos that filled the fallen city's very air. She slept in this shifting 'mass' her body reverted to...occasionally awakening through sheer strength of will to wander the streets as a woman and be reminded of her ruined people and home. It was these reminders that constantly broke her will and let the chaos overtake her again and again.

The seemingly endless torture was brought to an end when a group of adventurers destroyed the undying sorcerous cult leaders that brought about the chaos, then shattered the stone itself. And while centuries of being subjected to magical chaos changed her in many ways, her body and mind became hers alone to control. As she aimlessly wandered the ruined streets as a woman once more, she found what few survivors remained then foraged alongside them for food, protection, and answers.

In time, she and the others were discovered by the healed leaders of their city and the task to rebuild and recover began. For her however, rebuilding and recovery of herself took precedence. So long had she wandered as an aberration that her memories of the times before she fell victim to the catastrophe were a blur at best. Even worse were the nightmares that tortured her in her dreams. For weeks, closing her eyes put her back in the putrid prison of shifting flesh and base hunger. On other occasions, she was on the run from this creature as it sought to devour her. When the next batch of adventurers arrived on the scene to behold what was quickly becoming a tourist attraction, she packed her things and left her ruined home with the hopes that the nightmares would cease once she abandoned those ancient streets.

Though the adventurers only agreed to guide her to the nearest settlement, what she saw along the way brought her to tears. After knowing only nightmares, chaos, and the twisted spires and streets of her native ruined city for centuries, the beauty of the nature surrounding her fallen home overtook her in its majesty. The nightmares hadn't ceased, but while she was within the wilds, the desire to experience more of nature's wonders gave her the will to stand her ground and fight. She no longer wished for death to put an end to her misery. She instead wished to live so that she could see more of the world.

It was during this journey that the last of these nightmares came to her. But in this one, she was no longer alone. Nature itself came to her aid and strangled the beast with vines and brambles as wolves bit and held it in their powerful jaws. It bestowed upon her a scimitar of pure flame and she ended the chaos creature...her former self, with a final stab. Whether or not it was just a dream or something more, she awoke with depthless love and admiration for the world her people abandoned for so long. She had become a druid.

With the beast of her nightmares destroyed, her rest was filled of dreams in which she spoke with plants, animals, and even the winds in a language she'd never known before. And when she woke, she found that plants responded to her touch while animals protectively stalked in the distance. The adventurers certainly appreciated the strangeness that surrounded the woman and gladly took her with them as they pressed on to other places. They trained her in the use of weapons, armor, and survival skills as she naturally came into her own with divine magic, a deep understanding of the wild, and supernatural senses.

Unlike them however, she did not seek riches, fame, and glory and so their paths split as she embarked on her own journey. Her travels took her all over the world of Golarion and even into others, such as the realms of the fey. The latter of which and her pursuits with and for the elven people of Kyonin have prolonged her age and gifted her with many otherwordly traits as well as stories to tell.

Annnd with that out in the open, I'd love to hear critiques, opinions, and about any RP ideas she might have inspired. What I'm looking for is something with a good amount of depth and good writers with a consistent posting rate so that I can truly bring Maia to life. Bonus points for usage of the Pathfinder setting! :p


Oops! Should probably note that this character is not exclusive to the Pathfinder setting. I am open to taking her elsewhere and do not mind making minor changes so that such a switch may be possible. :)


I'm always interested in the fantasy setting, especially if you plan on it being a on going thing more so then a one shot.

Although my muse has been eratic at best over the last few weeks, so a persistent post rate can't be promised, unless you wouldn't mind giving me a poke or prod via MSN or AIM once in a while. Although I can promise a deep, multi-layered character and an interest in helping both characters develop.

I'm also not familiar with the Pathfinder setting, but I've been RPing for years and could more then likely research into it and adapt. If your interested send me a PM! We can chat there, or perhaps on IM?