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November 26, 2020, 11:12:09 PM

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Author Topic: GM/ friendly and polite player looking [M looking for F]  (Read 315 times)

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GM/ friendly and polite player looking [M looking for F]
« on: July 16, 2020, 02:05:14 AM »
Hello Elliquiy,

I guess it is time for a new thread. As always, I look for a good time with my roleplay partners!

Some quick notes of myself: Male, literate and mostly matching my partner in post length. I got some real busy job and might vanish for some time now and then - but you'll get a note about it.
Most of all I tend to GM my plays and don't have any issues to play more than one character. To me Roleplay is for fulfilling desires and dreams - and that is what we shall do, right?
This said I want to emphasize the point of fulfilling desires or rather kinks. I really do enjoy pleasing the kinks and wishes of my partners (as long as they don't scratch my off limits). So, yes you could actually 'use' me as your personal GM.
The price is simply a good OOC communication - and I need to repeat here, sadly - a good OOC communication! That means please tell me if I bore you / the play doesn't feel right / you don't want to play anymore because of whatever reason. In my personal opinion ghosting (and yes I did it too...) is impolite and kind of mean. So, I try to do my best to avoid it and I think we are all adults around here (or should it be) and can write: "I am sorry, but I don't want to play this RP anymore."
- I promise: No hard feelings. Honestly, all I want is having a good time - for all of us!

I don't mind a casual OOC talk about our daily lives - or we can simply stick to the task (the roleplay at hand).
To mention: Discord friendly!

And without much further ado:  just my bunch of ideas

The haunted house
Your character inherits / decides to buy or sneak in this wonderful house. What she doesn't know is, that there is a whole bunch of horny ghosts and demons waiting to seduce and/or ravage her.
Quite and wide open scenario, I know. It's there to live out your kinks, tell me what you want, I will GM the story and play the different creatures.
Yes - it's mostly smut and fun.

A classic - be careful what you wish for
I assume nearly everyone has heard about this kind of story or at least jokes or parodies or else.
The setup is easy: A person finds / buys an old mystic bottle and summons the genie in it by accident. Time for wishing! However in this scenario the genie is rather depraved, a naughty pervert or mean by nature or maybe even innocent, but the magic is not. The wishes should come with a twist. Either the genie can wish something as well, they come with a price or he can simply interpret them in any way and twist them to his liking. Or the magic twists them to his liking. Think of the good old 'Bedazzled' movie as an inspiration.

The roles are flexible. Meaning I can either play the genie or the person who finds the bottle.
I do hope of sharing many twists and ideas!

Entering the taboo area.
These ideas can be played as incest - but certainly don't need to. In my opinion the fascinating thing about is the forbidden fruit, the danger to get caught, the thrill of doing something 'not accepted' by the society. And I want to emphasize: Incest is not required, just an offer.

- Some other kind of taboo
It doesn't need to be incest, there are other forbidden relationships out there. A doctor and his patient? They shouldn't ... but he is charming and she is oh so fascinating!
The classical teacher / student scheme. It is forbidden for him to have feelings for her and the other way around. But they see each other every day and the long glances in the classroom are simply... energetic
They serve in the same military unit (can be sci fi) and a relationship is strictly forbidden. But what if the tension between them gets unbearable?
List of pairings:
Doc / Patient
Cop / Criminal
Boss / Employee (that shouldn't)
Military ?
Teacher (Professor) / Student
'Cheating relationships'
Large age gaps
(Ex-)boyfriend's father ...

- The email affair
I got this idea running through my head for a while now. However it's quite vague and maybe someone wants to explore it with me:
The idea is to get a bit more into roleplay. The play happens via email (we can use a thread or send real mails - the choice is ours). An both play a character the other could imagine an affair/relationship with.
This can be: Two characters that met through online dating - maybe teacher/student - maybe married people looking for excitement.
The twist: we will only send emails. No actual 'storytelling' like we're used to do. In the end bot players should sit and write as the character.
- I don't know if this works, but I sure would like to give it a try. Maybe someone got an idea for an interesting pairing?

After having several tries I must say they worked quite well, so far. Sadly most died along the way, but I guess it's part of the game. However I saw the most promising results in engaging a rather taboo relationship. Incest is allowed, but even stepsiblings or 'forbidden' relationships can be spicy (thinking of doc/patient, cop/vigilante/thief, teacher/student...)

(new)The resort and the golden bikini

It's your honeymoon! And the weeks ahead in the beautiful resort couldn't look more promising. Two weeks in paradise, just you and your husband. The only odd thing: After two days you both notice: the staff consists of only the hottest alpha males you can imagine (enter your dream partner here) and strangely there are several female guests around that all wear the same kind of golden bikini. What is this about? And why do they always vanish with someone from staff, only to come back with a deeply satisfied smile? And is this cream on their lips?

This story is about cheating / cuckolding or just the tension that could occur in such a scneario. Of course it doesn't have to be a golden bikini, but I find the idea appealing for the couple to delve into some very naughty and maybe to 'society approved' situations.

- The secret agency:
It seems rather cheesy, but lately I have another 'taboo' idea in mind:
They are both part of secret agency (CIA / MI 6 / some made up) - so far so good. Now the mission requests them to work together - still no problem. They shall play a couple to deceive the bad guys - and that's the cheesy point as they are siblings / father/daughter or mother/son.
I guess we know how this will end.

- Another depraved fantasy...
Her dad was quite shocked as he found out about her instagram account. His little princess showing this much skin to total strangers? At first there may be a harsh discussion... but in the end she agrees to send pictures to him first for 'approval'. Time goes by, their relationship gets closer... and leads to somewhere. Along the way I want to put drama (maybe some guys hitting on her, dad to the rescue... / they argue about a picture / what does the mother think of it / how is the relationship between him and his wife? / does she have a boyfriend - jealousy?) and of course a lot of teasing and realizing they both really find each other hot.

Open to discuss more. I don't have any tendencies towards age or his looks.

Last but not least some picture prompts.
I can't help it, but I have a secret crush on mermaids. Love to play with one. Additionally I recently found this wonderful picture and would love to use it in a play. Want to discuss? Hit me up :) And while we are at it, I admit my second great weakness. I'd play any scene involving this kind of outfit.

New picture prompt: I cannot stop looking at this lovely lady - someone interested?

Some picture prompts for my characters:
possible face claim 1
possible face claim 2

In the end - please check my o&o (signature) and don't hesitate to write a PM!

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Re: GM/ friendly and polite player looking [M looking for F]
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2020, 10:35:30 AM »
Hello. I recently checked and try to rework this a bit. Till then it gets a bump :-)

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Re: GM/ friendly and polite player looking [M looking for F]
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2020, 07:47:35 PM »

It seems like I have one slot open to play
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