Letting go (Dom M for sub f)

Started by c2u, July 12, 2020, 12:32:27 PM

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I've been into Ds and BDSM for a long time - a general setting of a role play I would like to try is a situation where YC is a female who consciously or unconsciously has a submissive side that she hasn't let surface. At a certain point - she realizes of allows this trait of hers and decides to follow this call from deep inside her mind.

Smut would certainly occur and be part of the story, but the psychological development of the characters should be the focus, their thoughts, their feelings as the relation deepens and intensifies. And certainly romantic love will be an important aspect.

I'm looking for a long term role play. The perspective could be 1st person or 3rd person, although I would prefer 1st person to play out an emotionally intense interaction.

I prefer multi paragraph contributions in which both partners actively develop the story.

If you are interested, I would be happy to receive a PM from you and discuss the details - the starting point, our limits ...

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YC is a student in college or at a university. MC is a teacher there. Somehow, you are drawn to him - his decisiveness and self-confidence make you want to know more about this person. MC senses the hidden submissive vein in your character - he is tempted to find out if his senses didn't betray him ...