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May 23, 2022, 09:30:33 pm

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Author Topic: Extraordinary Premises for The Right Girl [M lf F]  (Read 461 times)

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Extraordinary Premises for The Right Girl [M lf F]
« on: July 18, 2020, 09:29:20 am »
Hey there, coming back to try E and have a few gimmicky premises for you all to peruse.

I am interested in any combination of romance, sexual tension, vanilla sex, and kinky sex.
I'm also keen to try either short form or long form, just bring a pretty character with a character as deep as necessary for the story you want, and we can go!
I prefer contemporary settings, but I'm also a sucker for the 1800s, or maybe way back to Arthurian fantasy, and might be convinced to write in those settings as well, not that I really know that much about them.

Please PM me about plots to keep things tidy :)

Here are the plots that I am currently thinking about, from most dark to least dark:
[Okay I have a lot of girls on my plate now. I can't take on the last one unless you are okay with time between posts getting longer and higher variance]

Cult Leader - Taken!
Have you played Cultist Simulator? Excellent, and quite literary game, about leading a cult, manipulating followers, directing them to pilfer occult artifacts, summoning strange creatures from beyond ones dreams, and ultimately ascending to a form of eternal light.
I want to write the story of a cult, but with less videogame trinkets, and more psychological thrills.
You would come in for the ride, an early member and one I find deeply attractive. You could be naive and lost, looking for answers, or you could be deeply impassioned by the lore, and its implications, or maybe you simply smell the power, and know you can seduce me into sharing some of it with you. In any case we would watch the cult grow together, as its two highest members, the king and his queen, the leader and his lover.
Regardless of how you choose to participate, I plan to lead a cult, develop the symbolism of my cult, preach weekly to my members, develop an inner circle, collaborate on esoteric texts, organise decadent rituals, all while flirting with and attempting to dodge the authorities.
There's any amount of psychological detail we can paint, either in the members, in your character, or in both of us at once. Additionally there's any amount of decadent and lusty hijinks we could get into, embracing eachother carnally, seducing our inner circle into orgies, bondage rituals,

Groundhog Day - Taken!
I find this premise cute, our characters both find themselves in a groundhog day situation, but go through a few loops before one of them notices the other isn't repeating consistently. We each write a post describing how we spend those early loops, up to the point of our confrontation, then we try (and fail) to figure out the meaning of what is going on. From then on we try to learn to adjust to this new life together, not bound by any of the rules that restrain ordinary citizens, but with no access to the long term meaning that people are meant to live for.
In the long term we embrace the supernatural lifestyle we have been given, no longer moved by the crimes we commit routinely every 24 hours, and having outgrown all of our friends who don't loop with us. Their conversations feel like prayers to the dead, because those who cannot evolve through the loops like we do eventually feel dead. We have to embrace a new kind of normal, caught in the paradox between the health of our bodies, and the richness of our experiences, the only two things we have left.

Buy Local, It's All You've Got
Infrastructure collapse, industries fall, basic commodities skyrocket in price, eventually utilities are cut to all suburban regions, leaving only the wealthiest of locations able to live comfortably like the old days. Rural communities quickly become the new normal, and those with land take up positions of leadership to teach skills and offer homes to those in need, if they can give their hands. I bought a very distant property on a whim before things went downhill, but it is a full day's walk from the nearest rural centre, and it is a small one. I still have city blood, so as things started to collapse I had to stock up on old-world commodities like packed foods, tools I can barely use, and books that can be read when all you have is sunlight. I am walking home from a grove somewhat nearby one day, and I see you for the first time, clothes dirty from wandering, exhausted, waiting at the front of my property.

Just Two Nerds - Taken!
Back to reality for this last setting. We're two fish out of water who find each other in the wrong place, at the right time. Maybe it's a bar, or a party, or a music gig, or a gimmicky modern show/festival sold out to corporatism... whatever it is we find ourselves there, both bored and alienated, our friends off having fun without us, we happen to meet eachother. Maybe you're an art snob, or a literary buff, or a history nerd, but you're not whatever this shallow entertainment crap is; I'm an ambitious non-fiction author with a fascination for philosophical concerns, but freelance as a web designer by day. We spend some time together at whatever the venue is we're at, but we're much more enthralled by eachother's conversation.

Let me know if any of this interests you.
These ideas have the potential to be very involved and long term, but I will modify them to be shorter term and faster burning unless I really feel we have a creative chemistry happening.
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