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Started by Imogen, March 12, 2009, 07:16:52 AM

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That's right! I am on the lookout for an evil schemer who'd enjoy exploring the depths of depravity through my character.

The concept I have in mind involves the standard wealthy business man with a slight twist.

The role I have in mind for my partner is that of a man who has clawed his way to the top through violence, cunning and skill. Now, he has several boardrooms under his control and finds he misses the outlet for his aggressive nature. Having to be in control all the time during meetings, decision making, etc, can be quite taxing and every man needs a hobby. Unfortunately, this man cannot find satisfaction in a round of golf. He craves the unleashing of his cruelty, of his drive to humiliate, hurt and debase another human being.

But even with all the wealth at his command, society would not be very forgiving should he direct his evil schemes at random targets. To appease society, he searches a 'scapegoat' of sorts, the one who will be the focus for his actions: a fiancee. He finds a young woman, and bribes her with a large sum, which she will have to pay back upon breach of contract. As she won't be able to, and quite likely doesn't want to, she will be, effectively, his.

Although the scenes may delve into the extreme and also contain non-con elements, the lady in question is essentially quite willing and rather thrilled to step into the world of the rich and depraved, eager to explore what lies behind the gilded bars.

Toss me a PM if the scenerio appeals!

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I really love the idea and relish the opportunity to be a part of it.  If interested pm me or email me and we can discuss specifics.