I don't know how posting and tagging works in Group games. :(

Started by Twisted Crow, July 18, 2020, 10:02:14 PM

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Twisted Crow

Sara Nilsson

Not sure I understand.

But in every group I been in there was a header at the top of the post saying

Character name: Silent Stalker of Dallas
Location: Help forum!
Interacting with: Dallas
Time: 1.16am 7/19

Sara looked at Dallas and wondered if that helped his question.

Black Howling

As she put it, typically the header will look like that. There will usually be BB code included with it, look for this code skeleton in the game's info areas. It's usually listed somewhere, if not, ask. No one is gonna mind answering that question.

The basic idea is to just fill out that skeleton. Some groups have the area "Tagging " in them and you just list off the characters you are interacting with. In some games, they will use parenthesis to tag mentions. Such as "Tagging: Bobby, Jane, Curtis (Holly and Jamie mentioned)"

The header changes a little between each group, but the idea is always just a platform to ensure everyone knows who and where they are interacting so that multiple timelines and areas can be played out in the same thread without confusion.


Participating in a group on Elliquiy can be intimidating if you have never done it before. I felt that way about it at first. It took time for me to get comfortable. Even if you have done it before, you may be confused and wonder what to do in a group that has a heading included in the posting.

There is no moderator enforced way to do a heading but there is a common way you will see it done on Elliquiy including character name, location, who you are tagging, time of day, a photo, or any other additional mentions. We are given a lot of freedom to run our games like we want here on Elliquiy as long as no rules are broken in the process. This is something that I absolutely love and why I choose to do groups on Elliquiy now instead of elsewhere.

Some groups will deviate from the fairly standard skeleton for a heading for a post a little, but most group owners are nice enough to put the code up for you to follow in the informational sections of their games. If you have trouble locating the code you need for a heading, ask for it. I am certain the owner of the game won't mind giving it to you. I know if it floats to the left, or if the picture placed in the post is made a certain size or something complicated like that it can be hard to figure out exactly how to make it look like everyone else's without being provided the code. Uniformity is something owners like to see, but no one will smack you if you mess it up by mistake. Group Owners tend to be very patient with this kind of thing, they know that not everyone is a pro at this, and it is their job to make sure a player is comfortable in a game.

If you are asking this question because you want to run a group yourself, and not because you want to participate in someone else's, I can help you with that as well. You will want to tinker with creating a heading and to make it fit your own needs. This is what I do for my games. Here is a very simple example, including fields I recommend as someone who has run a few groups on Elliquiy. I did not include sizing the picture, or bolding text or other formatting details. You always can do that if you want to. As was mentioned before, this is an example, each group has a header that is a little bit different. There is no right or wrong way of doing it, as long as it fits your needs as a group owner.

Character Name: Not so Silent Stalker of Dallas
Location: Help forum!
Tagging: Dallas
Time: 7:01 A.M, Eastern Standard Time
Date: 7/19/20
Mentions: Nifty Codes, Stalking, Help Forums

I hope this helps.

Character name: Not so Silent Stalker of Dallas
Location: Help forum!
Tagging: Dallas
Time: 7:01 A.M, Eastern Standard time
Date: 7/19/20
Mentions: Nifty Codes, Stalking, Help Forums

As far as Mentions go, I have seen this field in many games. I sometimes I add it if  it is not already there on someone else's game that I am a player in and not the Game Master. The idea is putting something that may be important to your posts, such as trigger warnings, links to what the character is wearing, additional information or whatever else you may need.

The basic idea behind putting a heading down, is to keep things from becoming absolute chaos in a group game. Sometimes there will also be a posting order in groups, but do not assume this is the case. If it is not made clear ask the GM. This pretty much goes for anything related to being in a group. That is what they are there for after all.
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Twisted Crow

These should be helpful. I do appreciate the help and advice, everyone! I have done my own group stuff before, but the infrastructure wasn't too common. So, I have been wary on joining those that have the usual headers and tags just due to how intimidating they seem for me... even though there are some I have been quite interested in.  :-)